March 13, 2021

Startups in Hyderabad

Startups in Hyderabad are making the city proud (and you thought biryani is the only thing the city of Nizam’s is known for, right?). No, new startup companies in Hyderabad are springing up every day, and even the not-so-new ones are bringing their A-game. Among many other things like unique products and brilliant advertising, they also offer unique opportunities for growth, smaller teams and employee satisfaction that lure people into working in the world of startups in Hyderabad.

Now, the city is also known for its charming pearls. And we sure found some in the list of startup companies in Hyderabad. Read more to be wowed by them.

Top Startups in Hyderabad

Top 6 startups in Hyderabad are given below:

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Learn Social

This platform is for those who love learning new things or are always looking for a new hobby. Made in a very simple but effective way, this startup from Hyderabad provides online courses for everyone. Whether you’re a curious cat who loves to venture into new areas or just somebody looking to hone their skill set, you’ll be able to find courses of your choice on LearnSocial. Attend classes and webinars from the comfort of your room, that too, for minimal amounts.


Look, you love eating popcorn, we love eating popcorn, everybody loves eating popcorn. But the founders of Popicorn obviously lovemaking and feeding it to us. That’s why they sell popcorns in ten different cities of the country in not one, not two, but six different flavours. Yes, you heard us right. What’s even better, all of these are seasoned by hand. We’re told that the startup company that was started in a garage in Hyderabad now sells more than 100 tons of popcorn every month. Not many would have given a chance to a popcorn-making startup. But these guys sure made them eat their words (and probably a tub or two of their popcorn as well).

Grab On

This one is for those online shoppers who keep going back to that same dress, over and over again, but always hesitate to hit the buy now button, waiting for that lucky day when the price is slashed. For them, this startup in Hyderabad is that friend who has connections all over town and gets them the best discounts. It takes care of everything – finding hot deals, coupon codes, and offers – while shopaholics can add the last available pair of sneakers to their cart. It’s basically retail therapy, now without the guilt of over-spending.

Skin Kraft

Every skin is different, and so should be the skincare products applied to it. Picking up a random face wash or cream at the supermarket might do more harm than good to one’s skin. This Hyderabad-based startup company provides customised skincare kits starting at Rs 999. If you think it’s too much, remember that they have spent 10000+ hours researching what ingredients would be best for your skin. The expertise of Indian, Taiwanese, and Japanese dermatologists go into each of their products, making them a glowing name in the list of startup companies in Hyderabad.

Darwin Box

Ok, let’s break a myth. The HR department in your company does a lot more than just make rangoli on Diwali and reply “we’ll get back to you” on emails. They have to keep track of all employee records in a company – their names, details, attendance, leaves, special requests, and whatnot. To us, it sounds like a big headache. But with innovative software like Darwin Box, even giants like Google and McKinsey can take a breather. A modern platform for all HR-related tasks is truly any corporation’s lifesaver. That’s why they are now one of the most popular startup companies in Hyderabad.

Flat Pebble

Anyone who is married or has a friend/family member’s wedding coming up, knows what a hodge-podge the entire process is. Add to that the stress of finding a good wedding photographer- what if the only pictures of you are ones with your face stuffed with food? what if you and your best man don’t have a picture from your D-day? After all, these wedding photographs are the memories you’ll show your grandchildren someday. FlatPebble, one of Hyderabad’s startup companies, offers a one-stop solution for all your photography-related requests through their website, especially making it easy for people to reach out to the best wedding photographers in the city.


Less heard of but equally interesting is this Hyderabad-based startup that makes men’s shoes from the wool of Merino sheep. Now, you must be wondering, what’s so special about this? Let us tell you. This particular breed of sheep can only survive in extremely cold conditions of New Zealand and Australia. We won’t go into the technical details, but it took the founders of Neeman’s around 22 months to design, manufacture and launch the first sets of shoes in India. No wonder in the world of startups in Hyderabad, this shoe-making company is making great strides.

If these sound interesting to you, just know that there are tons of other startups & software companies in Hyderabad to look out for. And if you ever join one of them, there are tons of Stanza Living residences in the city for you to live in.

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FAQs on Startups in Hyderabad

Which are the 5 Best Startups in Hyderabad?

Here are the 5 best startups in Hyderabad regarding business growth:

  • Popicorn
  • Grab On
  • Skin Kraft
  • Darwin Box
  • Flat Pebble

Which are the Best Startups in Hyderabad for Freshers?

For a fresher, both learning and salary are the primary factors while starting the career. Given below are the top 3 startups that provide both:

  • Grab On
  • Skin Kraft
  • Darwin Box

Which Startups in Hyderabad are Best to Work for?

These are the 4 best startups that are best to work for regarding thier infrastructure, work culture, and career growth:

  • Skin Kraft
  • Darwin Box
  • Flat Pebble
  • Neeman’s
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