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Second Home in Coimbatore

PG in Coimbatore

A second home over a PG in Coimbatore, any day.!

So the next phase of your life is taking you to Coimbatore. And you’re looking for a place to call home in this city. Unfortunately, the typical PG in Coimbatore is not fit to be that home. But fortunately, there is a place that’s fully-furnished, vibrant, professionally managed, and, unlike any PG in Coimbatore, the perfect place to be your second home in Coimbatore. That place is a Stanza Living residence.

How to Get an Affordable Furnished PG in Coimbatore?

The amenities provided by even the best PG in Coimbatore pales in comparison to our extensive list that has a solution for every need of yours, and then some. We've integrated technology into your living experience. There's biometric security, the Stanza Living - Resident app, and more. 

Unlike the other PGs in Coimbatore, Stanza Living residences are fully-furnished, with vibrant common areas, tech-integrations into everyday life, from security to feedback and exciting resident life. And the occupancies start at just Rs 7,500/month. Now if that’s not an affordable premium accommodation, we don’t know what is. We also organize regular community events and workshops, a concept that is unheard of in the world of paying guests in Coimbatore. 

PGs vs Flat - Is Renting a PG in Coimbatore Cost-effective?

A 1 BHK flat in Avinashi Road and Gandhipuram, two of the most in-demand spots in town, will set you back roughly Rs 7,500 a month. And if you start counting electricity charges, groceries, domestic help’s salary, the total cost starts increasing and so does your stress level.

Compared to that, a PG in Coimbatore with a monthly rental of a few thousand rupees a month seems like an affordable alternative. But most of the PGs in Coimbatore are mismanaged and expect you to arrange for many essentials like laundry and wifi. That won’t be the case in a Stanza Living residence, where all day-to-day essentials are our headache. And that’s a luxury you can’t afford to let go.

>> Best PG Accommodations in Coimbatore:

FAQs on PG in Coimbatore

How Safe are PGs in Coimbatore for Girls?

We can’t speak of hostels and PGs in Coimbatore, but every Stanza Living residence, be it for boys or girls, is equipped with a multi-tier, tech-enabled security system. Because you’re not a resident, you’re part of the Stanza Living family. And family’s safety is always priority number one, isn’t it?

How much will a PG in Coimbatore Cost?

A PG in Coimbatore will cost you rent and all the stress of dealing with its inefficiencies and mismanagement. To avoid the latter, we’d recommend staying in a Stanza Living residence, your second home.

Here is the list of our fully furnished managed accommodations that top even the best PGs in Coimbatore.

What are the Best Localities to Rent a PG in Coimbatore?

None. No, that’s not a joke. Because whichever locality you wish to stay in, a PG in Coimbatore will never be the best option for you. So instead of being a paying guest, be a member of the Stanza Living family in one of our residences in Gandhipuram and Avinashi Road.

Which are the Best Gents PGs in Coimbatore?

There are many PGs in Coimbatore for gents who proudly call themselves the ‘best’ in the business. But the truth is that none of them can be a second home for you like a Stanza Living residence.

How to Choose a Classy Affordable Paying Guest (PG) in Coimbatore?

Simple - don’t choose a PG in Coimbatore. Because if you wish for an accommodation in Coimbatore that’s both affordable and classy, what you wish for is a second home like a Stanza Living residence.

Are Stanza Living Residences Safe from Covid-19?

We've taken several measures to protect our residents. From fully-sanitized rooms and common areas to practicing social distancing even in everyday tasks like serving meals in the dining area. While most of the PGs in Coimbatore have asked their residents to vacate, we have stuck to our motto of 'Residents First'.

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