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PG in Guindy

It's quite common. Someone asks "Best PG in Guindy for students & working professionals?". "Stanza Living", comes the response. But those who have lived the life of a Stanzen know that comparing it to a PG in OMR or Pallavaram doesn't do it justice. After all, it would be hard to find a 'PG in Guindy' that provides you with the lifestyle, the homely meals, the amenities, the community that you'd find here. Even in Guindy, Anna Nagar or Nungambakkam. Now, the thing to ask is, what do they call it instead of a PG for men or PG for women near Vadapalani or Thandalam or Urapakkam? They call it... drum roll, please... their second home.

Things to remember while renting a PG in Guindy

If you're moving close to Poonamallee or Porur, and you ask people what to remember while renting a gents PG or ladies PG in Guindy, they'd say rent. And they'd be right. Then you move on to what that rent for that PG hostel gets you. Just a basic room or a fully-furnished one with an attached bathroom. Does it include your usual three meals a day? Is there a staff member to clean your room when you're away? What about security? Yeah, it's a lot. Trust us, we know. We've gone through this very list when designing our Stanza Living residences and living experience. So probably the only thing you'll have to remember, is to get your things, when you come and live in one of our residences: Shumen House, Borisov House and Kazan House.

What to look for in a PG accommodation in Guindy?

Do you like taking notes? Coz the things you should look for in a PG accommodation in Guindy are so many, they are not easy to remember. Just furniture and food would have been enough for your parents' generation. But you've gotta ask for more. Like, today's definition of a great boys or girls PG with AC covers high-speed Wi-Fi, customisable meals, professional housekeeping and a resident app to access all of it and more. Now, tell us, with so much to offer, you wouldn't call it just a 'PG', right? You'd rather call it a modern, professionally-managed co-living residence. But it also goes by another name - Stanza Living.

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Looking for the Best PG in Guindy? Here's why you should choose Stanza Living

Is Stanza Living the best PG in Guindy? Interesting question. Now, this might sound over-confident. But since 80,000 youngsters like you have chosen us, we've probably done a few things better than your average PG. For example, we don't provide basic, white-walled rooms. But youthful, vibrant personal spaces for you. And we don't stop at basic amenities. We pamper you with a long list of services. That you can request through the Stanza Living - Resident App. Next, we can talk about life at Stanza Living. To keep it short, there actually is one over here. Thanks to the movie screenings, game nights and other community events and workshops. For these, and many more reasons, we feel you should choose Stanza Living. Like 80,000 of your fellow youngsters have.


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FAQs on PG in Guindy

Q. What is the cheapest and best colive PG in Guindy?

A. Well, we can't think of anyone else who offers more value-for-money other than our Stanza Living residences. At our fully furnished residences, we offer amenities such as housekeeping, Wi-Fi, and delicious meals that are included in your monthly rent. Plus, we’re located close to colleges and business parks. So you save monies on your daily commutes too.

Q. What is the cost for a PG in Guindy, Chennai?

A. The answer will vary as per the type of PG you opt for. You may even find a PG under Rs. 5k per month, but you won’t get anything in return except for four walls and a roof. But if you move to a Stanza Living residence, we’ll put your money to work. And make your life much, much easier.

Q. Does Stanza Living provide free Wifi connection in PGs near Guindy?

A. Wi-Fi connection? That's actually a given across all our residences. And yeah, it's covered under the monthly rent. Also, don't worry about the speed. We only offer high-speed internet, nothing else.

Q. Are all of the AC PGs in Guindy, Chennai, costly?

A. Not really. At least, not our Stanza Living PGs. Because hey, it's not like we offer just an AC in our price range. We also provide you furniture and mutliple amenities covered under the monthly rent. So you get more value-for-money with us than anyone else.

Q. Which is the best women's hostel near Guindy, Chennai?

A. We’re not sure, actually. All our women’s hostels share the same standard of awesomeness. And when it comes to your safety and security, we don’t cut corners unlike most local PGs too. That’s why we’ve put the same set of security measures across all hostels. So it’s on you to decide which one of them you like the most.

Q. Will I get food in a PG near Guindy?

A. Daily meals are guaranteed in our Stanza Living PGs. And unlike other PGs, our food is not so-so. At our PGs, delicious and homely meals are our thing. It's why our expert chefs make sure they put as much effort into cooking your food as your mum.

Q. Which is the best place to rent if my office is in Guindy, Chennai?

A. First things first, the best option would be the one closest to your workplace. But given you’re an office-goer, you’ll need amenities to save yourself some time and effort. Now, who else can match both these criteria other than us? Well, no one we know. So it’s safe to say, our Stanza Living PGs are your best bet.

Q. How do I look for a PG in Guindy, Chennai?

A. Simple. You can find all our Stanza Living PGs listed on our website and mobile app. Now, to book a house tour, you’ll need to scroll through the properties. Once you decide on the one you like the most, schedule a visit to the property. That’s all.

Q. Which is the best PG to stay in Guindy, Chennai with food?

A. Talk about food, and most PGs will run into the washroom like a kid when his parents check the report card. But not our top-class chefs. Basically, until the day other PGs start putting effort into their cooking, we’re clearly the best place to stay.

Q. Do I need to pay any brokerage for a PG in Guindy?

A. Nope, not even a single rupee. Our website and mobile app displays all our PGs. So you can just scroll through the properties and book a house tour for the one you like. After that, we'll assign a dedicated expert to show you around.

Q. Does Stanza Living PG have a TV in the room?

A. Afraid not. TVs in our residences belong in the common area. Besides the pool, foosball and TT tables, the microwaves and sandwich grillers to prepare snacks and other things that'll surely keep you away from that room of yours.

Q. What are some living options in Chennai near Guindy?

A. Well, you can either move into our PGs. Or you could rent one of our managed apartments. By 'managed' apartments, we mean, they come with PG-like amenities such as daily housekeeping. Basically, you’ve got superb options. So you won’t have to ask friends’ friends to let you borrow their couch to sleep.

Q. Do I need to pay any electricity charges in any Stanza Living properties in Guindy?

A. Yup, you do. Even though our monthly rent covers amenities such as food, Wi-Fi, and housekeeping, electricity consumption is not one of them. Also, the charges per unit of electricity will be based on the standard rates. Depending on the electricity provider and the locality.

Q. Can I get a single room PG in Chennai?

A. Sure, you can. We’ve got both single rooms and multiple occupancy rooms in our PGs. But if you don’t want to share a room whatsoever, we’ll get you a single room only. Then, you can enjoy your flat-like privacy with our superb list of amenities

Q. What are some places to stay near Guindy?

A. Honestly, there are one too many places to stay. But remove the mediocre ones, and you’d be left with our Stanza Living PGs. With us, you never run out of options to chill. Thanks to our community events like Dj parties, movie nights, and karaoke sessions.

Q. Are there any PGs at Guindy which are spacious?

A. Spacious PGs are definitely available. As for our Stanza Living PGs, our rooms are more than just spacious. They’re fully furnished, smartly designed, and well-ventilated too. And we think you shouldn’t settle for anything less.

Q. Where can I find affordable pg's for men near Guindy?

A. Good news: You won’t have to travel far. Check out our Stanza Living residences, use the budget ‘filter’ that appears on top and we’ll display PGs under your budget.

Q. Do PGs/Hostels provide housekeeping services?

A. So you might find a PG or two that occasionally gets your room cleaned. But for housekeeping to be housekeeping, it has to be done by professionals. Like it is at Stanza Living.

Q. How are PGs taking precautions during COVID-19 breakout?

A. So there is this PG, that is keeping coronavirus out with what they call the COVID-19 Combat-Ready Framework, comprising thermal monitoring, contact-less meal delivery and other measures. But that's because that 'PG' is no ordinary PG. Of course, we're talking about your second home, Stanza Living.

Q. What are some good PGs for women near Guindy?

A. We've made a list of good PGs for women below. But spoiler alert! They all happen to be Stanza Living residences. In case you're not ready to accept that yet, our decked up rooms will convince you for sure. And so will our list of 5-star services. As for your safety and security, we employ 24x7 CCTV monitoring, biometric scans, digital check-ins and check-outs, etc. to keep you safe and secure.

Q. How is Stanza Living Different from Local PGs in Guindy?

A. The difference between local PGs and Stanza Living, is the difference between "local" and "national". Not to brag, but Stanza Living is India's largest managed-accommodation provider, not just in CITY. Ask our residents, and you'll realise that we're also the most-loved.

Q. What all services & amenities are included at a PG near Guindy?

A. Basic amenities like food, hot water and AC are found in most PGs/Hostels. But that's a bit too basic, right? You should stay in a place that values all your needs, and has an amenity for each one of them. You should stay in Stanza Living, basically.

Q. How Good are the Food, Laundry, and Room Cleaning Services of PGs in Guindy?

A. On a scale of good to great, most PGs offer only okay-okay food, laundry and room cleaning services. But don't you worry. Come to Stanza Living. Our professional services rank at the very best.

Q. How Safe are PGs near Guindy?

A. No comments on other PGs, but we personally think that you can never put a limit to the number of safety precautions. That's the reason why we keep the number of security measures as high as possible at all our residences. So you can go to bed without checking the lock on your door 10,000 times.

Q. Which type of PG Accommodation in Chennai Is better? Single or Multiple Occupancy?

A. First ask yourself, what do you value more, privacy or company? Well, you have your answer right there. But we can tell you that, whichever you choose, the best of either is found only at Stanza Living.

Q. How is a PG different from renting a flat?

A. Well, if you rent a flat, you get the flat and nothing else. But in a PG, you get amenities to ease your household responsibilities, even if it’s an ordinary one. And if it’s a Stanza Living PG, then you get a lot more perks and services in addition.

Q. How is Hostel Life in Guindy?

A. Guindy as a city is like an energetic Friday night, while most hostels feel like depressing monday mornings. But then again, you can live in Stanza Living. Over here, life is always on the move.

Q. What documents do I need to rent a PG near Guindy?

A. We can’t say for sure. Given different PG owners may ask for a different set of documents. As for Stanza Living, we ask for this specific list of documents: 1. Pan Card 2. Aadhar/DL/Voter ID (any 1) 3. College ID/Office ID 4. Selfie

Q. How many PGs with attached bathrooms are available?

A. An attached bathroom in a PG? That's harder to get than a blue tick on Insta, bro. But don't get worked up though. At Stanza Living, you'll get an attached bathroom. And a professional team to clean it for you.

Q. What is the list of things I need to live comfortably in a PG near Guindy?

A. Basic stuff like a bed and mattress should be covered by your PG. With those covered, it'll be better if you don't forget to pack this list of things for personal use: 1. Extension boards 2. Toiletries 3. Blankets 4. Clean towels 5. Buckets and mugs

Q. What Should I Check While Booking a PG in Guindy?

A. Does that PG feel like a home, like Stanza Living? Look for that first. Soon enough you'll realise that the only place you deserve is a place in your second home.

Q. Which type of PG accommodation is available near Guindy?

A. Honestly, just two types of PGs are available. That's us and local PGs. And the difference between them is the same as a race car versus a hatchback. So obviously, you should go for Stanza Living over ordinary PGs. Coz you deserve nothing except the best.

Q. Is there any good PG at Guindy?

A. We don't know about others, but we do have good PGs. Coz what's the point of living in a good PG in a not-so-good location? It's why we've got PGs in areas close to top colleges and corporate parks. And not just that, we choose localities that are close to shopping markets, bus stations and medical facilties too. This is just another way to say that Stanza Living is your best option for a place to stay.

Q. How is a PG different from a hostel?

A. Between an ordinary PG and a hostel, there won’t be much difference to separate the two. But put a Stanza Living residence against a campus hostel, and you'd realise the gap is too wide to go unnoticed. For example: You won't find a foosball table sitting inside the common area of a hostel.

Q. Why is Living in a PG in Guindy Cost-Effective?

A. Yes, living in a PG is very cost-effective. To know the reasons why, first ask why living outside of it, is not. And it's when you find out that the just security deposit for living in a house or flat could get you a PG for a year, the answer becomes clear.

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