May 07, 2021

Gyms in Hyderabad

The top gyms in Hyderabad are like a sanctuary during the pandemic. They’re sanitised, hygienic and most importantly, help you take care of both your physical and mental health. But this cannot be said for every gym in Hyderabad. Sometimes, you might end up spending more on your petrol than on your gym membership, because your commute to the gym is longer than your workout session. Of course, that wouldn’t be a problem if you were to stay in a Stanza Living residence in the city. Like you, fitness is also important for us. That’s why we have dedicated workout zones for our residents on our premises. But even if you’re not a Stanzen, we still want to help you with our research on the best gyms in Hyderabad. Go through which they are, what makes them the top gyms in Hyderabad, and pick one which is close to your home or PG. Maybe it’ll even be close enough for you to walk to it. Or run to it, if you want a warm-up before your workout.

Top Gyms in Hyderabad

The best gyms in Hyderabad are given below:

Why travel miles across the city for a good gym when you can do it inside your own PG in Hyderabad?

Quad- The fitness Hub, Chintalakunta

Quad gets a spot in the top 10 gyms in Hyderabad list for being a one-stop destination for any and all types of fitness lovers. But what takes the trophy away is their batches of Zumba classes that allow you to dance, socialise and at the same time, burn some calories. You can take these classes in groups too. Maybe bring your fitness squad to Quad sometime.

Fitplus Health Club, Gachibowli

Fitplus has more of the young crowd. So if you’re in college or a fresh graduate, you’ll find people of your age to workout with. If you’re one on the slightly older side, the fitness level of the youngsters will give you serious #fitnessgoals. Either way, this will be one of the best gyms in Indore for you. Moreover, they also have special weight loss centres, crossfit and Zumba classes for your different workout moods on different days of the week. Oh, and they have a steam bath service too. So your body can have a pamper sesh right after a round of brutal punishment at the weight machines.

360 Degree Fitness, Kondapur

This fitness studio is considered to be one of Hyderabad’s most luxurious gyms. It’s situated in a posh locality and the fee is also on the high end. But that doesn’t stop people from enrolling here. Their high-quality equipment and trainers make paying the higher fee worth it. And who knows, if you’re a regular here, you might even spot a celebrity or two and pick up some fitness tips from them.

Talwalkars, Kukatpally

If you’re a fitness junkie, you must have already heard of this gym chain. While their space itself is grade-A, Talwalkars is more popular for customising special packages according to their customer’s needs. For instance, they have corporate memberships for working employees so you can customise your gym days to your off days at the office. So if someone asks you why you’re ignoring your health, you can’t use the ‘I don’t get any time off of work’ excuse.

Kris Gethin Gyms, Kukatpally

Owned by the Insta fitness celeb from London, Kris Gethin, this is one of those gyms in Indore that make even working outlook picture-perfect. Not kidding, check out their page that has a whopping 497k followers, and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. Here you will learn new and unique variations of the old, boring exercises that make the whole process a fun one. You can have a full fitness glow up and post all about it on the gram, tagging the page.

Gold’s Gym, HITEC City

Gold’s Gym is the perfect place for both beginners and veterans of the fitness world. What we mean is, they have many personal trainers who will guide you and help you out with a diet plan no matter where you are on the fitness curve. But you’ll also have the freedom to work out by yourself, without any gym bro telling you that your form on your squat is not on point.. In short, all of their services are gold-standard. Just like their name promises.

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FAQs on Gyms in Hyderabad

Which are the 5 Best Gym Brands in Hyderabad?

Apart from the ones we’ve mentioned on this listicle, we highly, highly recommend the workout zones within our PGs in Hyderabad. There are six of them across the city, and all of them follow all covid-19 protocols.

Which is the Biggest Gyms near me in Hyderabad?

With a full-fledged kick boxing arena and 36 cardio stations, Proquest Fitness is probably the biggest gym in Hyderabad.

Which Brand is Best for Gym Equipment in Hyderabad?

If you love to shop your gym equipment from local stores, you can check out Max Fitness and C. Sachdev Sports Company. If not, there’s always your BFF, Amazon, by your side.

Which Gym in Hyderabad has the Best Trainers?

Pulse8 has the best reviews for professional trainers among all the top gyms in Hyderabad.

Which are the Best Gym near me in Hyderabad?

Often, the best gyms in Ahmedabad the ones with the topmost facilities. Going by this logic, the fees of Gold’s Gym and Pulse8 seem pretty reasonable, given the services they offer.

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