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Startups in Pune

Startups in Pune

Mar 13, 2021

The startup software companies in Pune are what give Maharashtra’s tech and entrepreneurial sectors their name. But when still a lot of people don’t know, is that non-tech startups just like IT companies in Pune are also on the rise. In short, this is the time when working in startups in Pune is the real deal – dynamic work environment, energetic teammates, ideas bursting in meetings. If you want to break out of your cocoon, we suggest you read on to find a startup that best suits your interests.

While there are hundreds of startup companies in Pune, here are some of our top picks for you.

Best Startups in Pune

List of the top 7 startups in Pune are given below:

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If you’re a foodie, the prospect of working for Faasos will surely whet your appetite. What started as a “food on demand” company in the quaint town, now operates in 15 big cities across the country, and has some yummylicious variety of both veg and non-veg meals on both their app and website. Not just that, their meals are available on other food ordering apps as well. Who said money can’t buy happiness? It can buy food, and that’s happiness too!


We’re sure you’ve heard of this one before. Even if you haven’t, the new moms and dads in your family must-have. This place is a parent’s dream. And it will be yours too when your cousin turns one and you don’t know what to gift them on their birthday. FirstCry, a familiar name in every list of startups in Pune, is a one-stop shop for all baby care products and toys. It has everything you can imagine that a baby would need, and more. It started as an online platform but now has bright and cute stores all over the country too.


Who wants to buy the same old “world’s best dad” coffee mugs and a bouquet of roses for every damn occasion? Not us, for sure. Icustommadeit, as the name gives it away, helps you customise gifts for your loved ones, band merch, or even T-shirts for your college societies. So whatever you have in mind, this startup will help you add your personal touch to it!


What if APJ Abdul Kalam had given up on his studies because of the hard work he had to put in as a child? Wouldn’t we have lost a brilliant mind? With a similar motto, few startup companies in Pune are working in the field of education. One such example is EduBridge. Started by a group of alumni and professors from IIM Bangalore & Lucknow, it works with unemployed youth in both urban and rural parts of the country. These youth are provided with commercial training at their doorstep so that they can acquire the necessary skill sets and mindset to secure a career of their own and be financially independent. If you’re looking for a job that makes a real difference, you know where to apply.


You’re obviously pretty serious about your career since you’re reading this article. And you probably have written many unreplied emails to HR departments across the country trying to get an internship to polish your resume. Yup, you know how hard that is. Or at least, it used to be. Today, a platform like LetsIntern helps lacs of students get their dream internship through their app or website, in the 12,000+ organisations it is associated with. Now, if you were to work for Letsintern, you’d be like a genie to these students, making their wish for an internship come true.


Imagine your favourite clothing or electronics or food brand had no online presence? What if you typed their name on Google and the page said 404: Page not found? What a weird world that would be. That’s what would happen if there was no one to take care of a company’s SEO and digital marketing. They’d be lost in the ocean of other similar brands with their namesake. The last but definitely not the least choice for our list of startup companies in Pune is Brandup. SEO services, ads, social media marketing- you name it, they’re the best at it. Work for them and you’ll be taking many a brand’s names and game to the top level.


You know that feeling? You order something online, then spent what seems like an eternity, constantly checking its delivery status? Well, you’re not alone. Lots of people do. And if you work with Xpressbees, you’ll be making that wait a lot shorter. Doing full justice to their name, this Pune-based startup company delivers all the goodies folks order online. That too, before they can finish binge-watching a season of thier favourite sitcom. We’re not lying, bro. They have partnered with a lot of online marketplaces, so if someone has placed an order on any of them, Xpressbees is the one most likely to drop it at their doorstep.

Pune, as you can see, is a startup hub. So while finding a cool startup to work for would be easy, the whole process can be a little overwhelming at first. Having a place that feels like a second home can take away a lot of stress and help you renew your energy.

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FAQs on Startups in Pune

Which are the 5 Best Startups in Pune?

Here are the 5 best startups in Pune:

  • Icustommadeit
  • EduBridge
  • Letsintern
  • Brandup
  • Xpressbees

Which are the Best Startups in Pune for Freshers?

For a fresher, both learning and salary are the primary factors while starting the career. Given below are top 3 startups that provide both:

  • Letsintern
  • Brandup
  • Xpressbees

Which Startups in Pune are Best to Work for?

These are 4 best startups that are best to work for regarding thier infrastructure, work culture and career growth:

  • Faasos
  • FirstCry
  • Icustommadeit
  • EduBridge