Interesting Facts To Know About Bangalore

Interesting Facts To Know About Bangalore

So you’re looking for some interesting facts about Bangalore. Does that mean you’re planning to move here? If your answer is yes, ours is YAY! Let us tell you how much there’s to enjoy about Bangalore city. From the many, many shopping malls and cafes to the nightlife. From the parks to the weather to the weekend trip to Nandi Hills. From learning some basic Kannada words to making friends for life. You know, the best thing about Bangalore is how welcoming it is. Just like Stanza Living residences. From taking care of your needs (housekeeping, laundry, food) to letting you find your own community (Go Stanzens!), we try to ensure that you can feel at home, even when you’re miles away from it. Hopefully, this article about Bengaluru will give you that final push you need to move to the city. Because once you’re here, it’ll change from Bengaluru to Namma Bengaluru in no time.

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1. Origin of the Rava Idli

Now you must have tasted the plain white Idli made from rice. But thanks to Mavalli Tiffin Rooms aka MTR, the city boasts of gifting a new Idli recipe to the world. Rava Idli, made of suji or semolina is probably one of the best things about Bangalore’s cuisine. The dish is now served in all South Indian food joints across the city. Right next to its big brother, the plain Idli.

2. Malgudi Is Inspired by Bangalore

This one is for all book lovers. If you read Malgudi Days as a child, you probably know a lot about Bangalore city. But how? Malgudi might be a fictional town but the inspiration was pretty much real. R K Narayan, the author, based the name Malgudi on two areas of Bangalore – Malleshwaram and Basavanagudi. The next time you visit these localities, you’ll recognise the streets Swami and his friends used to run around.

3. The First City in Asia to use Electrical Street Lamps

Earlier, Bangalore’s roads were lit up by kerosene lamps. They were cleaned, filled with kerosene and lighted by three different workers. That was until 1905, when one day, people saw streetlights lighting up the KR Market. That is how Bangalore became the first city in India to use electricity for its streets. Although now it’s a necessity, imagine being there to witness this historic event. Wouldn’t have felt any different from a magic show.

4. Used to be the City of Lakes

Another interesting fact about Bangalore is that it was home to more than 200 lakes a few decades ago. Sadly, the city was urbanised and most of these lakes disappeared over time. They were replaced by equally beautiful golf courses, playgrounds and residential areas, so one complained. Now it just has four of them and is no longer called the “city of lakes”. What was once Bangalore’s title, is now Udaipur’s. Udaipur – 1, Bangalore – 0.

5. Winston Churchill still owes money to the Bangalore Club

If you wish to know all about Bangalore, you should know that this club is one of the most elite clubs in India. It was founded by a group of British officials and former UK PM, Winston Churchill was a member of the club too. Well, it was recently revealed that Churchill owed the club Rs 13 (a huge amount in those times) that he never really paid off. We guess that’s another thing to add to the list of things the British took from us and never returned.

6. One Of The Highest Hill Stations in India

Bengaluru is surrounded by hills and valleys and is one of the greenest cities in the country. And that’s not just it. The city enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year. Yes, even in May-June. That’s because, at a height of more than 900m from sea level, Bengaluru is practically a hill station. If we’re comparing altitudes, this city easily beats everyone’s fav hill station, Dehradun. Bet that’s another thing you didn’t know about Bengaluru.

7. Fastest-Growing Metro City in the World

The best part about Bangalore city is that it has been seeing massive growth in the last two decades. And continues to keep growing. In fact, with giants like Cisco, HP, Infosys and Tata putting up base here, Bangalore is now one of the fastest-growing cities globally. And it’s not just us who are saying this. Forbes magazine believes so too.

8. Has the Highest Number of Software Companies

Bangalore is called “the Silicon Valley of India” for a reason – there are over 212 IT companies in Bangalore. It was where big boys like Infosys, Wipro and TCS were born. And not to forget the star startups in Bangalore like Swiggy, Flipkart, Myntra which we all have the city to be thankful for. We won’t be surprised if you came up with an idea for the next big thing in your college hostel room in Bangalore, too.

9. Bangalore Aero Show

The Ministry of Defence organises the Aero India Show at Yelahanka Air Force Base every 2 years. Open to civilians as well, you can see different types of war and regular aircraft at the show. The show is beautiful and you’ll enjoy it even more if you’re planning to become a pilot or join the Air Force. 

10. World’s Largest Collection of Braille books 

In case you didn’t know this about Bangalore – the city has a 100-year-old heritage building, inside which is the State Library. This library has the largest collection of Braille books in the whole world. Isn’t that brilliant? Or should we say, Braille-iant?

11. Pub Capital of the Country

One of the most interesting facts about Bangalore is its nightlife. The city has 800 pubs and nightclubs, and very much deserves the title of “Pub Capital of India”. Be it Koramangala or Indiranagar, the various pubs in the city will make sure you always have a dance floor to come to on Saturday nights.

12. India’s first Heli taxi Service

Bangalore is India’s first city to offer Helicopter taxi services (Heli taxis, in short). It’s basically a helicopter which is also a taxi. So instead of leaving your residence in Electronic City two hours before your flight, you can now reach the airport in 15 mins. All while taking a mini flight.

13. Only Cartoon Gallery in India

Indian Institute of Cartoonists is a Bangalore-based organisation that promotes the work of Indian cartoonists. They have founded India’s one and only Cartoon Gallery, and have organised hundreds of shows to date. But it’s quite sad that India only has one gallery dedicated to a form of art that brings so much laughter and joy.

14. Free Wi-Fi across the city

Another fact about Bangalore that will make you want to move here asap – the State Govt offers free wifi throughout the city. And again, it is India’s first city to do so. The wifi is called Namma Wifi and can be availed at different points throughout the city. So, bye-bye data packs.

15. City of Gardens

So what if it is not the city of lakes anymore. One important thing you should know about Bengaluru is that it is known as the “city of gardens”. And rightfully so. Be it the city’s pride, Lal Bagh, the locals’ favourite Cubbon Park or the 25,000 acres huge Bannerghatta National Park – if any city knows how to maintain its greenery, it’s Bengaluru. So no matter which area you live in, you’ll always have a park to come to for your morning run.

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FAQs on Facts about Bangalore

What is Unique about Bangalore?

There are so many things about Bangalore that make it unique – the MNCs and IT parks, its beautiful parks and gardens. And how can we forget the beautiful weather all year round.

What is Bangalore Famous for?

Well, it’s difficult to pick, but if there is one fact that makes Bengaluru famous, it has to be the IT and tech companies here. No wonder it’s called the Silicon Valley of India.

Which is the Richest Area in Bangalore?

Bangalore has both posh areas and affordable living options. If you ask us about the first one, we’d have to say:

  • Basavanagudi
  • Benson Town
  • Cooke Town

Is Bangalore Highly Expensive?

Bangalore is said to be the fourth most expensive city in India. However, if you do some research on the cost of living in Bangalore, you’ll see that the city has a lot of affordable options too.

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