January 06, 2022

Gyms in Bangalore

The best gyms in Bangalore are a hotspot for young gyms goers. As well as for the not-so-young. These fitness centres in Bangalore have a variety of equipment and facilities suited for all ages, body goals, and physical fitness levels. And not just that, they have some fun classes like MMA, spinning, aerobics, calisthenics too. So you can choose a different routine for every day of the week. But if you’re worried about stepping outside, given COVID-19 and all, we understand that too. That’s why we, at Stanza Living, came up with a solution. Not one, not two, but twenty-five of our residences in Bangalore have dedicated workout zones in them. These are sanitised, socially distanced and a two-minute walk from your room. And the best part, you don’t need to spend an extra penny for that. Your rent covers it all.

But let’s say you’re a local. Or already have a place in the city. Do we not help you find the right & best gym in Bangalore? Of course, we will. Because Stanzen or not, we believe fitness is for everyone. That is why we’ve spent hours doing this research, so you don’t have to. We hope you use that extra time to go to these top gyms in Bangalore and start to GYM – get yourself moving!

Best Gyms in Bangalore

The top 5 gyms in Bangalore are:

If you are moving to Bangalore, then rent some of the best PGs in Bangalore for a hassle-free stay.

Lotus Sports & Fitness, JP Nagar

This is one of the top gym in Bangalore & also one of the most expensive fitness centre in Banaglore. But members hardly find the premium experience this gym provides to be worth the money. The guys and gals at Lotus were one of the first to bring dance as a fitness exercise to India. Staying fit while grooving to Nicki Minaj’s songs. We mean, who doesn’t love that? They’ve also offer heavy weight training, cross-fit, aerobics, and even rooftop football. So if dancing regularly is not your cup of tea, they have a whole platter of workouts for you to choose from.

Kaizen Fitness, JP Nagar

Apart from the regular weight and strength training, they offer yoga, Zumba, and aerobics. Even something called jazzercise. But each of these is grueling enough to make your body scream. To compensate for all that discomfort, they keep the gym centrally air-conditioned, provide changing rooms and free parking. The only thing to remember before you join them is that Kaizen is another member of the rich guy club when it comes to gym costs per month in Bangalore. But, you can book a free trial and see if you like their exercises, maybe even a session of jazzercise. You’ll get to see their hygiene, their facilities, their trainers. You know, all that ‘jazz’?

Snap Fitness, Whitefield

If you’ve ever been told by a friend that you should workout, and you’ve snapped at them saying you’re too busy to workout, this gym is for you. They’re located in 24 different areas, meaning you’ll probably find one of their gyms within a 2km radius of your office or college. Plus, they are also open 24*7. So now you can work out at 2 am instead of bingeing on takeout at home. Looks like it’s time for you to replace an hour of napping, with Snap-ing (sorry, we couldn’t resist).

Haute Fitness, Sahakar Nagar

When it comes to finding gyms based on gym cost per month in Bangalore, Haute Fitness is not so Haute (that’s ‘high’ in French, FYI). Their fee starts at 649 per month, making it a student-friendly option too. But if you’re thinking that affordable cost means lesser facilities, you couldn’t be more wrong. The gym itself is built over two floors, and not only do they have all equipment in place, but they also have a steam bath facility that you can enjoy. Oh and also, if you are someone who can afford to pay more than the minimum fee, do check out their classic and super classic sections. Obviously for a higher price. Think of it as Economy and Executive classes in flights, only instead of legroom, you’ll have leg pain after one of their heavy workouts.

Lisbon House Denver House Frankfurt House by Stanza Living

Like we mentioned at the beginning of this article, our residences in twenty-five locations have in-built workout zones. Unisex, gents, or ladies gym in Bangalore – you name it, our residences have it. Working out here is basically like having some cool fitness equipment at home. We follow strict COVID-19 protocols so you can leave that worry to us. What you should worry about are those gains, bro.

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FAQs on GYMs in Bangalore

Which are the 5 Best Gym Brands in Bangalore?

Well, it depends on many factors. Location, cost, facilities. Based on these, we hope our suggestions for the best gyms in Bangalore are helpful to you.

Which is the Best Gym near me in Bangalore?

Haute fitness is the biggest and best gym in Bangalore, with a huge area covering more than two floors.

Which Brand is Best for Gym Equipment in Bangalore?

Precor and Life Fitness have some really good ratings regarding fitness equipment in Bangalore. But given these are huge investments, you can also consider staying with Stanza Living, and get one of our workout zones as part of the deal.

Which Gym in Bangalore has the Best Trainers?

Haute Fitness has the best trainers, be it for personal training or group classes.

Which is the Most Expensive Gym in Bangalore?

If we’re talking about gym cost per month in Bangalore, both Lotus fitness in JP Nagar and F45 Training in Indiranagar charge the highest. Around Rs 45,000 per month. For more affordable options, check out Stanza Living residences with workout zones in Bangalore.

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