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4 PGs waiting to be yours in Kharadi


PG in Kharadi

Congrats, we have found an exceptional PG in Kharadi, for people like you. So unusual that nothing else is comparable. In fact, it doesn't feel like a PG in Kharadi, Pune at all. And you will be more than just a paying guest over here. You'll be one of many like-minded youngsters who'll feel like family. Now, what would you call a place where you feel like family? You'd call it a place like home. And that's...Read more

FAQs on PG in Kharadi
What Should I Check While Booking a PG in Kharadi?
First things first, affordability. Then comes essential amenities like food, wifi, hot water. You also need to see if this PG in Kharadi is secured. Not to boast, but Stanza Living residences check all the boxes.
Which are the safest PGs in Kaharadi for Girls?
Nothing less than a multi-tier tech-enabled security system is what you'll find at every Stanza Living residence. So if a local PG down the street comes along with an equally robust security system, it can claim to be the safest PG for ladies. Till then, that title belongs to Stanza Living.
Which are the Best PGs in Kharadi for Boys?
There's no shortage of boys PGs in Kharadi. But the best option for you? There's only one place deserving enough. And, no points for guessing, it's Stanza Living.

Given below is the list of best female and gents PGs in Kharadi, Pune with single and multiple occupancies:

PG in Kharadi Pune for Female

PG in Kharadi for Gents

Gents PG in Kharadi Pune

How Safe are PGs in Kharadi During Covid-19 Outbreak?
Our residences are sanitised regularly, our staff is given PPE kits, social distancing is followed in common areas, we even have no-touch dining - all part of our COVID-19 Combat-Ready Framework. But the less said about the other PGs in Kharadi, the better.
What are the Basic Amenities Provided by a PG in Kahradi, Pune?
You'll find food, hot water, and other such basic amenities at some PGs/Hostels. But aren't these too basic? An accommodation should have amenities even you don't know you need as we do at Stanza Living. That's just basic stuff.
Which are the best PGs in Kharadi for Working Professionals?
A working professional deserves a PG in Kharadi that creates an environment that lets them keep their mind on their work. For that to happen, it needs a system where all the daily chores have to be taken care of, freeing up time for their daily job list. And Stanza Living makes that system work to perfection.
Which are the Best PGs in Kharadi for Students?
To be the best PG in Kharadi for students, one has to allay the fears of anxiety-ridden parents back home. And with Stanza Living, and its many amenities and tech-enabled security system, they can rest assured their kids are in good hands. That's why it's called their second home.