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January 06, 2022

Gyms in Delhi

So you’ve reached here while searching for the best gyms in Delhi. It must have taken a few clicks for you to be here. While this might be some exercise for your fingertips, it’s definitely not for your eyes. Or the rest of your body. Especially if you count that screen time of 11 hours in (thanks, Netflix). So what’s the next step, you ask? Obviously, finding the best of the best gyms in Delhi. But what about the pandemic? Is it safe for me to go to public spaces now? Are the gyms sanitised? And where are they located? Would I have to use public transport to reach there?

Trust us, we’ve thought of all of these questions while compiling this list. The top gyms in Delhi mentioned here are in different parts of the city (so you can walk/jog/run to it). Or inside your own PG in Delhi. But where would you find a PG like that? We at Stanza Living thought of exactly that while including workout zones in our residences in Delhi. We believe fitness should be part of your everyday routine. So we have included special areas and equipment for you to make full use of. And just like the rest of the residence, our workout zones are regularly sanitised and our staff follows strict COVID-19 protocols. And the best part, it’s just ten steps from your room. But even if you’re not a Stanzen, you shouldn’t think that working out is out of the question for you. We certainly don’t. That’s why we’ve put this list together, of the top gyms in Delhi. Pick one near your locality, and put on your running shoes.

Best Gyms in Delhi

The top 6 gyms in Delhi are:

  • Gold’s Gym, East of Kailash
  • 21 Fitness, Anand Vihar
  • Pulse Gym, Rajouri Garden
  • Dronacharya’s The Gym, Kamla Nagar
  • Delhi Rock, Greater Kailash 2
  • Los Angeles

    The pandemic shouldn’t come between you and fitness. Workout at home or in your pg in Delhi.

    Gold’s Gym, East of Kailash

    95% of gym bros would agree that Gold’s Gym in East of Kailash is the best gym in south Delhi. ICYDK, it’s a super hygienic luxury gym. In fact, their staff used to wear PPE kits way before the pandemic made it cool. Speaking of staff, most of their trainers are given special training in their own fitness academy in courses like fitness management, personal training and group exercise instruction. For the ones who like their me-time while working out, they have unique options like power yoga, hatha yoga and spinning. For the extroverts who like socialising at the gym, you can enrol in their masala bhangra class. Fitness and Daler Mehndi. Who’d have thought to ever hear those two in the same sentence?

    21 Fitness Anand Vihar

    With client satisfaction as their motto, this best gym in east Delhi is giving a tough competition to all the other gyms in the area. Even some of the more popular ones. Like most gyms, they also had to shut down during the pandemic. But unlike the rest, they used this time to redo their entire infrastructure. And even converted parts of the building to build one of the few open gyms in Delhi. So that there is a recommended 6 feet distance between you and the other gym-goers. And that there’s no distance between you and the 21 days that you need to form the habit of working out.

    Pulse Gym, Rajouri Garden

    Pulse Gym is another familiar name in the list of the top gyms in Delhi. They have a program for everything – fat loss, strength building, endurance, HIIT, pyramid training and even the newest fitness trend, Calisthenics. For the lazy bums out there who’re always complaining about not having a summer body, but don’t do anything about it, they have fitness boot camps too. The experience, we’ve been told, is somewhere between a fun summer camp and an Army training camp. If you sign up for that, the experience will surely “work out” for you (see what we did there?).

    Dronacharya’s The Gym, Kamla Nagar

    If you’ve been into fitness for a while, there’s a 0.05% probability that you haven’t heard of this gym in New Delhi. After all, Dronacharya’s is a big deal in the city’s fitness circle. They have trained 24 international-level athletes who have won world championships like Commonwealth Games and Asian Games. And we don’t think we need to mention that the trainers who guided these champs are some of the best in Delhi, too. We mean, they haven’t named themselves after a Guru from Indian mythology for no reason, right?

    Delhi Rock, Greater Kailash 2

    This best gym in South Delhi is not your conventional treadmill and bench press gym. But it is definitely more fun and not to mention, thrilling. Don’t be fooled by the name, it’s not a local band that plays covers of Guns N Roses. It’s a full-fledged workout arena with facilities like rock climbing, aerial yoga, krav maga, parkour, and bouldering. They say that these activities not just test your physical fitness but your mental strength too. Well, to that we say, Rock On!

    Los Angeles House Boston House Montreal House and San Diego House by Stanza Living

    We know we’re being our own cheerleaders here, but you’ll see the hype once you step in, okay? All four of these Stanza Living residences have built-in workout zones so you don’t have to step out to step up your fitness game. Especially during the pandemic. And on days you have 10,000 assignments or just feeling plain lazy as well.

    You can reach the gym before you finish saying the words “I’m too busy today, I’ll go tomorrow”. Oh and bonus point, all of these residences are situated in North Campus, so you can substitute 76warm-ups with a walk home from college too.

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    FAQs on GYMs in Delhi

    Which are the 5 Best Gym Brands in Delhi?

    We can give you our suggestions, but in the end, it’s you who decides what’s the best gym in Delhi for you. And for our part of the job, the names are right above.

    Which is the Best Gym near me in Delhi?

    Olympia Gym in GK is the biggest and best gym in Delhi, not just its posh location, but probably in the entire city.

    Which Brand is Best for Gym Equipment in Delhi?

    For at-home workouts, you can check out Life Fitness, Fitline, Fitness World. Or you can work out using the finest equipment in our residences with workout zones, to save up on that extra cash.

    Which Gym in Delhi has the Best Trainers?

    When it comes to the top gyms in Delhi with the top trainers, Gold’s Gym and Dronacharya’s are the two names we absolutely cannot miss.

    Which is the Most Expensive Gym in Delhi?

    Gold’s Gym, Ozone, and (Virat Kohli’s) Chisel are the high-end gym brands in the city. If you’re looking for more affordable options, do check out Stanza Living’s residences in Delhi. Brownie points: you save all that money on traveling to and from the gym too!

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