June 11, 2021

Best Cafes in Bangalore To Visit With Your Friends

Good cafes in Bangalore are not difficult to find. In fact, you’ll find a cafe (or two) in every second lane in the city. But that can also be confusing, right? Especially when you’re going out for a work meeting or a first date. Which cafe in Bangalore do you choose? What if you don’t like the vibe or the food? Or worse, what if you like it, but the bill comes to be way above your budget. We want to avoid these mishaps at any cost.

Well, you could think we’re blowing our own trumpet, but we at Stanza Living know a thing (or two) about cool places. After all, we manage more than 150 of them. We’re talking about our residences in Bangalore. And guess what? We serve delicious, home-like meals and have our own cafe menu too. But we get that you might not always want to eat at home. So to make the process of going out easy, we have come up with our suggestions of the best Bangalore cafes. So instead of Google-ing them individually at the last minute, you can use that extra five minutes to get ready. And make the best first impression on your boss. Or your date.

Best Cafes in Bangalore

Top 15 cafes in Bangalore, that you should visit with friends:

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The White Room, Church Street

If you’re looking for a good cafe in Bangalore for a nice Sunday breakfast, you should definitely check this place out. Their french toast, pancakes, waffles and eggs will totally fill. Some Sundays, you might go so overboard, you’ll feel like skipping lunch. Plus, the white room is literally a white room. It’s got a British, all-white decor. While you’re there, take some aesthetic pictures of your OOTD against the white walls. And some of your breakfast. You know, #doitforthegram.

DYU Art Cafe, Koramangala

If it weren’t for the big sign outside of it, you’d probably never guess DYU Art Cafe is a cafe. That’s because it’s set inside a traditional bungalow.. In fact, the name also doesn’t tell the whole story. Once you step inside, you’ll also find lots of artwork on its walls. Some of which you can even buy, if you wish. But if art is not your thing, then you should definitely try their signature Banoffee Pie. After just one bite, you’ll agree that it’s a work of art.

Champaca, Vasanth Nagar

Champaca is one of Bangalore’s favourite independent bookstores. And what’s better, they have a cafe too. Just one thing to remember about this place, they close down pretty early, so it’s best to go there during lunch. Or maybe for an early dinner under the Champak tree (yes, that’s where they get their name from). Perfect for all the bookworms, this cafe has a huge collection of books and a moving ladder so you can access any book from any shelf. Even if you’re a shorty.

The Mad Teapot Cafe, Indiranagar

The Mad Teapot Cafe is an in-house cafe of the home decor store, The Wishing Chair. The whole place has a fairytale vibe to it and will remind you of those stories you used to read as a child. With potted plants and cute, pastel furniture, this cafe is, in one word, dreamy. Even their dishes have names that are equally dreamy – Forest Of Pumpkin Blossoms, Mr Grim’s Green Pasta and The Folk Of Faraway. Perfect for a first date and to start your own fairytale.

The Teal Door Cafe, Indiranagar

Indiranagar has some of the best cafes in Bangalore and this one is no exception. Their Indian-fusion dishes are a big hit with the customers. And with a separate cafe and outdoor area for your paw friends, the cafe is pet-friendly too. What else? Well, (obviously) their decor is teal-themed and looks great in real life, and also in those pictures you put up on the gram makes your friends jealous.

Hard Rock Cafe, Ashok Nagar

We simply can’t talk about the most popular cafes in Bangalore and miss this one out. Hard Rock Cafe is known for its lamb burgers and unique desserts. We also recommend their cheesy mashed potatoes (for cheat days) and overnight oats (for regular days). And how can we forget some of India’s most amazing bands that you can watch live while munching on those legendary burgers? We’re talking Aswekeepsearching and The Local Train, dude.

Om Made Cafe, Koramangala

Om Made Cafe is one of those quiet cafes in Bangalore. You definitely must check out their outdoor seating on the rooftop for a breezy evening with your friends. They offer a separate menu with loads of options for the health-conscious – from salads and pasta to sugar-free carrot cake. Plus, every table has a candle, so brownie points if you bring your special someone here for a candlelight dinner.

Infinitea Tea Room & Tea Store, Cunningham Road

The menu at Infinitea Tea Room has many, many teas to choose from. From your basic Darjeeling Tea and Assam Tea to some of their exotic tea-infused ice creams – Tiramisu with Muscatel Tea and Afternoon Tea with figs. This is a great place for you, if you’re a tea lover. Or you just like to try out things with names you can’t pronounce. Definitely check it out for a day out with your friends and catch up on some juicy tea, over a glass of iced tea.

Alchemy Coffee Roasters, Jayanagar

Alchemy Coffee Roasters is one of the newer Bangalore cafes in Jayanagar. But it is already giving the old ones a run for their money. And not just by serving some amazing home-roasted coffee. Their french fries and lasagna are a hit among the customers too. Coffee addicts, this is your place to be, whether you’re in the mood for a strong shot of espresso. Or feeling experimental enough to try their popcorn latte.

Onesta, Koramangala and Marathahalli

Onesta is a paradise for pizza lovers. Of course, they have great pizzas, but that’s not what we’re talking about. They have an unlimited buffet at just 699 rupees, where you can not only order their wide range of pizzas but any number of beverages and desserts too. Do try their seafood pizza, chicken pesto pizza, or if you’re feeling brave – the chocolate banana pizza.

Cafe Down The Alley, Banashankari

Well, the food is great here but that’s not the only reason this cafe in Bangalore features on our list. The whole cafe is comic-themed, from a big stash of your favourite comic books to colourful artwork on all its walls. Choose your table according to your favourite character – who will it be, Batman, Joker or Hulk? Any person who visits this cafe will fall in love with the quirky decor in an instant. And that’s probably the only thing both DC and Marvel fans will agree upon.

Two Friends Cauldron, JP Nagar

This one is for the Potterheads. As the name suggests, this is everything you’d expect a Harry Potter-themed cafe to look like – a wall marked as ‘The Platform’ with a luggage trolley popping out of it, potions on every table, broomsticks hanging from the ceiling. Even their dishes have names like Sirius Circles and Bella’s Tricks. So what if you can’t visit The Leaky Cauldron, you can definitely order yourself a butterbeer at Two Friends Cauldron. Only, it says Buddy’s Beer on the menu.

Mudpipe Cafe, Hosur Road BTM

If you are a vegetarian looking for some good cafes in Bangalore, definitely check out Mudpipe Cafe. Apart from offering some mouthwatering pure veg dishes, it is also one of the few pet-friendly cafes in Bangalore. You’ll almost always find the cafe crowded, especially during screenings of live FIFA World Cup matches. Oh, and the place is beach-themed. So, if you’re a footie fan, maybe one day you’ll be here watching Ronaldo score a hatrick, with your pet doggo with the same name.

Truffles, Koramangala

Truffles is one of Bangalore’s most-loved food joints. The place is extremely budget-friendly and has all types of customers – students, working professionals, joint families. Their burgers, steaks and cake jars are a must-try. The servers are extremely friendly and well-mannered and the portion sizes are amazing. Especially for such affordable prices. No wonder the place is always full and you have to wait for at least 10-15 minutes to find a seat.

Glens Bakehouse, Indiranagar

When you step into Glen’s Bakehouse in Indiranagar, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a cute little bakery in Portugal. The cafe has a very cosy vibe and the whole place has an aroma of cheese and chocolates. Speaking of chocolates, this cafe in Bangalore serves some of the yummiest desserts – gooey almond mudpies, homemade cheesecakes and their famous red velvet cupcakes. Don’t forget to try out the mini cupcakes too.

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FAQs on Cafes in Bangalore

Which are the Best Cafes in Koramangala?

Koramangala has some of the best cafes in Bangalore, like-

  • DYU Art Cafe
  • Om Made Cafe
  • Hole in the wall

Looking for flat for rent? Check out best flats for rent in Koramangala.

Where can I Hang out in Bangalore with my Flatmate?

Apart from these cute cafes in Bangalore, you can visit Cubbon Park, Lalbagh garden, or Snow City for a fun day with your friends. Or if you wake up really early, you can even take a trip to the nearby Nandi hills.

Are there Pet-friendly Cafes in Bangalore?

Yes, our suggestions are Teal door cafe and Mudpipe Cafe. And if you’re a dog parent, definitely take your baby to TherPup, the dog cafe in Bangalore.

Which is the Best Cafe Near Me?

Here are 3 Best cafes in Bangalore

  • The White Room
  • DYU Art Cafe
  • Champaca
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