June 11, 2021

List of Best Cafes In Delhi To Enjoy With Friends

Looking for romantic cafes in Delhi to take your special someone out? Or just a quiet one for a solo date? Maybe a nice rooftop cafe in Delhi to chill with your homies? Well, whatever you’re looking for, you can find it on this list.

While we are not fans of going out to eat every day (proof is in our homely meals served in all Stanza Living residences in Delhi), we also understand that unwinding is important. Especially when you’ve been spending way too much time at your study table. And since we at Stanza Living have been catering to some young people like you, (well, not some, more than 50,000 actually) we know what you like. Or don’t. And we know for sure that you’ll like the spots that we’ve shortlisted on our list of the best cafes in Delhi. Read about them. Note them down. Commit them to memory. So the next time you want to ditch the meals in your PG or hostel for a slice of mud pie, finding a cafe will be a piece of cake.

Best Cafes in Delhi

20 best cafes in Delhi to visit with friends:

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Diggin, Chanakyapuri

Diggin is undoubtedly one of the most romantic cafes in Delhi. French windows, colourful bird cages, surrounded by a garden – Diggin rocks the whole European cafe vibe. And not just the decor, the European food they serve is also amazing. Take the Belgian chocolate overload shake for instance. Or their second-to-none Aglio e Olio (getting the pronunciation right might stress you out, but the flavours will send you into a trance).

The All American Diner, Lodhi Road

If you love pop fiction, there’s no way you should miss this cafe in Delhi. It looks like a typical American diner (well, duh). And it has everything from a jukebox to booths with red-leather-covered seats. Their menu, too, is filled with America’s favourite dishes – milkshakes, burgers, waffles, and the fluffiest pancakes. They open as early as 7 am so you know where to go for a hearty breakfast the next time you’re out partying the entire night. And while you’re there, take some pictures too. Because it looks exactly like Pop’s from Archies. What you may better know as Riverdale.

Ama Cafe, Majnu Ka Tilla

Ama cafe is one of the best cafes in Delhi for a breakfast date. Hidden in the tiny lanes of MKT, the cafe has a cosy vibe, with its comfortable wooden furniture and pictures of Ladakh on the walls. Hog on their pancakes, bacon and blueberry cheesecake. Or sip on their Tibetan Herbal Tea as you complete your assignment. They offer free wifi as well, so remember there’s really no excuse you can give for slacking off. After you’re done, you can even reward yourself with a plate of Laphing right outside the cafe.

Cha Bar, Connaught Place

Located inside the famous Oxford Bookstore in CP, Cha Bar is the dream cafe for all bookworms. You can purchase any book (or notebook) you like from the bookstore and walk right into the cafe to read (or write). Just keep in mind that the cafe is almost always full, so prep yourself to wait for around 10 minutes to get a seat. And who knows, if you’re a budding writer, you might even sign a book deal over their smoothies and fish n chips one day.

Big Yellow Door, Satyaniketan

Big Yellow Door, better known as BYD, is easily one of the best cafes in Delhi. And since it’s so affordable, it’ll quickly become your favourite hangout place. Their signature decor, the yellow door, is actually not-so-big. It’s an asymmetrical, crooked entrance that welcomes you into the cafe. The whole place smells like comfort food and their dishes taste so too. Our favourites are their cheesiest Mac n Cheese and a warm cup of Velvet Brownie Hot Chocolate. Bonus, you get to listen to amazing music in the background. No generic instrumental tracks that make you feel you’re in some cheesy corporate video.

The Big Chill Cafe, Khan Market

This cafe in Delhi has been a favourite among Delhiites for years now. Two decades, actually. It has the most vibrant, retro vibe. With posters of classic movies like Casablanca and Psycho adorning the walls. They nail with every single dish of theirs. But if we had to pick a few, our recommendations would be – Penne With Blue Cheese, All Cheese Pizza, Lamb Lasagna. Also, don’t miss out on their star dessert, the Mississippi Mud Pie. You’ll definitely love going here for all the big chills. And small ones too.

The Piano Man Jazz Club, Deer park

Another name on the list of romantic cafes in Delhi is Piano Man. Probably the only jazz club in the city, this is the best place to discover some indie artists. And sway to their music with your date sitting next to you. Here, you can discover a new artist every evening, with a cold beverage in your hand. Or a slice of their thin-crust pizzas. And share some delightful conversations with the owner too. Who, btw, is a jazz pianist himself.

Cafe Dori, Dhan Mill Compound

Cafe Dori is a warehouse converted into one of the poshest cafes in Delhi. It was the first place that made Dhan Mill Compound the bougie place it is today. Huge panelled windows, potted plants and a pet-friendly menu will make this elite cafe one of your favourites. Especially for work meetings. And if you really wish to impress the client, maybe you can buy them a bag or shawl from the in-house store too.

CCD Near Taj Chanakyapuri aka Taj CCD

Well, you might be wondering why we’ve put the most generic cafe on our list. Don’t you already see a CCD every 2kms or so? Well, hear us out. This CCD is like no other. It has a huge open seating area, covered by trees and sheds, and is the perfect place to chill during lunch. Or after long hours of classes. Especially with a cup of latte during the rainy season. If you’re looking for a snack to go with it, definitely try their Chilli Cheese Toast. So what if the Taj has expensive restaurants, the CCD just outside the premises will fit perfectly within your budget.

Cafe Tesu, Sri Aurobindo Marg

Cafe Tesu is part of the many popular names within Essex Farms. It has a cute ambience with turquoise interiors and lots of sunlight seeping inside. Perfect for a brunch date or a very late breakfast, their Fig, Bacon & Blue Cheese pizza might end up stealing your heart more than your date. And if you’re on a solo date, just pick up one of the books and start romancing your food.

Rose Cafe, Westend Marg

If you visit Rose Cafe, you must definitely try their Iced Chamomile & Mint Basil Tea and if you’re a coffee-lover, their espresso cake. They also have a vegan menu if that’s more your jam. Moving from food to ambience – the pastel pinks and blues, dim lighting, aesthetic lamps are reasons why it is one of the prettiest and most romantic cafes in Delhi. So if it’s a date to remember, don’t forget to make a memory of it with pictures of the cafe on social media.

Cafe Lota, Pragati Maidan

Cafe Lota is one of the best cafes in Delhi, especially in Central Delhi. It stands for everything simple, from decor to its food, and gives you the much-needed quiet among Delhi’s chaos. Lota loyalists swear by their Chicken Samosa, Bombay Keema Bao and Bhapa Doi Cheesecake. And these taste even better after you’ve spent a whole day at the National Crafts Museum, right outside the cafe.

Blue Tokai, Saket

If you love coffee and haven’t tried out Blue Tokai yet, you’re missing out on life, bro. These guys have many branches around the city so make sure you hop into one of them whenever you can. They serve multiple varieties of coffee, and that too, at decent prices. They also brew their own coffee, so you know the whole experience is #authentic. And some of them are super strong. So pick up one of their freshly roasted coffee packs for the nights you have to stay up studying for an exam.

Cafeteria & Co, Laxmi Nagar

Okay, if you look up pics of Cafeteria & Co., you probably won’t be that impressed. But don’t go by its minimal decor. Their menu is loaded with options. But the prices won’t be that heavy on the pocket. No wonder it’s such a hit among hungry but broke students. Definitely try their Tiramisu Shakes and star-shaped burgers (which have star-inspired names like the Beyonce Burger, MJ Burger, and – for some unknown reason – the Donald Trump Burger).

Echoes, GTB Nagar

Echoes in North Campus offers free wifi and live music and sports screening, as you and your friends snack on their pepperoni pizza. But that’s not why it stands out among the best cafes in Delhi. Why it is so unique is their differently-abled staff. You’ll be served by people with hearing impairments and you can communicate with them using the guidebook they put on every table. Their social work will definitely make you feel good, if not their pizza.

Triveni Terrace Cafe, Mandi House

There are not many good rooftop cafes in Delhi but this one is definitely one of them. In fact, Triveni Terrace cafe is so good, we can’t recommend it enough. This cafe has an old-school vibe to it, and so does its simple, three-page menu. It serves all of your street food favourites – pakoras, aloo tikki chaat, masala cheese toast. Added bonus for the art lovers – don’t forget to check out the Triveni Art Gallery here. And show off your knowledge of Van Gogh’s life in front of your pals.

Social, Hauz Khas Village

When it comes to OG cafes in Delhi, the list would be incomplete without mentioning Social. What do we say about them – their unique newspaper-style menus, the exceptional food, their terrace (or as they call it, Chhat). This is the ideal place if you wanna meet up with your friends over some grub. Or just sit by yourself, reading a book, facing the beautiful Hauz Khas Lake. This branch is currently non-operational, but definitely check out their branches in Nehru Place and CP. Where even their water doesn’t disappoint. Or as they call it, #Paani.

Jugmug Thela, Saidulajab

You’ve probably heard of or been to the aesthetic Champa Gali in Saket. But did you know that it would have never been this famous, if not for Jugmug Thela? This quirky cafe in Delhi is not your conventional cafe – it has wooden outdoor seating and specialises in tea, rather than coffee. If you can’t do without your coffee, just get a Cappuccino-to-go from Blue Tokai next door, and pair it with a sandwich from here.

GreenR Cafe, Shahpur Jat

This one is for all our vegetarian buddies. This cafe in Delhi stands out from its numerous competitors in Shahpur Jat. Thanks to its warm vibe with big glass windows that lets the sun in throughout the day. It’s the perfect place to settle down with your favourite novel for long hours, as you sip on their homemade sodas. Or what they call the ‘best vegan pizzas in town’. That’s quite a claim to make. Guess now you’ll have to go and check it out.

Music & Mountains Hillside Cafe, GK

A short trip to the hills in GK’s posh lanes? Yes, we’re not kidding. This cosy cafe in Delhi is inspired by nature – be its wooden interiors or an old-fashioned chimney. Listen to their retro music or pick up a book while you enjoy their Mossy Fall Signature Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Shake. We know that’s a long name, but you’ll probably finish the drink before you could even say it. That’s how good it is.

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FAQs on Cafes in Delhi

Which are the Most Affordable Cafes in Delhi?

Some of Delhi’s most affordable cafes are located in North and South Campus since these are primarily student areas. Our favourites would be:

  • Big Yellow Door
  • Cafeteria and co
  • Cha Bar
  • QDs

Which are the Best Luxury Cafes in Delhi?

Most luxury cafes in Delhi are:

  • Sevilla – The Claridges
  • La Piazza
  • Andrea’s Eatery
  • Rustique
  • Cafe Dori

Which are Some of the Best Cafes Near Me?

West Delhi has some amazing cafes, like-

  • Flake Blake
  • Churchill’s Cafe
  • Cafe Delhi Heights
  • The bubble tea cafe

Which are the Best Cafes in South Delhi?

South Delhi is the hub of all good things, including the best cafes. Our favourites?

  • The Big Chill
  • Music and Mountains Cafe
  • Diggin
  • Cafe Tesu


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