January 25, 2022

List of 15 Best Cafes in Hyderabad To Go With Flatmates

When it comes to the top cafes in Hyderabad, expensive won’t always mean enjoyable. What we mean is, not every jazzy cafe that adds three zeroes at the end of your bill is going to be worth it. Like, who wants to spend their monthly eating-out budget in one lunch sitting, right? So we’re here to help you find the best cafes in Hyderabad, that too, within a budget. Now you may ask, how do we know? And why should you trust us?

Well, we at Stanza Living, know a thing or two about providing the best services at student-friendly prices. Take our residences for example. Fully-furnished with unlimited wifi, professional housekeeping and multi-tier security. Oh, and we serve delicious meals too, so if you’re a Stanzen, you probably won’t even need this list. But if you’re not, and looking for a nice place to dine, date or just hang, we’ve done the research on the top cafes in Hyderabad for you. Now, you might not want to believe everything we say. That’s natural. But more than 50,000 youngsters like you have put their trust in us. So we hope you can, too.

Top cafes in Hyderabad

15 best cafes in Hyderabad are:

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And fyi, our cafe menu hits different.

Roastery Coffee House, Banjara Hills

This bungalow-turned-cafe is located in a quiet lane, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Being here will make you feel right at home, with the cosy interiors and lush gardens. If you’re here for the caffeine rush, you must definitely try their artisan blends, pour-over and cold brew varieties. And if you’re more of a foodie, gorge on some Baked Fish or Cheesy Onion Rings. While your friends “roast” you for eating like a pig.

Beyond Coffee, Jubilee Hills

Beyond Coffee is one of the top cafes in Hyderabad and a cosy breakfast place tucked in Jubilee Hills. They have both indoor and outdoor seating. Which of the two is a better choice is still up for debate. But everybody agrees that their coffee is a show stealer, and so is their English Breakfast. Some other dishes you can try are – Seafood Chowder, Herb Crust Fish Fillet, Lamb Racks. Clearly, their menu expands a lot beyond coffee. Just like their name suggests.

Coffee Cup, Secunderabad

For a lazy Sunday afternoon, the Coffee cup is the perfect cafe in Secunderabad. They have loads of board games you can play as you wait for your order. And who says you need to stop once you’re done with lunch. You can continue trying to beat your friends at Monopoly till the evening, when it’ll be time for Coffee Cup’s Karaoke nights. Then you can fill your mouth with their brownies as you sing along to your favourite Coldplay song.

F3 Cafe & Bistro, Secunderabad

One of the best cafes in Secunderabad, F3 Cafe look perfect both IRL and on the gram. The cafe has an outdoor area with umbrellas and bar tables. And also cosy indoor seating with a bookshelf and board games on every table. Wait, there’s more. Their Lebanese Platter and Chicken Fritters are a must-try. And look amazing on your Insta feed too. #foodporn, you know.

Masquerade By Mystery Rooms, Gachibowli

In this cafe, you can play board games while sipping on a milkshake. Or go all out with a proper meal. They offer unlimited buffet meals for just Rs 599 on weekdays and Rs 699 on weekends. And they’re quite popular among large friend groups and even for work lunches. Well, their buffets are affordable and amazing, and that’s no ‘Mystery’.

China Bistro, Kondapur

Speaking of buffets, here’s another one. This cafe’s buffet is unique as compared to the rest because, as you must have guessed from the name, they serve authentic Chinese food. So start with their dim sums and some soup. And move on to some Mongolian Chicken and Schezwan Noodles. Don’t forget to check out the desserts too. After coming here, you’ll realise that there’s so much more to Chinese cuisine than just Chilli Chicken and Fried Rice.

Hummingbird Cafe, Madhapur

This cafe in Madhapur has pastel-themed decor. From mirrors on the wall to a bicycle in its entrance to the birdhouses – everything is coloured in pastel shades. The calming effect of the decor makes it perfect for a lunch out in the lawn. They serve much of the usual cafe food, but if there’s one thing you must try, it should be their Hot Chocolate. But you don’t come here just for the grub. You also come here for pictures of the decor to up your Insta game.

The Gallery Cafe, Banjara hills

The cafe is also an art gallery and is surrounded by art pieces so you can talk about surrealism and abstract art with your date to impress them. And if you feel inspired, just ask them for some pencils and brushes. And though it is a veg cafe, non-vegetarians can be seen flocking here regularly too. Thanks to their star dishes – Cheese Corn Nuggets, Herbs and Cream Pasta and Lebanese Platter.

Guilt Trip, Banjara Hills

This cafe in Banjara Hills is known for its quiet and serene vibe. It’s located in a really nice place too. And if you love dessert more than dinner, it’s a hattrick! Their cheesecakes and cupcakes will find a permanent place in your heart. It is also one of the more pocket-friendly cafes in Hyderabad, so you won’t go on a guilt trip every time you come out here for some sugar craving.

The Big Cup Theory, Madhapur

One of the most popular cafes in Madhapur, The Big Cup Theory is known for two things – its dozens of coffee varieties and its vintage decor. This is a nice place to chill with your friends. And if one of them is sad, listen to Sheldon Cooper and treat them to a hot beverage. We suggest their Spicy Cinnamon Coffee, Latte and Hot Chocolate.

Klimom Farm Cafe, Jubilee Hills

One of the top cafes in Hyderabad, this one is all about its farm-fresh goodies. It’s situated right next to the beautiful KBR Park. And that’s not its only connection to nature. Each dish here is freshly made and they even produce their own dairy products. Even the ambience is nature-themed – trees forming a canopy, installation of a cow, birdfeeders upcycled from plastic. Well, the name of the cafe might be difficult to pronounce but their vision is quite simple. To be one with nature.

Autumn Leaf Cafe, Jubilee Hills

Another bungalow turned into a cafe in Hyderabad, this one has a Bohemian vibe. Mismatched furniture, Boho artworks, an in-house store selling quirky home decor and clothes – they’ve got the A-Z of Boho decor. The cafe is a perfect spot for a lunch under the trees. And not just in autumn.

Sofrehh Persian Bistro, Jubilee Hills

If you love Middle Eastern cuisine, you should definitely not sleep on this cafe. Sofrehh Persian Bistro is one of the best cafes in Hyderabad. Not just their food, the decor here is also Persian themed. Definitely visit this cafe if you’re craving some falafel and hummus.

Cafe Graffiti, Banjara Hills

A favourite hangout spot among college students, Cafe Graffiti serves everything from milkshakes and mocktails to sandwiches, burgers, pastas. Even kebabs. And given its popularity with college kids, you must have already figured out that the cafe is pretty heavy on the tummy. And equally light on the pocket. Well, managing a budget-friendly cafe in the posh Banjara Hills might not be as rebellious as making graffiti art on public walls. But it comes pretty close.

The Hole In The Wall Cafe, Jubilee Hills

Whether you want to spend a day getting sunkissed (read, sunburnt). Or are more of an indoor cat. This top cafe in Hyderabad has exactly what you need – some comfy seating and great music. This was also the first cafe in Hyderabad to serve whole wheat burgers. So if you’re a regular gym-mer who hates junk food, maybe a protein-rich chicken burger with a whole wheat bun will change your mind. These sliders also come in a lot of colours – red, blue, green, yellow, black. And not just during Pride Month.

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FAQs on Cafes in Hyderabad

Which are the Best cafes in Banjara Hills?

Banjara Hills has some of the best cafes in Hyderabad:

  • The Gallery Cafe
  • Roastery Coffee House
  • Feranoz Patisserie & Cafe

Which are the Best cafes in Jubilee Hills?

If you’re in or near Jubilee Hills, definitely check out these top cafes in Hyderabad:

  • Good Cow Cafe
  • Autumn Leaf Cafe
  • Beyond Coffee

Which are the Best cafes in Gachibowli?

Some of the nicest cafes in Hyderabad are located in Gachibowli. If we had to pick, we’d say:

  • Driven Cafe
  • Karachi Cafe
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