March 15, 2021

IT Parks in Chennai

Have one look at the best IT parks in Chennai and that’ll be all the proof you need to know that the city is much more than the land of delicious South Indian food. They are not only equipped with the best facilities needed to work well, but are made in such a way that people can take breaks between work to get their engine running again.

At IT Parks in Chennai, the days of sitting from 9-5 in a cubicle are long gone. Now you can sit in a cafe and finish your task in peace or have a team meeting in one the lawns. But that’s not all of course. As you’ll soon find out, each one of these IT tech parks in Chennai is one-of-a-kind and they all have some of the best companies on board.

Top IT Parks in Chennai

List of top 10 IT Parks in Chennai is given below:

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DLF Cybercity – Manapakkam

For this IT park project, DLF has provides some world-class facilities, including medical services. But given that they have also made room for gardens near the offices so that the employees there breathe healthier, we doubt there are many trips made to the medical centre.


This is not just one of the largest IT Tech Parks in Chennai, it’s one of the largest in Asia. Its food court itself is over 16,000 sq ft. Yes. Sixteen. Thousand. Square. Feet. Like seriously, is this a place of work where you can also eat, or a place of eating where you can also work?

Embassy Splendid Techzone

Easily accessible from the airport, train stations, schools and even other IT parks, this IT tech park in Chennai is so huge, it has three levels of basement parking alone. For this and this alone, whoever planned this project, is forever parked in our hearts.

Gateway Office Parks

Along with the best IT companies in chennai present in Gateway office parkThis IT park has everything you can ask for – hotels, day-care centres, health clubs, coffee shops, recreation centres and a lot of other things, and goes on for eight whole blocks. If you plan to walk through the whole of 58 acres, it’s probably a bad idea and you should get a vehicle.

Raheja Commerzone 

If you’re working here, one thing you can take off from your mind is your car’s safety. This IT park has in-house parking with 24*7 security, so if you’re not feeling like driving some days, you can go home with a friend or colleague and pick it up the next day, without thinking about it all night.

Brigade WTC World Trade Centre

The tallest IT park in the city is also the most accessible. Situated near colleges like IIT and NIFT, hospitals like Apollo and FORTIS, and surrounded by residential complexes and great dining options, this one takes the trophy away because of its fabulous location.

Ramanujan IT City – TRIL

Home to some of the most well-known names of the industry, this one has five levels of parking, a Zen garden, informal seating, ATMs and walkways connecting all of the six blocks. If you have to run around the IT park, you can be sure that you’ve done your cardio for the day.

RMZ Millenia – Perungudi

For working professionals who forget their friends’ birthdays, working here can be a lifesaver. No big deal if you forgot to get your friend something, get a cake from the bakery or something cute from the gift store. That’s how convenient working here is.

Pacifica Tech Park – Navallur

Besides the known names like Infosys and Nokia, and all the usual amenities, this tech park also has a fire protection system and a sewage plant. A day spent here will seem less like work and more like a school field trip.

Kosmo One – Ambatthur

This IT park has modern world-class architecture, energy-efficient structure and accessibility to all major areas nearby. It’s situated in the heart of Chennai, and also at the top of every ‘IT parks in Chennai’ list there is.

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FAQs on IT Parks in Chennai

What is IT/Tech Park?

A small town but for IT companies. It has everything that towns have – schools, malls, offices, houses, and more.

Which Tech park is best for an IT/Software Company?

A convenient location. Good infrastructure. Chill zones and comfortable workstations. If a tech park checks all these boxes, it can be considered one of the best.

Which is the Largest IT/Tech Park in Chennai?

TIDEL (not to be confused with the word tidal) is the largest IT tech park in the city.

Which Tech Parks in Chennai have the most IT companies?

TIDEL IT park has 13 floors inside. Yes, you read it right. It is a castle when it comes to IT parks in Chennai, and has the maximum companies.

Which are the New Upcoming Tech Parks in Chennai in 2021?

DLF is planning on one, and apart from that, three new upcoming tech parks are likely to be completed in the next couple of years.

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