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Your Second home inChennai

PG in Chennai

The city of Chennai has a history that goes back into thousands of years. So it’s the ideal setting for you to write the story of your future in it. But the worst start to that story would be to book a room in a local PG in Chennai. Your accommodation should be at the heart of this chapter of your life, not just a forgettable footnote. And that won’t happen in a paying guest (PG) in Chennai unless it feels like more than a PG in Chennai. Or you could say unless it feels like home like Stanza Living will. 

Why choose Stanza Living for Best PG Accommodation in Chennai?

You know, we could give a long list of reasons why Stanza Living is better than your average PG accommodation in Chennai. The cozier rooms, the extensive amenities, and the vibrant resident culture are only three of the many qualities that put us miles ahead of all the other PGs. But rather than go into the details, we’ll keep the long story short and let these words sum it up for you - while any local paying guest in Chennai will only be a place to stay in, Stanza Living will be a second home.

Flat vs PG in Chennai - The Cost of Living

A typical 2BHK flat in the popular spots of Chennai will cost you anywhere between ?10,000-18,000. That sounds affordable. But only up until you start accounting for the domestic help’s salary, the electricity and gas charges, the wifi bill, the groceries. The month will end, the bills won’t. That’s when PG accommodations, with their low rent of a few thousand rupees and included amenities, come to the rescue. But keep in mind that in many PGs, you’ll be trapped in a dull boring life, with daily mismanagement to deal with as well.

Thankfully, you can now look forward to a life full of comforts and excitement at Stanza Living. Unlike local PG accommodations, our residences are professionally managed and, perhaps more importantly, provide you with a feeling of being home. It’s a priceless feeling that you’ll be able to have it for very affordable occupancy rates.

What Safety Measures is Stanza Living Taking to Prevent COVID-19?

As we like to put it - you will always be welcome in your second home, but COVID-19 will never be. To put our money where our mouth is, we have implemented best-in-class safety measures to keep out the coronavirus from all our residences. They range from social distancing in common areas to thermal monitoring at the entrance to availability of hand sanitizers all over the residences. Know more about them here.

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FAQs on PG in Chennai

Are there Any Good PGs in Chennai with Single Occupancy?

There is no shortage of paying guests in Chennai, be it single, double or triple occupancy. Some of them are good, but why settle for anything but the best? Now, we all know, to be the best, a PG has to be more than a paying guest (PG). And no place does that better than Stanza Living. 

Do I Have to Pay Any Brokerage While Booking a PG in Chennai?

Those are the rules many landlords and brokers play by in the city of Chennai. But thankfully, if you wish to make Stanza Living your second home, you can deal with us directly and say “no” to the brokerage.

What Should I Look for While Renting a PG Accommodation in Chennai?

Look for a PG in Chennai that is unlike any other PG. A place that, even hundreds of miles away from home, won’t let you miss it. And once you do, you’ll realize there is only one place like that - Stanza Living.

Which are the Best Paying Guests (PGs) for Gents in Chennai?

There are many good PGs for gents in Chennai to stay in. But the best is the one that doesn’t make you feel like you’re staying in a PG. We’re talking about, of course, Stanza Living.

How Safe are PGs in Chennai for Students and Working Professionals?

While we can’t vouch for the safety of the local PGs in Chennai, we can tell you that we have a multi-tier security system, which includes, besides other features, a guard stationed 24*7 at the entrance and CCTV cameras strategically located across all residences. After all, you are a family for us. And families protect each other.

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