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Your Second home inHinjawadi

PG in Hinjawadi

So the Hinjawadi phase of your life is about to begin. The place for everything IT in Pune, Hinjawadi is the place to be for you. But to stay in an old-school PG in Hinjawadi? That won't do justice to your time here. What you need is a place that you'll go back on as a defining part of this chapter of your life. And we're here to provide you with that place, that second home of yours is not just a pg in Hinjawadi - Stanza Living.

What to Look for in a PG Accommodation in Hinjawadi?

You could make a checklist while looking at a PG in Hinjawadi, but most of it will go un-ticked. Instead of a room, you’d look forward to returning to every evening, you get a space you’ll go back to only when absolutely necessary. Instead of chilling while your daily needs are taken care of, you’ll be running around to arrange for laundry, wifi, and other essentials. Instead of a place that feels like home, you’ll get a place that’ll make you miss home badly. Does this mean you have to let go of your aspirations? Of course not. Just opt to live in a Stanza Living residence, your second home. And your expectations will not just be met, but surpassed.

Best PG in Hinjawadi - Stanza Living

Honestly speaking, there's no shortage of reasons why Stanza Living is a better option for you than even the best PG in Hinjawadi. From the vibrance of the bedrooms and common areas to the comforts of the many amenities, from the new-age tech integrations to the old-school human-to-human. Stanza Living residence leaves every PG in Pune behind, in every category. But going into this nitty-gritty of why Stanza Living should be your choice is unnecessary when it can be done in just a simple phrase. Even the best PG in Hinjawadi will only be a PG. But every single Stanza Living residence can be your second home.

If Hinjawadi is not the place for you. Here are our other residences in Pune.

How Covid-19 Safe is a Stanza Living Residence?

It's good to know that you're taking the impact of COVID-19 seriously. So are we. That's why, from thermal monitoring to daily residence sanitization, from social distancing practice in common areas to ensuring safety and hygiene measures while serving you meals, we're implementing every safety measure in the book. While many PGs in Hinjawadi have had to ask their residents to vacate, we feel it's our responsibility to do everything possible to protect you from the coronavirus. After all, we're one big family, and members of a family protect each other.

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6,199 - ₹18,399
Reno House
Henderson House

FAQs on PG in Hinjawadi

How Good are the Food, Laundry, and Room Cleaning Services of PGs in Hinjawadi?

We admit, there are many PGs in Hinjawadi which provide these services. But can they be considered 'good' compared to the expertly curated meals and professional laundry and housekeeping services at Stanza Living? Absolutely not.

How is Stanza Living Different from Local PGs in Hinjawadi?

A PG in Hinjawadi will only ever be a place meant to eat, sleep, and rest in. Contrast that with a Stanza Living residence, a place that is a home away from home. And you'll know the difference.

So ditch the PG in Hinjawadi and find your second home in one of the Stanza Living residences in Hinjawadi.

How Safe are PGs in Hinjawadi for Students and Working Professionals?

We're no experts on the security provided by the typical PGs in Hinjawadi. We can only speak about the biometric entry, the CCTV surveillance, and the many other tech-enabled safety measures part of our multi-tier security system. Because we can't claim to offer you second homes if we can't help you feel safe inside them.

Which are the Best PGs for Ladies/Girls in Hinjawadi?

It doesn't matter which PG for ladies in Hinjawadi is the best of the lot. Because none of them can be the best option for you. That spot belongs to your second home - Stanza Living.

Why is Stanza Living an Ideal Choice and Not a PG in Hinjawadi?

To put it bluntly, it's because Stanza Living is not a PG in Hinjawadi. It's a place that treats you like family. A place that is your second home.