March 13, 2021

Startups in Bangalore

Why should you work for one of the startups in Bangalore? Well, let’s get the obvious one out of the way – you get to wear jeans in the office (that’s pretty much a done deal, tbh). But besides that, if you’re someone who likes to be part of a brand that builds its name from scratch or is looking to learn how things are managed at the grassroots level, startup & software companies in Bangalore will definitely attract your eye. Heck, even if you’re not seeking a job, the list of startups in Bangalore with uber-cool workspaces, flexible timings and diverse teams will make you want to work with them.

To give you a rough idea, we have made a list of startup companies in Bangalore. Mind you, these are not just some random names, but ones that have really caught our eye…

Top Startups in Bangalore

The top 6 startups in Bangalore are:

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A few years ago, if someone had told us that two young boys from IIT Roorkee would change the game of online payments in India, we probably wouldn’t have believed them. But they proved us wrong. Razorpay is now a common name in every list of startup companies in Bangalore. And well deserved, too. They not only allow businesses to collect payments through cards, net banking and wallets, but they also make sure the whole process is very smooth and easy (even for the boomer uncle who lives next door).


You see those mini trucks that carry all the stuff you order online? Or the ones that people use to carry furniture while moving houses? Chances are that those are some of Porter’s. This startup from Bangalore is leading the race of commercial vehicles with their wide variety of cars and trucks to choose from. Their USP? Easy-breezy services at budget-friendly prices. All you need to do is just click on their app, choose the vehicle and book it minutes before you need to pick-up or deliver your things. Pfft, done.


OYO Rooms, the winner of India’s best startups in 2018, is surely winning our hearts too. They help not just travellers who are frantically looking for a room to stay, but also owners of old, discarded hotels by revamping those into OYO properties. With their couple-friendly policy, hotels in literally every place in the country (be it the top of the mountains or by the sea), and super affordable rates, they are leading the list of startup companies in Bangalore, and how!


All work and no chill makes Jack a dull boy. Chilling equals long drives for most of us, but renting a cab for a day-long trip will cut through not just your pocket, but your friends’ too. So ZoomCar came up with a solution that now makes them one of the top-ranking startups in Bangalore. You can rent a car for as many days as you want. Pay either on an hourly or daily basis, depending on your situation. If you’re into cars, and into travelling, and into helping youngsters on a budget go on long drives while humming to songs from Dil Chahta Hai, this is the place for you.


Left your best sweatshirt at your ex’s place? Forgot about guests coming over for dinner? Feeling like having some midnight munchies? Whatever be the problem, Dunzo has a rider for it. This booming startup’s app is bringing the whole city together. From groceries to food to medicines to picking up and delivering parcels, their riders do it all. Apply here if you’re the kind of person who likes to get things done (or as they like to say= Dun!) .


Say you could be a part of the team that satisfies thousands and thousands of midnight honey chilli potato cravings. How awesome would it be? Of course, we’re talking about one of the leading startup companies in Bangalore, Swiggy. Its dynamic and future-forward work culture is one of the reasons why it became a privy member of the billion-dollar club in less than four years. Not to mention all the amazing food they deliver too!

So if you’re someone looking to venture into the crazy world of startup companies in Bangalore or just enjoy knowing about these little tidbits, we hope you enjoyed reading this. If you’re planning to move to Bangalore to join any of these startups, or for anything else, know that you’ll find a second home, a Stanza Living residence near your workplace. Either work from the comforts of home or from the office, as per your job demands.

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FAQs on Startups in Bangalore

Which are the 5 Best Startups in Bangalore?

Here are the 5 best startups in Bangalore regarding business growth:

  • RazorPay
  • Porter
  • Oyo
  • ZoomCar

Which are the Best Startups in Bangalore for Freshers?

For a fresher, both learning and salary are the primary factors while starting the career. Given below are the top 3 startups that provide both:

  • Oyo
  • ZoomCar
  • Dunzo

Which Startups in Bangalore are Best to Work for?

These are the 4 best startups that are best to work for regarding thier infrastructure, work culture, and career growth:

  • Oyo
  • ZoomCar
  • Dunzo
  • Swiggy

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