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February 13, 2022

Startups in Chennai

For all the top startups in Chennai one thing is for sure – if you’re a hustler and like to get things done, startups in Chennai will fit you like a perfect pair of jeans does. But just like that denim in your wardrobes, startup companies in Chennai can be the hottest thing one day, and pretty much forgotten the next. Worry not, we feel you.

That is why we have put together this list of startup companies in Chennai that we’re confident will always be found at the top of the startup world, just like idli-dosa vendors are found on this city’s streets. Remember, along with various IT companies in Chennai, the city houses various startups as well.

Top Startups in Chennai

6 best startups in Chennai are given below:

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What started as a tool to help people find the right financial products, has now turned into one of the biggest startup companies in Chennai. And that’s down to how accessible it is, even for beginners. Their info on financial concepts is easily understandable as well as really helpful to decide how much to spend, save or invest. In its latest list of achievements, BankBazaar has appointed former RBI Deputy Governor (DG) S. S. Mundra as an advisor to the company. And hey, if it’s good for him, it ought to be good for anyone.


For jewellery lovers or simply an admirer of new, cool designs, this portal is the gateway to the world’s largest collection of solitaire and other gems. This startup directly sources from vendors, which is why they don’t have to charge any extra costs like others do. Naturally, CaratLane has become a household name in the e-commerce industry for some time. And even more so after being associated with the Tata group. Having their name on your resume will be like a, let’s just say, jewel in your crown.


Interesting fact: Founder of this Chennai-based startup, Murugavel Janakiraman met his wife through his own portal. What are the odds, right? Actually, given how Bharatmatrimony is one of the largest matrimony services in India today, it’s pretty likely. The company is known to every person who is in search of a suitable partner for themselves. Their matches are trustworthy, and that’s one of the main reasons that has brought them fame not just here, but in countries like Malaysia and Dubai too.


For those bored of eating idli-dosa and craving a grilled sandwich or samosa. For those who need four espresso shots to make it till noon. And for those who love pasta but can never find the perfect garlic bread to go with it. Ovenfresh is their answer, period. Peeps in Chennai and Bengaluru are already familiar with their cafes and kiosks that have been popping up around the city. Serving over 8,000 customers per day, they are a favourite among most returning customers due to their variety of fresh, warm food at inexpensive rates. That’s the reason they have bagged a high place in our list of startups in Chennai.

Snack Experts

Do you know those folks in the office who always bring a salad for lunch and stay hungry for the rest of the day? Of course, you do. We all know them. Snack Experts, a startup from Chennai, actually cares for their calorie intake more than they do for themselves. Let us tell you how. They deliver freshly made healthy snacks, especially to offices and institutions. So if anyone misses their workout sometimes, they can at least snack healthy without the guilt of not being able to sweat it out.


Probably one of the smartest on the list of startup companies in Chennai, NetMeds provides a simple solution to a nagging problem. Thanks to them, if you’re feeling sick and need some medicines or supplements, you don’t need to walk all the way to the chemist and put yourself through even more pain. You can rest at home, place your order online and they’ll deliver it in no time.

Wedding Wishlist

A unique idea for sure, this startup from Chennai is changing the way couples plan for their wedding gifts. Not only can one register for free on their platform, but all gifts can also be customised according to the number of guests and their tastes. One can choose from a wide range of gifts – be it home appliances, furniture, kitchenware, vacations, gift cards or personal care and deliver it to the wedding guests. They have also recently launched a service where engaged couples can consult wedding planners and designers. In a nutshell, they take care of everything else, while the bride and groom pose for their wedding pictures.

While these were our top picks, there are also many other startup software companies in Chennai that you might be interested in. So interested that you might wanna move from your hometown to here. If you decide to do so, you can always choose to stay at one of the many Stanza Living PGs in Chennai.

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FAQs on Startups in Chennai

Which are the 5 Best Startups in Chennai?

Here are the 5 best startups in Chennai regarding business growth:

  • CaratLane
  • Bharatmatrimony
  • Ovenfresh
  • Snack Experts

Which are the Best Startups in Chennai for Freshers?

For a fresher, both learning and salary are the primary factors while starting the career. Given below are the top 3 startups that provide both:

  • Ovenfresh
  • Snack Experts
  • NetMeds

Which Startups in Chennai are Best to Work for?

These are the 4 best startups that are best to work for regarding thier infrastructure, work culture, and career growth:

  • Ovenfresh
  • Snack Experts
  • NetMeds
  • Wedding Wishlist
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