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January 15, 2022

Gyms in Greater Noida

The best gyms in Greater Noida are no less than a paradise for fitness freaks. They have the best trainers, equipment, and ambiance. In short, the best everything. But are they worth risking your safety and health? Not all gyms in Greater Noida do temperature checks or maintain social distancing. And remember, you’ll be surrounded by many other people. Ironically, going to a gym that doesn’t take these precautions will not be best for your health.

Now it would be awesome if you had a gym in the pg you’re living in. Like Stanza Living. Our workout zones are safe and sanitised, and you don’t even need to cook meals post the body ache of leg day. But even if you’re not living with us, we don’t want you to miss out on a good workout. As a brand, we believe in all-round development for everyone, Stanzen or not. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top gyms in Greater Noida. And we’ve covered many locations. So you have an option near your place to stay (and you don’t have any excuses to skip leg day).

Top Gyms in Greater Noida

5 best gyms in Greater Noida are:

Why go to a gym at the other end of the city when you can work out inside your PG in Greater Noida?

Fitbee Fitness Commercial, Belt

No matter whether you’re a people’s person or a lone wolf, Fitbee Fitness will have something to attract you. Group training sessions for the gym bros. Relaxing personal spa sessions for those annoyed by those gym bros. This gym has it all. Probably why it’s one of the best gyms in Greater Noida.

Gold’s Gym, Sector 104

What puts Gold’s Gym among the top 10 gyms in Greater Noida? Well, they do offer a lot of facilities that other gyms don’t – free parking, steam rooms, lockers, massage therapy, physiotherapy, and lots more. To add to those perks is their travel card, with which you can work out in any of the 700 Gold’s Gym branches across the world. Even when you’re on holiday. But of course, only after the pandemic ends.

Elemention, Sector 62

Elemention has multiple branches in Noida. And at each one of those branches, the members go through a complete physical test so that their workout plan can be designed according to their current fitness level and future goals. This thorough check-up is one of the main reasons why you’ll find the mention of Elemention in any list of the top 10 gyms in Greater Noida.

Hype The Gym, Sector 76

This top gym in Greater Noida believes in modern, fun ways rather than the old ways of working out. They help curate customised sessions for you based on your fitness goals. Be it Aerobics, Cardio or Weights. And if lifting weights or running on a treadmill doesn’t seem like your thing, you can enrol in their Zumba or Dance fitness classes. Their customer-friendly approach makes this Hype worth all the hype.

Chicago House, Kuala Lumpur House, Paris House, and Adelaide House by Stanza Living

Okay, so we’re maybe blowing our own trumpet a bit. But for good reason. All 4 of these Stanza Living residences have built-in workout zones for all those who don’t like to step out of their homes to workout.

Maybe it’s the scary prospect of coming in contact with too many people and catching the virus. Or maybe it’s just plain laziness. Either way, the workout zones at our residences are well-equipped to get those calories burning. And on days you’re not up for the rigorous sweating, a chill game of table tennis with fellow Stanzens or some dancing to your favourite music in your room will do the trick.

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FAQs on Gyms in Greater Noida

Which are the 5 Best Gym Brands in Greater Noida?

Based on the neighbourhood you live in, you can choose which gym will be convenient for you, from the list of the best gyms in Greater Noida we’ve curated.

Which is the Biggest Gym in Greater Noida?

Fitbee Fitness is the Hulk of all gyms in Greater Noida.

Which Brand is Best for Gym Equipment in Greater Noida?

Fitking Fitness, Viva Fitness, U Fit Fitness Equipment – these are some of the names that pop up if you do a Google search for the best gym equipment in Greater Noida. But remember that the best gyms in Greater Noida will anyway have the best equipment, so invest in either of these wisely.

Which Gym in Greater Noida has the Best Trainers?

Both Fitbee and Gold’s Gym have the no.1 trainers among the gyms in Greater Noida.

Which is the Most Expensive Gym in Greater Noida?

Fitbee is the most pocket-heavy gym in Greater Noida. But if you’re looking for affordable but equally good options, definitely check out Stanza Living’s residences with workout zones.

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