Gyms in Indore

Gyms in Indore

Getting access to one of the top 10 gyms in Indore has become as difficult as getting into the IIM in the city. This demand is hardly surprising, especially when you take the pandemic into account. All of us want to be in safe and sanitised environments which follow social distancing and at the same time, offer top-notch facilities. This blend is what makes the best gyms in Indore, the best gyms in Indore. But given the times, these are hard to find.

That’s why we at Stanza Living have workout zones in our residences. So you can run straight to your washroom for a relaxing shower after an extra set of burpees, without having to worry about the virus. But even if you’re not a Stanzen, we still want you to get out there and get that workout in. That’s the reason we have put together this list of the top gyms in Indore together, with the location in mind. So you can shed those extra calories later, without having to go the extra mile. Literally.

Top Gyms in Indore

Here are our top 6 gyms in Indore:

Stay home, stay safe, and workout like a champ in the gym inside your own PG in Indore

Golds Gym Vijay Nagar

From spinning classes to group exercises. From steam & shower facilities to certified nutritionists. From valet parking to personal lockers. The only thing Fold’s Gym in Vijay Nagar doesn’t offer is an opportunity for you to slack off your fitness regime. Oh, and unlike most gyms in Indore, they don’t blast party music on their speakers, they have their own copyrighted workout music. But in case that doesn’t suit your taste, you can plug in some high BPM music of your choice, using their free wifi. 

The World Gym & Fitness Centre Annapurna Nagar

One step ahead of the other top gyms in Indore, this place not just offers your traditional workout routines, but a wide range of martial arts as well. Be it learning the art of self-defence – Taekwondo, Judo, Karate. Or increasing your flexibility by doing yoga. Some fun Zumba dance sessions. And a relaxing spa post-workout. When it comes to fitness, we must say, they’ve set quite a high “bar”.

24 fitness Pipliyahana

We’re sure you’ve heard of gyms in Indore that offer yoga classes and personal trainers. But we bet you haven’t heard of one that offers relaxing body massages for all the muscle strain. Or has a doctor-on-call facility. While we hope you don’t get injured while doing your deadlifts, in the unfortunate case that you do, you can stay assured that your body will be handled by a pro.

CultFit Madhumilan Square

When it comes to maintaining Covid-19 protocols, the only gyms in Indore we can vouch for are the ones in Stanza living pgs in Indore. Actually, there’s one more exception. No one can enter Cult Fitness without masks or if they have a high temperature. Members of the staff disinfect the gym regularly and wear their masks at all times. Another proof that, despite their crazy subscription fees, their number one priority is still your health.

Calorie Gym Prakarti Colony

Calorie Gym is known for its weight training among budding bodybuilders of the city. But that doesn’t mean they don’t offer fitness programs for those who don’t want to look like Arnold or The Rock. In fact, they even conduct live online classes for you to work out from the comfort of your room. So stop giving excuses, grab a yoga mat and start burning (or gaining) those calories now.

The Wellness Studio Vijay Nagar

This gym in Indore is less famous for its amenities and more for its health care. Popular among all the diet-conscious of the city, the cafe also delivers via Zomato to most parts of Indore. If you’re too lazy to prepare your protein shake and grilled veggies at home, don’t get tempted by the ease of ordering in a cheesy pizza. As they say, abs are built in the kitchen and revealed in the kitchen. In this case, it’s the Wellness Studio Cafe kitchen.

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FAQs on Gyms in Indore

Which are the 5 Best Gym Brands in Indore?

If you’re living in a pg in Indore during the pandemic, we suggest you workout in the gym closest to you. If it’s a Stanza Living residence, chances are high that you already have a workout zone in your pg. If you’re not among the lucky ones, you can check out Gold’s gym, The World Gym & Fitness Centre, and 24 fitness.

Which is the Best Gym near me in Indore?

Gold’s Gym is easily the biggest and best gym in Indore. After all, it’s not just one gym, it’s a whole brand.

Which Brand is Best for Gym Equipment in Indore?

HHW Fitness and Health and Fitness World have the best reviews from workout lovers in Indore when it comes to gym equipment.

Which Gym in Indore has the Best Trainers?

Gold’s Gym is said to have the best trainers among the top 10 gyms in Indore. You can choose between group or personal training, depending on your budget.

Which is the Most Expensive Gym in Indore?

Almost none of the best gyms in Indore are inexpensive, and that’s justified since they treat you like royalty. But if we had to choose, we’d have to say that Gold’s Gym and The World Gym & Fitness Centre are on the pricier side.

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