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Second Home in Pune

PG in Pune

Not just a PG in Pune, but your second home!

Pune is one of the youngest cities in India. Now in a city, as youthful, vibrant, and energetic, do old-fashioned, traditional paying guests have a place? No, right? This city deserves an entirely new kind of living experience, something that a PG in Pune can never be. And that a Stanza Living residence is. Our list of amenities is so exhaustive, even the best PG in Pune will literally exhaust itself trying to catch up.

A paying guest in Pune will never feel like a home. But with Stanza Living residences you won't be just staying, you'll be living. Because a Stanza Living residence provides you with an experience that a PG in Pune can't provide.

Why Choose Stanza Living over a PG in Pune?

You should choose Stanza Living over a PG in Pune if you want a space that is fully-furnished, vibrant, and welcoming. Our technology-integration into everyday aspects of your living experience is so state-of-the-art, that even the so-called luxury PG in Pune can't afford.

Choose Stanza Living over a pg in Pune if you want a life where you can step out of your bedroom and chill in entertainment zones, gaming corners, and be part of movie screenings, festive celebrations, skill-building workshops, and other community events.

You should also choose Stanza Living if you love tech as much as we do. We've got biometric security, predictive menus, our very own Stanza Living - Resident App, and other tech-integrations that are lightyears ahead of the old-fashioned PGs in Pune.

We'll help you in your search for the best paying guest in Pune by narrowing your search down to these best localities of Pune.

Flats vs PG in Pune

The rent of a decent 2BHK in Pune could be anywhere between Rs17,000-25,000/month. That doesn't sound that bad. Till you add the domestic help's salary, groceries, wifi connection, electricity, maintenance, and other overheads that is. (Maybe they call it overheads because they make you put your hands over our heads.

But there's no need to panic. You can book yourself into your second home instead of a PG Pune for as low as Rs 2,700/month. Go through our many residences in the city and pick the one that feels most like home to you.

FAQs on PG in Pune

How is the Paying Guest Facility in Pune?

The very fact that you have to ask this question means you're not sure about staying in a PG in Pune. And why would you be, when you have the option of a Stanza Living residence, your second home?

Are there Any Good Boys/Gents PG in Pune?

That depends on your definition of good. If it's just a place to sleep, eat and rest in, then yes there are many 'good' PGs in Pune. But if you want a place that feels like home, there's only one option - Stanza Living.

If you wish to experience life in the best PG in Pune, then you have to live in one of these furnished residences.

How Much will a PG in Pune Cost?

Running around for laundry, eating repetitive meals, and dealing with improper management might just cost you your peace of mind. And yeah, there's the rent too. So maybe save yourself the headache and opt for your second home.

Which Are the Best Ladies/Girls PG in Pune?

There are many, but even the best PG in Pune for ladies is still, just a PG. So why bother spending your precious time looking for one, when a Stanza Living residence is right here, waiting to become your second home.

Here are our residences that top even the best ladies/girls PG in Pune.

How Safe are PGs in Pune?

That's for the PGs in Pune to answer. As for us, we have a multi-tier security system that includes biometric security, CCTV cameras, and a 24*7 security guard. Because we can be a second home to you only if you feel safe inside it.

Are Stanza Living Residences Safe from Covid-19?

We've taken all the necessary measures to safeguard our residents. Thermal monitoring at the entrance, regular residence sanitization, and social distancing even during the distribution of meals are a few of the measures we're taking. Unlike most PGs in Pune, we're not limited by resources or scale. We have the capability and, to protect you from the coronavirus, we're going to use it, 100%.

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