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2 PGs waiting to be yours in Balewadi


PG in Balewadi

When someone says "PG in Balewadi", especially for students & working professionals, lots of people reply with "Stanza Living". But those who have lived with Stanza Living would tell you differently. They'd tell you it's much more than a PG in Akurdi or Dhankawadi. Like seriously, would a normal PG in Balewadi have customisable meals, professional housekeeping and laundry, even a fitness centre? Even the most in-demand ones in Balewadi, Aundh or Baner? No, right? But then the question is - what do they call it if not a PG for men or PG for women near Karve Nagar or Katraj or Hinjawadi? Their second home in a strange new place. That's what they call it.

Things to remember while renting a PG in Balewadi

While renting a gents PG or ladies PG in Balewadi, near Fursungi or Hadaspar, the first thing to remember is... well, what's the rent. And whether it falls within your budget. Then you check what the rent for that PG hostel gets you in return. Like how spacious is that 'spacious bedroom' you are promised? Does it include your meals? And also the Wi-Fi, room cleaning, laundry, and all that? It might seem like a lot. We know. Because we asked these questions when we created the Stanza Living experience for you. So once you decide to stay with us, the only thing or list to remember, will be your packing list. And this list of the best Stanza Living residences: Wigan House and Waco House.

What to look for in a PG accommodation in Balewadi?

Looking for a seat on a crowded bus is probably easier than looking for the things a PG accommodation in Balewadi must have. There was a time when just furniture and food was enough. That time was in the 2000s, not today. Like, come on. You'd like a boys or girls PG with AC to also have super fast Wi-Fi, meals you can pick and choose on an app, hospitality-standard housekeeping and more, right? If you think about it, calling it a PG doesn't do it justice, right? You'd call it a modern, professionally-managed coliving accommodation. But of course, there is another name, a not-so-heavy option. And that is, Stanza Living.

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Looking for the Best PG in Balewadi? Here's why you should choose Stanza Living

If you're looking to stay in the best PG in Balewadi, why should Stanza Living be your first choice? H. Now, we don't want to sound arrogant. But when close to 80,000 youngsters choose to call us their home, we think we've got a few things right. Like providing rooms that are not bland and boring, but youthful and vibrant, just like you. And providing all essential amenities, that can be accessed through the Stanza Living - Resident App. Next, we can talk about life at Stanza Living. To keep it short, there actually is one over here. Thanks to the movie screenings, game nights and other community events and workshops. For these, and many more reasons, we feel you should choose Stanza Living. Like 80,000 of your fellow youngsters have.


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FAQs on PG in Balewadi

Q. Are there any PGs at Balewadi which are spacious?

A. That's not unlikely. You can find spacious PGs for sure. But that's kinda the bare minimum, don't you think? So we suggest you check out our Stanza Living PGs. They're fully furnished, decked up and well-ventilated too. And not to forget, pretty spacious.

Q. How do I look for PG in Balewadi, Pune?

A. Just by using your fingertips. We mean, all our Stanza Living PGs are listed on our website and app. Start by scrolling through the residences and select the one you like. After that, book a house tour and we’ll take care of the rest.

Q. What is the cheapest and best colive PG in Balewadi?

A. If getting the most value out of your money is what you want, then Stanza Living is your best option. Coz here's the thing, not only do you get furnished rooms at Stanza Living but multiple amenities too. Amenities that are included in your monthly rent. Plus, we're located in popular student areas and corporate hotspots. So you can save plenty on your transportation costs too.

Q. Will I get food in a PG near Balewadi?

A. Of course, you will. And unlike other PGs, our food won't destroy your favourite dishes. At our residences, we serve nothing less than yum. Thanks to our professional chefs who practice their magic on a daily basis.

Q. Do I need to pay any electricity charges in any Stanza Living properties in Balewadi?

A. Yup, you do. Even though our monthly rent covers amenities such as food, Wi-Fi, and housekeeping, electricity consumption is not one of them. Also, the charges per unit of electricity will be based on the standard rates. Depending on the electricity provider and the locality.

Q. Which is the best women's hostel near Balewadi, Pune?

A. Well, that’s hard to say. After all, we’ve got more than just one women’s hostel. And they’re hard to separate given they’re all super awesome. Now, if you talk about safety concerns, you won’t find us cutting corners unlike ordinary PGs. We employ the same set of security protocols across all residences. So you pick and choose.

Q. Does Stanza Living provide free Wifi connection in PGs near Balewadi?

A. Move into any Stanza Living residence, and you get a internet connection that's covered under your monthly rent. Also, don't worry about the speed. We only offer high-speed internet, nothing else.

Q. What are some living options in Pune near Balewadi?

A. There are two ways you can go about this. First, you can stay at our 5-star PGs. Second, renting one of our managed apartments is a solid option too. Given they’re flats that come with pre-installed amenities like Wi-Fi and housekeeping. Basically, you’ll find your second home. Without turning your friend’s couch to one.

Q. Which is the best PG to stay in Balewadi, Pune with food?

A. Food? That’s a topic every other PG will avoid. But not us. And definitely not our expert chefs. So until the day other PGs learn to put the optimum amount of salt, we’ll remain the best place to stay.

Q. Does Stanza Living PG have a TV in the room?

A. There are TVs in Stanza Living, but in the common area. Where there will also be gaming corners, and other chillout zones, to more than make up for that lack of a TV in your room, we hope.

Q. Can I get a single room PG in Pune?

A. Surely, you can get a single room or even a multiple occupancy room in our PGs. But hey, it’s okay if you don’t want a shared occupancy room. We’ll limit ourselves to finding you single rooms only. After that, enjoy your apartment-like privacy with the 5-star amenities of our PG.

Q. Which is the best place to rent if my office is in Balewadi, Pune?

A. The ideal place to stay would be the one closest to your office. But that’s stating the obvious. So given you’re an office-goer, you must also check if the list of amenities will save you time and effort So that’s where our Stanza Living PGs come in. Move in with us and you can hit two birds with one stone.

Q. Do I need to pay any brokerage for a PG in Balewadi?

A. Nope, you don't need to hire a broker. Or pay brokerage at Stanza Living. As we've listed all our PGs on our platform itself. All you need to do is choose a residence you like, schedule a visit and get shown around by our sales expert. Simple and easy.

Q. Are there different PGs for men and women in Balewadi?

A. Sure, there are. You'll find both girls-only and boys-only PGs at Stanza Living. And we also offer co-ed residences where folks of all genders can stay together and share common amenities. So you can decide on the kind of residence you want, no questions asked.

Q. What is the cost for a PG in Balewadi, Pune?

A. That depends on the PG you rent out. If you’re going for an ordinary PG, it’ll cost you a few thousand bucks. But it won’t add much value to your life. So if you want to raise the bar, and lower your hassle, choose Stanza Living. We’ll make much better use of your money.

Q. Are all of the AC PGs in Balewadi, Pune, costly?

A. Welll, you might be able to say that for other PGs. But not for our Stanza Living PGs. Because here's the best part about us. Our monthly rent does not just include an AC. It also covers a fully furnished room and multiple amenities. So if you add all of that, you'll realise how economical of a choice is to move in with us.

Q. Do PGs/Hostels provide housekeeping services?

A. Yeah, there might be a PG where someone will come and clean your room once in a while. But it is not housekeeping till it's done by a professional team. Just like at Stanza Living.

Q. Is there any good PG at Balewadi?

A. Not just good, you can find world-class PGs. At Stanza Living, that's what we aim for. That is, to provide accommodation options in prime areas near colleges, universities, and workplaces. Plus, you'd always find essentials such as medical facilities and shopping markets near our PGs as well. So you'll not only save money on commutes, but you'll also save plenty of time when you live with us. Just saying.

Q. What is the list of things I need to live comfortably in a PG near Balewadi?

A. Basic stuff like a bed and mattress should be covered by your PG. With those covered, it'll be better if you don't forget to pack this list of things for personal use: 1. Extension boards 2. Toiletries 3. Blankets 4. Clean towels 5. Buckets and mugs

Q. How Safe are PGs near Balewadi?

A. No comments on other PGs, but we personally think that you can never put a limit to the number of safety precautions. That's the reason why we keep the number of security measures as high as possible at all our residences. So you can go to bed without checking the lock on your door 10,000 times.

Q. Which type of PG accommodation is available near Balewadi?

A. Basically, there are two types of PGs. That's us and local PGs. And the difference between them is the same as a college football team versus a World Cup winning team. So obviously, you should go for Stanza Living over ordinary PGs. Coz you deserve nothing except the best.

Q. Which type of PG Accommodation in Pune Is better? Single or Multiple Occupancy?

A. The only person who can answer that question is you. Do you value your me-time? Or are you one for we-time? But no matter what you decide, the best option for either would still be Stanza Living. That's something we can tell you for sure.

Q. How is a PG different from renting a flat?

A. Well, if you rent a flat, you get the flat and nothing else. But in a PG, you get amenities to ease your household responsibilities, even if it’s an ordinary one. And if it’s a Stanza Living PG, then you get a lot more perks and services in addition.

Q. How is Hostel Life in Balewadi?

A. Compared to the city they're in, life in most hostels in Balewadi are in need of a speed boost. But thankfully, you can always stay at Stanza Living. Where we put the life in hostel life.

Q. How are PGs taking precautions during COVID-19 breakout?

A. To fight the coronavirus, you need PG with a COVID-19 Combat-Ready Framework that includes measures like thermal monitoring, social distancing and more. And there is one like that. But that's because that 'PG' is no ordinary PG. Of course, we're talking about your second home, Stanza Living.

Q. How many PGs with attached bathrooms are available?

A. Not many. In most of them, you'll have to make trips from bathroom to bedroom with a towel on at times. But relax. Stanza Living rooms come with attached bathrooms. So no midnight bathroom trips for you.

Q. What all services & amenities are included at a PG near Balewadi?

A. Many PGs/Hostels provide basic amenities like food, AC and hot water. But that's the problem. They're only the basics. Not at Stanza Living though. For us, all your needs are important. Even the not-so-basic ones.

Q. How is Stanza Living Different from Local PGs in Balewadi?

A. Simply put, Stanza Living differs from local PGs because Stanza Living is not a local player. It's the largest managed-accommodation provider not only in the city, but in the country. And of course, the most-loved.

Q. Why is Living in a PG in Balewadi Cost-Effective?

A. PGs are considered mostly cost-effective. To know why, you must ask - why is living in other types of accommodation so expensive? Then you realise that the security deposit for the flat is almost as much as the rent for the PG, for the entire year. And you get your answer.

Q. What documents do I need to rent a PG near Balewadi?

A. We can’t say for sure. Given different PG owners may ask for a different set of documents. As for Stanza Living, we ask for this specific list of documents: 1. Pan Card 2. Aadhar/DL/Voter ID (any 1) 3. College ID/Office ID 4. Selfie

Q. How Good are the Food, Laundry, and Room Cleaning Services of PGs in Balewadi?

A. At best, the food, laundry and room cleaning services of PGs are not bad. At worse... let's not go there. But there is reason for you to be positive. You can come to Stanza Living. Where the services are nothing less than the best.

Q. How is a PG different from a hostel?

A. Between an ordinary PG and a hostel, there won’t be much difference to separate the two. But put a Stanza Living residence against a campus hostel, and you'd realise the gap is too wide to go unnoticed. For example: You won't find a foosball table sitting inside the common area of a hostel.

Q. What are some good PGs for women near Balewadi?

A. Not to sound like we're blowing our own horns, but we've got the best PGs for women. In case you're not ready to accept that yet, our decked up rooms will convince you for sure. And so will our list of 5-star services. As for your safety and security, we employ 24x7 CCTV monitoring, biometric scans, digital check-ins and check-outs, etc. to keep you safe and secure.

Q. What Should I Check While Booking a PG in Balewadi?

A. Easy. Just compare that PG with what you get at Stanza Living. Then it won't take long for you to realise that you should in no place other than your second home.

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