January 17, 2022

Gyms in Vizag

The best gyms in Vizag are a ray of hope to the city’s fitness lovers in these times of the pandemic. With socially distanced in-person sessions, and some online tutorials by trainers in some cases, they’re making sure the gym lovers are getting their muscle gains and shots of happy chemicals a.k.a. endorphins.

Now, a healthy body and mind is an important part of your overall well-being and development. And since overall well-being and development is what we try to provide at Stanza Living, with our all-round living experiences, we thought we’d put together a list of the best gyms in Vizag for you. They’ve got the best equipment, the best trainers and the best locations too. So you can head to one of these top gyms in Vizag if you want to shed some of that pandemic weight you’ve put on. And also to burn off some steam from all the stress the pandemic is causing.

Best Gyms in Vizag

The top 6 gyms in Vizag are:

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Traxx Fitness Center, Madhurawada

Traxx is modern in every sense. Be it their neon decor or their Zoka (mixture of Zumba and Aerobic) classes, they always have something fresh to offer their members. This gym also has a unique treadmill, which adjusts speed automatically as per your pace. So you don’t have to reach for the speed adjustment button as you’re gasping for breath. And if all of this was not enough, they also have gamified their workouts, where you score points for every set you complete. All the toppers and competitive peeps, we’re looking at you.

Infinity Fitness Gym, Hanumanthavaka

Have you heard of calisthenics, the new trend in fitness? Well, actually, calling it a trend is unfair. Calisthenics is the OG form of fitness. It’s a type of strength training that consists of bodyweight exercises. Think push-ups, pull-ups, and the dreaded hand-stand. Infinity Fitness Gym keeps Sundays reserved for anyone who wishes to try calisthenics. And that’s what separates them from other top gyms in Vizag. So if you’re looking for a place to check out how mobile and strong your body is, Infinity Fitness has infinite potential.

Anytime Fitness, Asilmetta

Anytime Fitness offers a free fitness consultation and a 2-day trial to all prospective members. You can actually try out their services before making a full-time commitment. Not your jam? No problem. They also offer online sessions for those who prefer to work out from the safety of their home. And say tomorrow you need to shift to a different city (or maybe even abroad), you can continue working out online, or easily shift your membership to one of their 4000 gyms worldwide. Basically, Anytime Fitness is not going to let you run away from taking care of your body. So you might as well sign up, and do the running on a treadmill.

Cult Fitness, Siripuram

Cult Fitness offers a special workout that none of the other top 10 gyms in Vizag do. Designed by the ripped god Hrithik Roshan himself, the HRX Workout focuses on your core muscles while also improving your mobility and strength. So if you ever want to become Hrithik Roshan’s body double, going to this gym in Vizag might help you get abs just like him.

Core Fitness, Rushikonda

Core fitness believes that showing up to workout is the hardest part. So once you do that, they help you by taking care of the rest. You can sign up for personal trainers who will prepare a one-hour session for you, filled with unique exercises according to your body goals. It is a relatively smaller gym so every member knows each other by name. So it’ll be great for those days when you lack the motivation to work out and feel like staying at home. Because going to Core Fitness will feel like being at home.

Studio M – Fitness Studio, Rushikonda

You can think of this place as more of a dance studio rather than a regular gym. People love to go here for their Crossfit and Zumba, besides just a chest or a leg day. They also offer parlour and spa facilities for a whole detox experience post hours of slogging.

Also, a tip from members attending the gym – be on the lookout for a gentleman named Mr Murthy, who understands each body type and trains everyone in a unique way, so the results are quicker and more effective. So if you have a wedding to attend anytime soon, and you must absolutely, definitely, positively fit into your old suit or lehenga, Mr. Murthy will come to the rescue.

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FAQs on Gyms in Vizag

Which are the 5 Best Gym Brands in Vizag?

The question is not about the best gyms in Vizag, but the best gym for you. Refer to our list to find which gym suits you best. Bonus points if it’s in or near your locality.

Which are the Best Gyms near me in Vizag?

Anytime Fitness is best and biggest workout areas, compared to other gyms in the city.

Which Brand is Best for Gym Equipment in Vizag?

Precor, Fitline, Aerofit – are the top 3 picks for having the best gym equipment in Vizag.

Which Gym in Vizag has the Best Trainers?

Studio M and Anytime Fitness have the best trainers, be it for regular workouts or bodybuilding championships.

Which is the Most Expensive Gym in Vizag?

The Gold Coast Fitness Studio is the most expensive gym in Vizag. Now we know where the Gold in their name comes from.

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