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We have no room for error
Given the current circumstances, it is upon us to carry out every measure possible to ensure the safety and health of our residents. These measures, which are discussed in detail below, range from those of basic hygiene to uninterrupted delivery of daily essentials.
Pro-active resident  management 
Pro-active resident management

We firmly believe in not taking any chances. That’s why we’ve introduced measures to monitor the current status of all our residents, including examination of their medical and travel history to rule out any possibilities.

Thermal Monitoring at Entry/Exit
Medical &Travel History
24x7 QuickResponse Teams
Best in class hygiene  processes  
Best in class hygiene processes

First and foremost, we’ve adopted thorough hygiene processes over and above our usual protocol. From regular disinfection to the provision of sanitisers, only the very best practices are employed to prevent the manifestation of the novel coronavirus in our residences.

Regular ResidenceSanitisation
Daily DisinfectingHigh Touch Areas
Sanitisers Placedat Multiple Areas
Covid  proof daily   operations 
Covid proof daily operations

It sounds counterintuitive to our usual encouragement of human interaction, but we’ve introduced strict no to minimal contact practices in all common areas to nullify even the slightest possibility of transmission.

No-TouchDining Facility
Contactless Entry/Exit& Security
Social Distancingat Common Areas
Covid-ready frontline  ecosytem 
Covid-ready frontline ecosytem

We admit to not being experts on healthcare. So we’ve turned to the ones who are, adopting the practices they recommend and inviting them over to conduct personnel training and audits of our residences.

Mandatory PPEfor Staff
Training As PerWHO Norms
Health Audits byReputed Agencies
Service continuity  planning 
Service continuity planning

Our residents, as always, are our responsibility. While many have gone back home, for those who have stayed, we are doing everything within our jurisdiction to ensure life is as close to being normal as possible.

24x7 In-HouseStaff
Food Stock Planningfor Months
Internet &Power Back-ups