IT Parks in Noida

IT Parks in Noida

IT parks in Noida are a different world of their own when compared to the rest of the city. When most people think of Noida, lavish malls, entertainment parks, and big townships are what come to mind. But if you get into your car and drive a little further out from the main city, you’ll hit the many upcoming tech parks in Noida.

Though at first, when you spot the many gardens, open spaces, cafes, and food-courts with your favorite fast-food brands, you might be wondering where the IT in the IT parks in Noida is. Lol, don’t worry, that’s in the cool, modern office spaces, the fast internet, and the super talented coders and engineers that make them the best IT parks in Noida.

Best IT Parks in Noida

Here are the best IT Parks in Noida for you:

DLF IT Park – Noida

DLF IT Park has a world-class infrastructure. The buildings are very thoughtfully planned and the spaces in between them are filled with greenery. It is also one of the biggest IT tech parks in Noida and is divided into 5 blocks for easier maintenance. Not just Noida, it also has cousins in different cities like Chennai, Kolkata, Chandigarh, and Bhubaneswar.

Software Technology Parks of India

The best thing about this IT park is said to be its spacious parking. But tbh, the only space that should exist is between you and this IT Park in Noida. Because this one is not as modern as the others. The buildings are not well-maintained, bathrooms aren’t very clean and the area is known to be unsafe. Even though there’s a police station nearby.

Logix Infotech Park

In sharp contrast to the Software Technology Parks of India, Logix is one of the safest among the upcoming IT parks in Noida. That’s because there are many reliable companies here, the security is tight and the place is under surveillance 24*7. Plus, the people are polite, the campus is clean and since it’s right opposite a metro station, connectivity isn’t a problem, even during late hours.

Embassy Galaxy Business Park

Food court with pizza, ice cream, tea, coffee and healthy breakfast options. Free parking space for employees. Easy transport from metro stations. Salons, gift shops, banks. Small but most well maintained among all IT tech parks in Noida. If all of these have still not spoken to you, maybe this will – the IT park has a special spot for you to watch sunsets. We’ve seen pictures, and the sky looks just like a painting, we swear.

Stellar IT Park

This IT park will lift your mood, no matter what kind of day you’re having. Whether you wish to treat your colleagues to a birthday lunch or spend a quiet evening sipping tea, looking at birds, you can do it here. With unlimited buffet options in their cafeteria, and a chai stall and lush greenery right outside the IT park, employees have many options to take breaks and recharge, so when they get back to their work desk, their performance is – we have no better word for it – stellar.

Logix Techno Park

One of the very few among the “IT parks in Noida” list, this one offers a wide range of food options for vegetarians. Don’t worry, they of course have non-veg options too. Apart from the A1 food court and calm environment, the only other thing you need to keep in mind is that they have charged parking, so you need to be aware of the rates before you vanish for meetings that are scheduled for 30 minutes, but get stretched up to 4 hours!

IHDP Business Park

If you hate cubicles and would instead work on bean bags or in the lawns, this IT park is the place for you. They have vibrant co-working spaces, open lawns, and cafes where you’ll see people on their laptops. They also have a gym, a water body, and many sculptures that would make you feel like you’re in an open-air museum. That too, without any entry fee.

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FAQs on IT Parks in Noida

What is IT/Tech Park?

An IT park is a large complex filled with IT and tech companies. It comes with every facility imaginable, both for workdays and for leisure.

Which Tech park is best for an IT/Software Company?

Logix Infotech is the IT park which has some of the best IT/Software company in Noida as it fulfills the minimum criteria such as enough space for all employees to park their cars, internet speed to use their laptops and phones without glitches, and healthy to junk options for dining.

Which is the Largest IT/Tech Park in Noida?

Like its namesake in other cities, DLF IT park in Noida is the house of the big guns. It is one of the best, not just in size, but in quality too.

Which Tech Parks in Noida have the most IT companies?

Software technology parks of India, DXC technology, and Fiserv India Pvt Ltd are the top three names when it comes to quantity.

Which are the New Upcoming Tech Parks in Noida in 2021?

The scene is chaotic when it comes to expanding IT parks in Noida, but one of the biggest news is Japanese tech firm NTT buying 6 acres of land in Greater Noida for its new project.

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