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Your Second home inWakad

PG in Wakad

So life's taking you to Wakad. But to book a room in a boring old PG in Wakad will be the wrong start to your time spent here. You should opt for a place that'll be more than a PG. A place that'll be a key part of this chapter of your life, not just a footnote. And trust us when we tell you this. That place is none other than Stanza Living, your second home.

What to Look for in a PG in Wakad?

You could write an entire essay on the things to look for in a PG in Wakad. A room to call your own, amenities for all your needs and friends who can be your family, are few of the things that make you love the place you live in. The bad news is it's not easy to find a PG near Pune that ticks every box on the list. The good news is that it's not impossible. You can opt for a place that understands that you have aspirations and works to not just meet, but surpass them. That place is none other than Stanza Living.

Will you be Safe from COVID-19 in a Stanza Living Residence?

In all of our residences spread across the country, there is no room for COVID-19. In these circumstances, every measure possible is our number one priority. From thermal monitoring at the entrances to social distancing in all common areas. From regular residence sanitisation to access to hand-sanitisers in all areas. Nothing is unimportant. While most of the PGs in Wakad have asked their residents to vacate, we have stuck to our motto of 'Residents First'. For us, you're a member of our family, and we'll protect you from the coronavirus like one.

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Schengen House

FAQs on PG in Wakad

How Safe are PGs in Wakad for Students and Working Professionals?

The ones you should ask about the safety of local PGs in Wakad, are the ones who manage them. At Stanza Living, however, the security system is robust and tech-enabled. There's biometric security, CCTV surveillance and a 24X7 security guard on duty. Because our residences can be your second home, only if you feel absolutely safe inside them.

How Good are the Food, Laundry, and Room Cleaning Services of PGs in Wakad?

Are there any local PGs in Wakad that offer food along with laundry and room cleaning services? Yes, there are. But when compared to our delicious, nutritious meals and professional laundry and housekeeping services, they are anything but good.

Are there Any Good PGs in Wakad with Single Occupancy?

Single, double or triple occupancy, a PG in Wakad is not hard to find. And some of them certainly are good. But there's only one that takes the best spot. And that's because it's more than just a PG. It's Stanza Living, your second home.

What is the Best Way to Search for an Affordable, Furnished PG in Wakad?

Congrats, you're halfway there. Have a look at the many fully-furnished Stanza Living residences, and your hunt for an affordable, furnished PG in Wakad will be over soon.

*Denotes starting price. Prices may vary with room occupancy and attributes.
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