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Lisbon House

Sy. No. 47/11 Doddathogur, Electronic City, Bangalore - 100, Electronic City Phase 1, Bengaluru
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Hot and Delicious Meals
High-Speed WIFI
Professional Housekeeping
Spacious Refrigerator
Washing Machine
Hot Water Supply
In-House Cafeteria
Biometric Enabled Entry

Details of Lisbon House

In stark contrast to any paying guest, Stanza Living’s Lisbon House is a tastefully designed, fully-furnished PG in Bangalore. The all-inclusive services go beyond the basics and include housekeeping, maintenance, security, and more. In other words, you'll have all the comforts of home, so you'll feel you never left it. We also bring you an exciting array of engaging social events, exclusive brand partnerships, and professional programs so your calendar always has something to look forward to. What you don't have to look forward to, is the risk of COVID-19. We're implementing several safety measures - residence sanitization, thermal monitoring, and more - to keep the coronavirus out. We consider you not just a resident, but family. And we'll take care of you like family, we'll have fun times with your life family and we'll protect you like family. That's the Stanza Living experience. You can view it first hand by scheduling a visit to Lisbon House, your second home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Safe Will you be from COVID-19 in a Stanza Living Residence?

Simply put, for COVID-19, we have a strict no-entry policy. Our ‘COVID-19 Combat Ready’ Operation Framework includes every measure possible, from social distancing in common areas to thermal monitoring, in order to keep you safe. Read more about our best-in-class safety measures here.

Are there any Entry-Exit restrictions in Stanza Living Residences?

Want to catch a late-night movie show? Or need to go out for a friend’s birthday dinner? No problem. While we do have a curfew time, if you have to have a night out, put in a request on your Stanza Living - Resident App. That’s all.

How is Stanza Living Different from Local PGs and Hostels?

Simple. A local hostel or PG in Electronics City Phase 1 will never be more than a hostel or a PG. But Stanza Living will never be less than your second home. And that is the one difference that makes all the difference. Check Stanza Living Residences in other parts of Bengaluru:

What are the Steps Taken to Ensure Security in the Residences?

Every single Stanza Living residence is equipped with our multi-tier, tech-enabled security system. Because when it comes to your safety, anything less is not safe enough.

How Can I Book a Bed With Stanza Living?

We love your enthusiasm, but we’d still recommend dropping by to see the residence for yourself before making it your second home. Till then, if you wish, you can reserve your bed for Rs 1000 (the link’s there on the right).

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