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Your Second home inDelhi

PG in Delhi

A PG in Delhi vs your second home. There’s only one winner!

Every year, thousands of students and working professionals start off an exciting new phase of their lives - their ‘Delhi years’. But should this exciting phase be spent in a boring PG in Delhi? No, right? For these golden years, they deserve something even the best PG in Delhi can’t be for them.


You've probably spent hours on countless websites, searching for best pg in Delhi because what you're really looking for, and need is something more than a paying guest. An old-fashioned pg in Delhi is just that. Too old-fashioned! - A second home is waiting for you in this city. Like a Stanza Living Residence. It's everything that a typical PG in Delhi is not. And you won't be just a paying guest here. You'll be one of many members of a large, happy family.

Things to Remember while Renting a PG in Delhi

Actually, it’s not ‘things’. You just have to remember one thing. Will your residence give you something beyond just a place to stay? In the case of most PGs in Delhi, the answer will be no. But in a residence by Stanza Living, the day you leave, you won’t just take away all your belongings with you. You’ll take away experiences, new relationships, and memories as well.

Best PGs in Delhi

While looking for the best pg in Delhi pick that PG which is trying to be more like home. Because only a place like home will take care of all your needs.

Explore best PGs across the most popular localities of Delhi

Why is Stanza Living Better than PGs in Delhi?

Our rooms are not just rooms. They’re your personal spaces with all the furniture you need and all the comforts you desire. Our common areas have nothing in common with those of the typical PG in Delhi. It’s got entertainment zones, gaming corners, chill-out spots, and more.


Unlike most PGs in Delhi which still operate with pen and paper, we’ve integrated technology into everyday life, like biometrics security and the Stanza Living - Resident App (so while the world judges you for always being on your phone, we won’t).


But of course, you will have to keep that smartphone aside, as you chill and make memories with your fellow Stanzens during our many community events and workshops, something no random PG in Delhi would have. Then there’s our long list of essential amenities. It’s long because, for us, even the non-essentials are just as important.

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8,899 - ₹27,899
Quito House
Perugia House
Lorient House
Newcastle House
Braga House
Poznan House
Kawasaki House
Tokyo House
Kiel House
Kyoto House
Toronto House
Cardiff House
Penzance House
Colombo House
Tarragona House
Osaka House
Hiroshima House
Sapporo House
Kobe House
Sanchong House
Nagoya House
Nancy House
Tandil House
Polaris House
Tortel House
Montreal House
San Diego House
Westport House
Boston House
Los Angeles House

FAQs on PG in Delhi

How Can I Get PG in Delhi?

In Delhi, finding a PG accommodation is easy but finding a good and affordable paying guest accommodation is not that easy. Instead, you should explore our residences in the city and pre-book your bed in the one you like.

Here is the list of localities for renting affordable PG rooms in Delhi:

How is the PG Facility in Delhi Like?

Too much like a Paying Guest facility. A PG in Delhi will always be just accommodations, while what you deserve is a second home, like a Stanza Living residence.

Where Can I Find the Best PG in Delhi for Ladies?

Listen, even the best PG in Delhi for ladies is not the best option for you. Delhi is a vibrant, exciting city and your residence should be no less.

If you're looking for a luxury PG in Delhi for girls, then the Stanza Living residences given below are all you need to see.

How Safe are PGs in Delhi During Covid-19 Outbreak?

Sorry to break it to you, but most PGs in Delhi are under-prepared to protect you from COVID-19. The good news, however, is that you have a safe and hygienic environment at Stanza Living. From fully-sanitized rooms and common areas to practicing social distancing even in everyday tasks. While many PGs in Delhi have had to ask their residents to vacate, we feel it's our responsibility to do everything possible to protect you from the coronavirus.

Which are the Best PGs in Delhi for Boys?

There are several PGs in Delhi, some better than most. But even the best PG in Delhi is not in the same league as a Stanza Living residence.

If you wish to experience life in the best PG in Delhi, then you have to live in one of these Stanza Living residences.

How Can I Find a Homelike Accommodation in a PG in Delhi?

We’ll save you the trouble. You can’t find a homelike accommodation in a PG in Delhi. Because for a home feeling, you need your second home, like a Stanza Living residence.

What is the Cost of PG in Delhi?

A typical paying guest in Delhi is affordable if you consider just rent. And that rent includes a basic room and certain essential amenities. That's the typical definition of cost-effectiveness. But the one that you don’t get is a place that feels like home. That you'll find only in Stanza Living. And guess what? You can get it for more or less the same amount. That's not cost-effective, it's absolutely valuable.

Shall I Opt for Shared or Single Room PG Accommodation in Delhi?

Only you can tell which occupancy in a paying guest accommodation - single, double, or triple - is good for you. And since we don't have the correct answer, we provide all kinds of occupancies. Like we say - all your needs should be met.

How is Stanza Living Different from Local PGs Near me?

So, you'll find many PGs near you that claim to be 'special', the 'best luxury PG in town'. What separates us is that we don't even claim to be a paying guest (PG). We believe Stanza Living is your second home.

Quito House PG in Laxmi Nagar DelhiQuito HouseLaxmi Nagar8,899/mo*
Perugia House PG in Laxmi Nagar DelhiPerugia HouseLaxmi Nagar9,099/mo*
Lorient House PG in North Campus DelhiLorient HouseNorth Campus10,099/mo*
Newcastle House PG in Laxmi Nagar DelhiNewcastle HouseLaxmi Nagar10,599/mo*
Braga House PG in North Campus DelhiBraga HouseNorth Campus10,599/mo*
Poznan House PG in Laxmi Nagar DelhiPoznan HouseLaxmi Nagar11,799/mo*
Kawasaki House PG in South Campus DelhiKawasaki HouseSouth Campus12,599/mo*
Tokyo House PG in South Campus DelhiTokyo HouseSouth Campus12,999/mo*
Kiel House PG in North Campus DelhiKiel HouseNorth Campus13,399/mo*
Kyoto House PG in South Campus DelhiKyoto HouseSouth Campus13,999/mo*
Toronto House PG in North Campus DelhiToronto HouseNorth Campus14,099/mo*
Cardiff House PG in Laxmi Nagar DelhiCardiff HouseLaxmi Nagar14,499/mo*
Penzance House PG in North Campus DelhiPenzance HouseNorth Campus14,499/mo*
Colombo House PG in North Campus DelhiColombo HouseNorth Campus14,799/mo*
Tarragona House PG in North Campus DelhiTarragona HouseNorth Campus15,599/mo*
Osaka House PG in South Campus DelhiOsaka HouseSouth Campus16,199/mo*
Hiroshima House PG in South Campus DelhiHiroshima HouseSouth Campus16,299/mo*
Sapporo House PG in South Campus DelhiSapporo HouseSouth Campus16,799/mo*
Kobe House PG in South Campus DelhiKobe HouseSouth Campus16,799/mo*
Sanchong House PG in North Campus DelhiSanchong HouseNorth Campus16,799/mo*
Nagoya House PG in South Campus DelhiNagoya HouseSouth Campus17,299/mo*
Nancy House PG in North Campus DelhiNancy HouseNorth Campus17,299/mo*
Tandil House PG in North Campus DelhiTandil HouseNorth Campus17,299/mo*
Polaris House PG in North Campus DelhiPolaris HouseNorth Campus17,799/mo*
Tortel House PG in North Campus DelhiTortel HouseNorth Campus17,799/mo*
Montreal House PG in North Campus DelhiMontreal HouseNorth Campus18,399/mo*
San Diego House PG in North Campus DelhiSan Diego HouseNorth Campus19,499/mo*
Westport House PG in North Campus DelhiWestport HouseNorth Campus22,299/mo*
Boston House PG in North Campus DelhiBoston HouseNorth Campus22,699/mo*
Los Angeles House PG in DelhiLos Angeles HouseNorth Campus22,899/mo*