April 19, 2021

List of Best IT Parks In India

IT parks in India are some of the most exciting places to work, especially for freshers who are seeking out jobs in software and tech companies. These tech parks in India are much more than your typical offices with lined up cubicles in a cramped room. Interconnected office buildings (no need to run to the stationery store to get a printout), unlimited internet connection (for an unlimited pool of cat memes to laugh at), food courts and gyms (so you can enjoy your meals guilt-free), even apartments near your office (so you don’t spend hours driving home in the traffic) – these are only some of the features of the best IT parks in India. And oh, some of them also have open, green spaces. So working in an IT park is like literally taking a walk in the park.

Best IT Parks in India

The list of Top IT/Tech Parks in India:

Technopark – Thiruvananthapuram

Technopark in Thiruvananthapuram (or Trivandrum) is probably one of the best IT Parks in India. And definitely one of the largest. It’s like a whole city within a city, dude. It has its own Special Economic Zones, the Technopark Club and even an Adventure Club. And of yeah, there are also those 350 companies that have their offices there. All the upcoming IT parks in India have a lot of catching up to do with this oldie.

Magarpatta Satellite Township Pune

Magarpatta was one of the first IT tech parks in India to implement the concept of walking to work. It basically means that the IT park is built like a township, your home and office are within a short distance to each other, so that you don’t even have to drive every day. With all the time you save, you can squeeze in an extra set of burpees at the gym. But if you’re not much of a gym bro, all that walking will burn off plenty of calories by itself.

Electronics City Bengaluru

Did you know that Bangalore got its name as the Silicon Valley of India after Electronics City was built? The city has always been known for its beautiful weather all year round, just like its counterpart in the States. And with Electronics City housing all the top-tier IT companies, it has made a name in the IT world. Also like its counterpart in the States.

HITEC City Hyderabad

Being located right in the heart of the city makes HITEC city very accessible. This IT park in Hyderabad houses four other smaller IT parks inside it – Cyber Towers, Cyber Gateway, L&T Infocity, and Mindspace IT Park. So basically, it has IT parks within an IT park. It’s an IT-ception. Get it? Like the movie ‘Inception? No? Ok, moving on…

Millennium City IT Park Kolkata

One of Kolkata’s premium spots, Millennium City IT Park is now more popularly known as Salt Lake City. Other than the top IT companies in India that adorn its premises, Millennium Park is known for its classy decor, spotlessly clean floors, high-end fashion stores. Basically, areas that double as backdrops for your social media posts.

SIPCOT IT Park Chennai

Owned by the State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu, a government institution, this park, unlike most govt-owned properties, will give you no chance or reason to complain. Their infrastructure is 10/10 – clean and green surroundings, well-built roads, apartments, banks, and multi-cuisine restaurants. They even have a post office, probably to add a touch of the pre-IT era in the middle of all the modernity.

Infotech Park Mumbai

Hats off to whoever planned the structure of Infotech Park, because they really thought it through. From office supplies to medicines to sanitary pads to gyms to dining options, you’ll find it all here. You won’t even have to put your foot outside the campus. Plus, they have 24X7 security, so unwanted visitors won’t be able to put a foot inside it.

DLF IT Park Noida

If you live in any metro city in India, chances are very, very slim that you haven’t seen a DLF mall or residential project around the city. All their projects, including this IT Park in North India, follow the same template – Huge blocks of buildings surrounded by greenery, wide spaces to breathe both inside the buildings and outside. You don’t have to be an architecture graduate to recognise their trademark design.

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FAQs on IT Parks in India

What is an IT/Tech Park?

Top MNCs, restaurants, gyms, super high-speed wifi, beautiful scenery, and hundreds of people working at their desks. An IT park is like an amusement park for all IT enthusiasts.

Which Tech park is best for an IT/Software Company?

Definitely, companies will prefer the IT parks in India that have top-notch facilities- infrastructure, ambiance, good location, multiple food options. Bonus points if the view from your window is pretty too!

Which is the Largest IT/Tech Park in India?

Technopark in Thiruvananthapuram is definitely the giant when it comes to tech parks in India, both in terms of area and the number of companies in it.

Which Companies are there in Global Village Tech Park, India?

Global Village Tech Park has many many many companies. Some of the showstoppers are Accenture, Crompton Greaves, Mindtree, Hinduja Global Solutions. In fact, we can’t talk about IT parks in Bengaluru without mentioning Global Village.

Which Tech Parks in India have the most IT companies?

Electronics City and Technopark, both among the Top 3 in our list as well as any IT parks in India list you’ll find on the internet, have the most number of companies in their complexes.

Which are the New Upcoming Tech Parks in India in 2021?

Although a lot of projects are halted due to COVID-19, some upcoming IT parks in India projects are in the talks for several Indian cities like Hyderabad, Noida, and Delhi.

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