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January 20, 2022

Cafes in Pune

If you search “cafe near my location”, you’ll get hundreds of suggestions of the best cafes in Pune. But how do you decide which one will serve the best cup of coffee and cheesiest sandwich? You’ll have to read reviews. Ask your friends. Ask your roommates. Ask your roommates’ friends. And calculate the cost (including cab fare, btw).

So what if you took a chill pill while we did the hard work? Over 50,000 young people like you call our residences their home. They spend most of their week there. And they love the vibe. Safe to say, we know what kind of places you’ll find cool. And they’ve all made it to our list of the best coffee shops in Pune. So, on the days you feel like working from a cafe instead of your room – or just want to go on a solo date – you have a place to go to on those days, that’s as cool as our residences in Pune. Or at least, a close second.

Best Cafes in Pune

The top 15 cafes in Pune are:

Looking for a place in Pune? Check out the best PGs in Pune or our Flats for Rent in Pune. Btw, we have our own cafe menu too.

German Bakery, Koregaon

Even after facing a setback after a bombing in 2010, the second oldest German Bakery in India is still one of the best cafes in Pune. In fact, they revived their business so well that it is now not only popular among the locals, but among foreigners too. Everybody flocks here for their pastas, espressos, americanos, bun maska and more. Yeah, the German Bakery’s menu is not all that German.

Fat Cats Cafe, Wanowrie

The owner of this cafe dreamt of opening one when she was just a child of eight. She wanted her cafe to give the vibe of a fat cat, one that likes to curl up and get cosy after a good meal. And she has nailed it perfectly. The cafe is situated in a peaceful area and their food is, in one word, comfort. Especially their smooth red velvet cake. But if you’re more of an active cat, they have keto chocolate cake options too.

Waari Book Cafe, Kothrud

If you search for “best cafe near me”, this name will definitely pop up. And why not, with a range as diverse as Enid Blyton to Amitav Ghosh, Chetan Bhagat to Stephen King, Waari Book Cafe is a reader’s haven. They have over 3000 books and the quietest ambience to complement your reading. We’ve been told their Oreo shake is the perfect companion for novels across all genres – sci-fi, adventure, romance. Even murder mysteries.

Pagdandi – Books Chai Cafe, Baner

If you love books, chai, or better, both, this is your place to be. Try their Kulhad Chai and Bun Maska for a light evening snack, as you peacefully browse through your favourite poetry book or comic. And if you’re in the mood for socialising, go say hi to the backpacker couple who left their full-time jobs to start this place. Who knows, you might impress them enough to let you host your poetry workshop at the cafe?

Cafe Kathaa, Shivajinagar

An old bungalow serving old-school breakfast as early as 7:30 am. Omelettes, paranthas, pancakes, you name it. To go with it, hundreds of books and kindles on every table. Also, it’s a great background for you to take some #aesthetic pictures. With its rustic furniture, bright plant pots and a huge bookshelf, Cafe Kathaa looks like a real-life version of Pinterest.

The French Window Patisserie, Koregaon

Stepping into this cafe is like stepping into Paris. The whole place smells of croissants and bagels and is the perfect place for a breakfast date. And if you’re not an early riser, make sure to check their 5-course meal served under a canopy of trees. Either way, it’s a win-win for you.

Zen Cafe, Koregaon

The whole vibe of this cafe is minimalistic and…zen? The place is really calm and is known for its unique coffee blends – from a latte macchiato to a lungo, affogato to ginger turmeric espresso tonic. You can also choose a snack from their Italian menu to go with your cup of coffee. And at prices as low as Rs 80. Well, the zen philosophy is about being at peace and relaxing, and there’s no way these prices will stress you out.

Vohuman Cafe, Sangamvadi

This Pune cafe is for all the Irani food lovers. Their menu is pretty simple and affordable. And maybe that’s why this place is always packed. But customers swear by their breakfast options. So the half-an-hour wait outside for your seat is probably worth it.

The Fat Labrador Cafe, Bavdhan

If you hate a healthy breakfast, their mango & basil smoothie bowl with roasted almonds will change your mind. We’re serious. Oh, and if you haven’t guessed by the name already, yes it’s a pet-friendly cafe, making it one of the best cafes in Pune for all the pet-moms and dads.

One O Eight Cafe, Koregaon

If you’re a foodie but calorie-conscious at the same time, wait. Something doesn’t sound right. Unless you’re at One O Eight. If you love to eat, but also track every meal on your fitness app, this cafe is your BFF. They serve the best smoothies and acai bowls in the city. Some of our suggestions would be – cacao berry bowls, dragon smoothie bowls, pink passion acai bowl and granola bowls. Who knew healthy food could taste (and sound) so good?

The Flour Works, Kalyani Nagar

The Flour Works has three branches in Pune. That itself tells you that it is one of the best coffee shops in Pune. The ambience makes it a perfect place for work meetings (goodbye Starbucks). Plus, if the meeting doesn’t go well, you can always count on a cup of their hot chocolate to make you feel better.

11 East Street Cafe Camp

This cafe gives a special discount of 10% to anyone who brings along a pet. And a treat for your little friend. Plus, the cafe looks like one of those double-decker red London buses. So till the time international travel becomes safe, and that trip to the UK is on the cards again, an evening here with a “cuppa tea” will have to do.

The Beans Talk Cafe, Viman Nagar

The interesting thing about this Pune cafe is that all of their food items perfectly pair up with any of their beverages. For the best cafe experience, try any of their signature brews with their homemade pasta. Or their special chicken bao. You’ll agree that their (coffee) beans do “talk” for themselves.

Coffee Jar, Viman Nagar

If you’re in Viman Nagar and feel like a strong aroma of coffee is pulling you towards it, you’re probably near Coffee Jar. Okay, sorry for being so extra but this is not so far away from the truth. And you’ll know what we’re talking about when you try their special brews – Caramel Tandakccino, Toffenut Cappuccino or just a plain Cappuccino.

Cafe Paashh, Kalyani Nagar

This fancy cafe in Kalyani Nagar is all about the aesthetics. It’s located in a huge bungalow with a really LIT courtyard. It’s the perfect place for your Sunday brunch, especially if you’re a vegetarian. They also have a high tea menu – scones, cookies, cobbler, tartines – all that jazz. You’ll love the high tea at Cafe Paashh. Or should we say, Cafe Posh?

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FAQs on Cafes in Pune

How many Cafes are there in Pune?

There are around 63 well-known cafes in Pune. And counting.

What is the most Popular Cafe Food?

Well, it depends on the type of cafe you’re going to. But a cup of coffee and some dessert cannot go wrong, no matter which cafe you pick.

Are there any Pet-Friendly Cafes near me?

Yes of course. Bring your pet along with you to The Fat Labrador Cafe or 11 East Street cafe, whichever is nearest to your home or pg in Pune.

Which is the Most Expensive Cafe in Pune?

If you’re feeling extra lavish, you can check out Pune Baking Company at JW Marriott, Pune. Their New York cheesecake is said to be one of the best in the city.

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