Malls in Bangalore

Malls in Bangalore

Shopping malls in Bangalore are like the dessert section at a buffet. People keep making trips there. Especially youngsters who get bored of sitting in their hostels and PGs. Because these Bangalore malls are the perfect place to hang out, share a cup of coffee or a plate of fries, or catch a movie with your best buds.

If you live in a Stanza Living residence in Bangalore, you already have a cool place to hang out with your roomies, eat some delicious meals and stream unlimited movies (thanks, high-speed internet). But we care for you, even if you’re not a Stanzen. That is why we’ve collected the names of these top malls in Bangalore for you to have a chill day out. And even if you have more than enough for you to chill in your Stanza Living residence, you know what they say – a little retail therapy never hurt anyone!

Best Malls in Bangalore

18 best malls in Bangalore are:

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Phoenix Marketcity, Whitefield

One of the best and biggest malls in Bangalore, Phoenix Marketcity offers a great balance of shopping, food and adventure. In addition to the hundreds of fashion outlets and restaurants, what attracts so many people here are the live performances, art installations and some very un-mall-like things like rock climbing (yeah, who’d have thought?). This is less of a mall and more of a small city, we have to say. Just like the name suggests.

UB City, Ashok Nagar

India’s first luxury mall, UB City is the definition of posh and classy. Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Paul Smith – you name it, they have it. Not just these stores, this mall has an art gallery as well. We admit, for folks living in PGs, this is a bit on the pricier side. But hey, there’s no charge for window shopping, right?

Bangalore Central Mall, Bellandur

The Central malls in Bangalore are a big hit with all types of shoppers. Be it window shoppers, discount chasers, or sophisticated ones. We mean it. They have all the regular fast-food chains, stores offering special discounts on weekends, and a few high-end stores like Gucci, Armani, and Versace. Told you, something for everyone.

Forum Mall, Koramangala

The first shopping mall in Bangalore, Forum Koramangala is a legend of its own. Even though it is smaller than most of the other malls in Bangalore, it still attracts big crowds every day. Especially frustrated college kids completing their assignments at Kalmane Koffees. And if you are frustrated with something too, we definitely recommend a cup of their Kaapi Blue Grass. And a virtual flying experience at the Flight 4 Fantasy outlet.

Garuda Mall, Ashok Nagar

Apart from the regular clothing, food, and beauty stores, you see in almost all central malls in Bangalore, Garuda Mall also has an outlet for Amoeba Bowling. And a quite scary Scary House. Plus, it gets brownie points for being situated in the middle of the city. And not in faraway Whitefield.

VR Bengaluru, Whitefield

For all the sports junkies, VR Bengaluru houses the only concept store for Adidas Originals in India. And not just that, the mall regularly hosts farmers’ markets, music gigs and has a whole floor dedicated to kids’ entertainment. Even though they don’t call themselves a “mall”, VR Bengaluru is undoubtedly one of the best Bangalore malls you’ll ever visit. So good that visiting this mall even makes the heavy traffic on the way to Whitefield feel worth it.

Forum Value, Mall Whitefield

With a jungle gym and trampoline right outside, this is one of the best malls in Bangalore to spend a day with your siblings and friends in a peaceful environment. Or if you prefer your own company, this mall is perfect for you too. Grab a book and read for hours at the open-air bookstore located right in the centre of the mall.

Mantri Square, Malleswaram

What makes Mantri Square stand apart from all other top malls in Bangalore is that it’s the only one to be connected directly by the Metro. If that’s not impressive enough, it also has more than 10,000 brands. Yep, you read that right. Oh, and before we forget, a six-screen Inox multiplex and India’s largest SPAR hypermarket. If Mantri Square was a Mantri (minister), it’d be the PM.

Orion Mall, Rajajinagar

If you ask us why Orion Mall is on the list of the best central malls in Bangalore, we have a list for that too. Bangalore’s first GAP store. Blu-O, the biggest bowling alley in the city. Best-quality movies at PVR. Relaxing massages at Footworks. We could go on and on and on, just like you’d want those massages to.

Inorbit Mall, Whitefield

There’s something for everyone at Inorbit Mall. Handwoven fabric at Cannanore for your mom. Books and stationery at Crossword for your introvert friends. And a unique breakout studio called That Awesome Place that your entire family can participate in. And so can your entire PG gang, if they’re your family in Bangalore.

1 MG Mall, Someshwarpura

One of the fancier Bangalore malls, come here if you feel like pampering yourself. You can look through Da Milano’s Italian leather accessories. Maybe go for a filling meal at The Tao Terraces for some Pan Asian food. Or at any of their restaurants, actually. You now know the perfect mall in Bangalore to visit on payday.

Vega City Mall, Bannerghatta

When you want to pick up a nice outfit from H&M. Or when you’re in the mood for fine dining at Chianti. Maybe work from Starbucks. Or just pick up some household things from Super 99. Or maybe do all of them. The place you’re looking for is Vega City Mall, one of the top malls in Bangalore.

Royal Meenakshi Mall, Bannerghatta

If you live near Royal Meenakshi Mall, you don’t have to go anywhere else for supermarket shopping. You’re spoilt for choice here with options like HyperCity, Shoppers Stop and Mother Earth. Oh and try to schedule your grocery shopping on Wednesdays, so you can catch a quick movie at the largest Cinepolis in Bangalore. Just for 150 bucks (we’d watch two movies if we were you).

Elements Mall, Kasaba Hobli

Elements Mall is known for two things – its range of tech stores, and the play arena for kids. While the children race each other in remote-controlled cars or take a ride in a red bus, the adults shop at Reliance Digital or Applecare without an annoying 8-year-old by their side, constantly asking for ice cream. No wonder this shopping mall in Bangalore is a big favourite for kids. And even more so for their parents.

Ascendas Park Square Mall, Whitefield

Any mall can have denim brands and food joints. But not all malls have a huge music store with thousands of albums. Well, lucky for you, Ascendas Mall does. Even luckier for the ones working in International Tech Park. They get to go to the mall during lunch break every day. Maybe for an album of sad songs when they don’t get their promotions. Or maybe for a death metal album to vent out their anger at their dictator boss.

Esteem Mall, Hebbal

Esteem Mall is one of the biggest malls in Bangalore. It has three huge floors filled with retail stores of all your favourite indie brands. We especially recommend checking out the vast collection at FabIndia!

Gopalan Mall, Bannerghatta Road

Gopalan Mall is one of the oldest malls in Bangalore. But their facilities are, in no way, old-fashioned. We’re not only talking about the international brands available there. But their high-standard bowling alleys and gaming zones are always packed on weekends too. Also, we can’t forget their famous Gopalan Multiplex. And it’s even more famous matinee shows.

Leela Galleria Old, Airport Road

Say, you have a snobbish family member coming to town. And they insist on staying at The Leela Palace Hotel. Then you don’t need to worry about taking them to a shopping mall in the city. Leela Galleria, the hotel’s mall is luxurious, glam, and super high-end. From Kashmiri stoles to designer sarees to fancy jewelry, the mall has everything for your high-maintenance guest.

FAQs on Malls in Bangalore

Which is the Best Mall in Bangalore?

Phoenix Marketcity in Whitefield is one of the biggest and definitely the most popular shopping malls in Bangalore.

Which is the Biggest Mall in Bangalore?

Orion Mall is a mall you cannot miss. Literally. It’s so huge that you’ll see it from 300m away.

How many Malls are there in Bangalore?

According to the latest research, there are 214 up and running malls in Bangalore.

Which Area is Best for Shopping in Bangalore?

Apart from the malls we’ve mentioned on our list, Brigade Road is a place you should check out for some retail therapy.

Where can I Buy Branded Clothes for Low Price in Bangalore?

Two words – Commercial Street. You can get the first copies of any brand at Bangalore’s version of Sarojini Nagar.

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