May 25, 2022

Cost of Co-living in Bangalore

The cost of coliving in Bangalore does not just include the monthly rent, but a ton of other expenses too. Yep, co-living spaces in Bangalore do take care of most of the everyday things (like grocery expenses for cooking and maybe even laundry). Though, what about the expensive first-day-first-show tickets and the even more expensive popcorn? Or the daily auto fare to reach your workplace or coaching institute? So yes, the Silicon Valley of India might have a startup for all sorts of millennial problems. But no sir. It’s got none to solve the biggest problem of them all – the millennial urge to stay broke.

And that’s where we’re coming in to help you out. Because hey, there is just one way to avoid being broke i.e creating a monthly budget and sticking to it. And if you’re wondering how we’re the experts at understanding young migrants like you, then we’ve got the news. We, at Stanza Living residences, are the top managed accommodation providers in the country. With a total experience of curating, designing, and managing over 450+ residences in 24+ cities, we kinda get what you go through when you leave your hometown for another city. Now, do you get where we’re coming from? Okay, then scroll down and take a look at the various expenses you’ll have to bear while you’re coliving in Bangalore. Once you take care of that, forget one, you can watch as many movies in theatres as you want.

Factors Determining the Cost of Living in Bangalore

List of various aspects that decide the cost of living in Bangalore:

Looking for a place with customizable meals and on-call housekeeping? Just check out our residences in Bangalore.

Rental Costs

Most people might say that home is where your heart is. But when you’re moving into a new city, it’s not very easy to trust a place with your heart, no? And that’s exactly why opting for a verified co-living space (like Stanza Living) is smarter than moving into an unknown neighborhood with an unknown landlord. Sure, it might be a tad more expensive than renting a house on your own. Though, given you get so many amenities under one roof, it’s definitely even-steven. Also, you get free friends as your roomies when you co-live. And let’s be honest, that’s what we introvert lot can ever wish for lol.

Accommodation costs of co-living in Bangalore:


Price Range

Single room

Rs. 8,000/- to Rs. 15,400/-

Double sharing

Rs. 6,000/- to Rs. 12,500/-

Triple sharing

Rs. 5,700/- to Rs. 12,000/-

Managed apartments

Rs. 15,299/- to Rs. 24,099/-


Point A is where you live. Point B is where you work or study. In a city spaced across 709 square kilometers, knowing the cost of getting from Point A to Point B is vital. A one-way ticket in local transport is around Rs. 50 while a monthly pass costs around Rs. 1500. So while Bengaluru might not be the cheapest city to get around, it’s certainly not the most expensive. P.S – we’ve not included the hidden cost of buying disprin to take care of your Bangalore traffic-related headaches.

Electricity and Wifi

Depending on the co-living space, you might or might not have to chip in for the electricity bill. But in case you have to, then note that the cost per unit of electricity in Bangalore is Rs. 8.20. Though, we suggest you clarify this with your landlord before you move in. And as for the wifi expenses, an unlimited plan will cost you around 400 INR per month to 1200 INR per month. Yep, there’s no way to avoid that. Unless you’re one of those rare humans who still survive on mobile hotspots.

Leisure & Entertainment

After a long day, you need to unwind. On average, a night on the town with a meal, a drink, and a movie for two will put you back about Rs. 2,000 per person without taxes. An early morning cappuccino comes for around Rs. 130. And the best time to get it would be after your workout at the local gym, the membership of which, would be around Rs. 1,600 per month. Also, Bangalore is home to the top fitness chains in the country. So even if you have to make an untimely exit from Bangalore, you can carry forward your membership perks in other cities’ branches. Good deal, innit?

Leisure and entertainment costs in Bangalore:


Average cost

Meal for two (budget eatery)

Rs. 300/-

Meal for two (mid-level eatery)

Rs. 700/-

Meal for two (upscale eatery)

Rs. 1500/-

Gym/ Fitness Studio fee

Rs. 1600/- per month

Movie tickets

Rs. 350/-

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FAQs on Cost of Co-living in Bangalore

How Expensive is Bengaluru to Live in?

A family of four can live in Bengaluru for Rs. 93,000. That makes it more affordable than Delhi and Mumbai.

How much will a Nanny Cost in Bengaluru?

If you are working parents and also planning a baby, then a Nanny’s salaries start at Rs. 8000/- per month in Bangalore.

How do I Save Money as a Single Person in Bengaluru?

The average cost of living in Bengaluru as a single person is Rs. 26,000/- without rent. Therefore, the best way to save money is with affordable housing. And the most affordable housing is in co-living spaces that start at Rs. 6000/-. Costs go down even further in spaces that are curated as your utilities and basic food costs are also taken care of. You really couldn’t ask for a better way to cut down costs. So think no more, just colive in Bangalore, folks.

Which is the Best Co-living Space in Bangalore?

Well, when it comes to co-living spaces, Bangalore is home to plenty of them. But without a doubt, Stanza Living happens to be the best co-living Bangalore space. Sure, it sounds like we’re blowing our own horns. But facts are facts, bro.

What are the things I should Carry for My First Week in a Co-living Space?

For your first week in a co-living space, all you gotta do is pack these things and you’re good to go:

  • Toiletries
  • Washing Powder
  • Blankets
  • Locks
  • Flip-Flops
  • Extension board
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