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Semarang House

Ashoka Boys Hostel, Bishanpur, Kandhauli, Bidholi Road Pondha, Near Upes, Pondha, Dehradun
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Attached Washroom
Spacious Cupboard


Hot and Delicious Meals
High-Speed WIFI
Laundry Service
Professional Housekeeping

Details of Semarang House

Whereas a PG in Pondha is just a PG in Pondha, Semarang House by Stanza Living is your second home.

For starters, this fully-furnished residence for boys has all the comforts of home you'll leave behind when you move to the city, as do all our hostels in Bidholi. A professional housekeeping staff, expertly curated homely meals, high-speed wifi, and other amenities make sure that you, a Student living in a new city, rarely, if ever, miss home.

The comfort level is further raised with the use of our tech integrations, like the Stanza Living - Resident App, biometric entrance, and use of machine learning, which takes boring everyday tasks to the online world.

Along with technology, we're also fans of real-world bonding. Our regular community events and workshops are tailor-made to bring together you and your co-residents so that you become one big, happy Stanza Living family. Another standard across all our PG in Sudhowala, but you won't find it in any other PG Hostel.

And since you're a member of our family, you deserve best-in-class safety measures against COVID-19. That's why we're already implementing them - from thermal monitoring to residence sanitization - on our premises.

Now, thanks to all these reasons, Semarang House has found a place above the local boy's PG with AC Dehradun. And if you drop by for a visit to your second home, we bet it'll also find a place in your heart.

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