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Your Second home inMarathahalli

PG in Marathahalli

Marathahalli is calling. So you've got to pack your bags and head over. Just like you, Marathahalli is also young and full of energy and optimism. But to rent a PG in Marathahalli is to kill this phase before it's even started. You should pick a place so memorable that you'll always associate it with this part of your life. And we're here to provide you with that place, that second home of yours is not just a pg in Marathahalli.


Just remember to pick a PG in Marathahalli only if it feels less like a PG accommodation and more like home. And unlike any PG in Marathahalli, you won't be just a paying guest over here. You'll be a part of a large, happy family. Now, a place where you feel like family is a place that feels like home.

What to Look for in a PG Accommodation in Marathahalli?

The things you should look for in a PG in Marathahalli, are probably not available in any of the best PG in Bangalore. When you walk into the residence expecting a vibrant, fully-furnished space, you’ll be welcomed by a dull building with bare minimum furniture. The amenities that you think will come ‘included’ in the package, end up being part of your daily to-do list. And the home feeling you wish for? Well, let’s just say you’ll keep wishing for it.


But thankfully, these boring, old-fashioned PGs in Marathahalli are not your only option. You can opt for a place that understands that you have aspirations and works to not just meet, but surpass them. That place is Stanza Living, your second home.

Marathahalli is not the only place for a second home. We have luxury PG accommodations in other parts of Bangalore too.

Flat vs PG in Marathahalli Bangalore

Paying a few thousand a month to live in your own flat, with the freedom to live by your own rules. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Freedom comes at a price though. Specifically the price of a domestic help’s salary, electricity, and maintenance, wifi, and more. And suddenly, the freedom is replaced by responsibilities. Before you know it, you begin to think that maybe PGs in Marathahalli, with their low rentals and basic amenities, are probably worth your buck. But you get a rude shock when you have to do the running around for the essentials that a PG in Marathahalli doesn’t provide. It’ll feel like the PG should pay you for staying in it.


Now a flat or a PG in Marathahalli is definitely not the right option. But the truth is, they never needed to be. You can live in a Stanza Living residence and join the Stanza Living family.

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6,199 - ₹28,299
Plymouth House
Stavanger House

FAQs on PG in Marathahalli

Are PGs in Marathahalli Safe for Ladies and Gents?

For us at Stanza Living, only our multi-tier tech-enabled security system will do when it comes to your safety. And in our book, only if a PG in Marathahalli provides equal measures of security, can it be considered safe enough.

List of PG Accommodations in Marathahalli Bangalore:

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Furnished PG in Marathahalli?

If you can afford to spend a few thousand a month, a fully-furnished ladies/gents PG in Marathahalli can be yours. So is the case with Stanza Living. But the package includes the feeling of home. And that is nothing short of a luxury.

What Should I Check While Renting a PG near Marathahalli?

The rooms. The amenities. The food. There's plenty to check. But if that seems like a lot, just check if that PG in Marathahalli gives you the home feeling. If you'd rather not do that either, just pick Stanza Living. Making you feel at home is our specialty.

Here is the list of nearby localities for renting furnished luxury PG near Marathahalli

How Good are the Food and other Services of PGs in Marathahalli?

We admit, there are many PGs in Marathahalli for ladies and gents which provide these services. But up against the expertly curated meals and professional laundry and housekeeping services of Stanza Living, can they be considered good enough for you? Not a chance.

And you could try your luck at finding a PG in Marathahalli with services of the same quality. But, let's just say, you're going to need a lot of that luck.

Is It Safe to Rent a PG in Marathahalli During COVID-19?

Nothing personal, but PGs in Marathahalli are just not equipped to provide adequate protection against COVID-19. But if you're a Stanzen, you'll have our COVID-19 Combat-Ready Framework protecting you and providing you with a safe and hygienic environment.

Why is Living in a PG in Marathahalli Cost-Effective?

Generally, PGs in Marathahalli are not very expensive. Their monthly rent is usually a few thousand rupees. Yes, a few thousand will get you a room and some basic amenities. Who wouldn't consider that cost-effective, right? But what's missing is a home feeling. That's something you'll find only in a Stanza Living residence.

How is Stanza Living Different from Local Ladies/Gents PG in Marathahalli?

So most PGs in Marathahalli for ladies and gents will try to grab your attention by claiming that they are the 'best'. But here at Stanza Living, we don't even compete with them. Because we're in a different league altogether. We're not just a PG accommodation in Marathahalli, we're your second home. And we believe nothing else makes a greater difference.

How to Look for an Affordable Furnished PG in Marathahalli Bangalore?

You could try diving deep into the world wide web and finding the right PG in Marathahalli out of the thousands available. Of course, that's not the easiest route. And since you're already here, neither is it the smartest. Simply go through the Stanza Living residences in the area. And pick the one you feel could be your second home.

Shall I opt for a Shared or Single Sharing PG Accommodation in Marathahalli?

If you're a people person, then multiple. If you cherish privacy, then single. Choosing a shared or single sharing PG in Marathahalli depends on who you are. But even if you've not decided on one, you can come to Stanza Living. Because we offer all of them.