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March 19, 2021

IT Parks in Delhi

IT parks in Delhi are the hidden gems of the city. Okay, maybe that title still belongs to the many historical monuments tucked away in the nation’s capital. But though the old and upcoming IT parks in Delhi, like those monuments, are not as well known, they definitely ought to be. Because when it comes to Infrastructure and scale, the very best IT tech parks in Delhi are not just matched for the popular ones in Bangalore or Hyderabad. They can straight up give international IT parks competition. Let’s just say IT tech Parks in Delhi hit the ball out of the park.

Best IT Parks in Delhi NCR

Here is the list of IT parks in Delhi for you:

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Delhi IT Park

If you’ve been to Delhi, the chances that you haven’t taken or heard of the metro are slim. But it’s not surprising if you haven’t heard of Delhi IT Park, located next to Shastri Park metro station. It is owned by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (who knew they owned IT parks too?!) and has a vast green campus. While employees enjoy the scenic beauty, quietness and workouts at the local gym here, one of their complaints is about having to catch a bus or train just to have a samosa (or salad when they’re just done working out) as there are no good restaurants within walking distance.

Software Tech Park Of India

Located near the beautiful Lodhi Art District, this is one of the very few IT tech parks in Delhi that belongs to the Government of India. It is managed by the Ministry of Electronics and Information. It completed 30 years in 2020 and is a proud parent to India’s growth in the global tech market in the last three decades.

Techpark India Pvt Ltd Ibm

Not just famous for its Sabzi Mandi, Okhla is also known for its industrial development projects, Techpark India Pvt Ltd being one of its prime examples. Who knew one of Delhi’s oldest villages would later become a tech hub? Reviews say that the IT park is especially suited for freshers since it offers a good learning environment.

International Tech Park Gurgaon

This one has a few cons, but those are outweighed by its many pros. That’s what makes it one of the best IT parks in Delhi NCR. Gym, basketball court, cafeteria, 3-floor parking, good environment – you name it, they have it. The only problem employees face is that the IT park is not close to the metro. So if you’re an employee here, decide wisely – it’s either carpooling to work with colleagues you prefer to avoid, or expensive cabs your bank account would.

Ascendas IT Park Gurgaon

Although it stands in an isolated area, unavailable to most public transport, what it lacks in accessibility is compensated by its long stretches of greenery. Employees like to take walks during lunch or post-work, whether it is to take important client calls, or just to do some stretching or so they can check their social media updates without risking their bosses finding out. If that was not enough, the cafeteria has new options on the menu regularly, the security staff is sweet and helpful, and the park has the Aravali range in its background. 100 points for both infra and scenic beauty.

Kore Tech Park

Open 24*7 for its employees, this is one of the upcoming IT parks in Delhi, that has still not been completed 100%. Although the office space itself has really cool infrastructure, employees aren’t very happy since cabs and food delivery services are not available here. The area is also unsafe in the evening as it’s far away from the landmarks of the city, but it’s been predicted that there’ll be a lot of growth in the next 5 years. (Check back in 5 years for an update. Maybe it’ll be completed by then).

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FAQs on IT Parks in Delhi

What is IT/Tech Park?

Huge buildings. Many software companies. Malls. Restaurants. Banks. Gardens. Terraces with different amenities. Parking space. Apartments nearby. IT park is the place where all of these come together, under one roof.

Which Tech Park is Best for an IT/Software Company?

Kore Tech Park tech park is the best IT Park. It’s a place with high-speed internet, clean restrooms, and multiple eating options. So the only thing you need to focus on is completing the task at hand. It also has some of the top IT companies in Delhi.

Which is the Largest IT/Tech Park in Delhi?

The parent to all other IT parks in Delhi, Delhi IT park is also the largest among all of them.

Which Tech Parks in Delhi have the most IT companies?

Although the data varies, Software Tech Park Of India is assumed to have the most number of peas in its pod.

Which are the New Upcoming Tech Parks in Delhi?

There are quite a few upcoming projects, among which Rani Khera IT Park is one that the Chief Minister has said will be ready by 2023.

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