January 07, 2022

Schools in Bangalore

Like every other parent in the city, you want your child to study in one of the best schools in Bangalore. You know that education is not limited to classrooms. That’s why you want them to be in one of the top schools in Bangalore, where medals are handed out for sports as well as exam results. You want them to study in one of those schools in Bangalore where they’ll learn not just how to work on a computer, but also with a canvas and paintbrush. And we Stanza Living want that for them too. Our whole philosophy is about creating the right environment for young minds to flourish by providing the right facilities from professional housekeeping, high-speed internet to nutritious healthy meals. So, that they can stay healthy and carefree and just focus on their studies.

So, to help you out here, we’ve compiled a list of the top schools in Bangalore. We’ve considered fee structures, infrastructure, co-curricular and sports facilities. Location, too (so that you don’t have to spend hours in the notorious Bangalore traffic every morning). And you can take our word for it. Given that parents of over 50,000+ youngsters have chosen our residences, you can tell we know a thing about what parents want for their kids.

Top Schools in Bangalore

The 7 best schools in Bangalore:

Top Schools in Bangalore with Ranks


Institute Name


Chrysalis High School, Yelahanka


Army Public School Bangalore, K. Kamaraj Road


Delhi Public School Bangalore-East, Sulikunte


St Joseph’s Indian Institutions, Ashok Nagar


Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, Ashok Nagar


Bangalore International School, Geddalahalli

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Chrysalis High School, Yelahanka/ Whitefield/ Bannerghatta/ Banaswadi

Think back to when you were sixteen or seventeen. Don’t you think that was too young an age to be deciding what to do with the rest of your life? Chrysalis seems to definitely think so. That’s why they offer something called the STEAM program – Science, Tech, Engineering, Art & Maths. It lets students choose subjects from different streams so they can keep their options open. No wonder their chain of co-ed schools occupies so many spots in the list of top schools in Bangalore.

Army Public School Bangalore, K Kamaraj Road

The best Army Public School in India was initially built for kids of army personnel who had to keep moving from one state to another. Today, however, it has become one of the most competitive schools in the city since civilians, too, send their children here for the diverse environment they offer. Your child will meet people from so many communities that if they spend a few years here, they might be able to pick up four to five new languages. And, true to the culture of the Armed forces, discipline is prioritised here and no one is allowed to slack off. You can even say that students here have to work as hard as their parents who serve in the Army.

Delhi Public School Bangalore, East Sulikunte

If you’re looking to enroll your kid in an active environment, DPS is the place for you. Be it their regular Monday tests, the State and National Level competitions students are sent to, or the award-winning co-curricular; the calendar of a dispite is always full. The school also offers a variety of co-curricular activities – from music to chores to sports – meaning, there’s a place for everyone. Especially for introverts and newcomers who have recently moved to Bangalore. And even if you have to move somewhere else in a couple of years, this is the best option since you can find a DPS literally anywhere in the country. The school culture is the same so your child won’t have to start the adjustment process from ground zero.

St Joseph’s Indian Institutions, Ashok Nagar

While you may have heard of the strict college under the same umbrella, the school is relatively less popular. It is one of those schools that lay a lot of importance on discipline and punctuality. You may be thinking, which school doesn’t? But for your information, a convent is ten steps ahead of others when it comes to a disciplined environment. And even if your child doesn’t learn this at school, they’ll definitely have to learn it later, if they’re planning to go to St Joseph’s College for their 11th.

Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, Ashok Nagar

Some say that this school charges way above average for its junior classes. But when compared to other schools in Bangalore, you’ll hardly find anyone complaining about it. And why would they when Bishop Cotton has been one of India’s Top 3 schools for years? In fact, the school has built such a brand around its name that parents don’t seem to mind the high fees at all. After all, what are a few extra thousand rupees when your child will get a world-class education in return? Even former president Pranab Mukherjee had said that if there was a school that could represent India globally, it would be Bishop Cotton. So even if you have doubts over our judgment, you can trust him.

Bangalore International School, Geddalahalli

Established way back in the 60s, Bangalore International School was started by an American couple because, at that time, there weren’t any local schools that offered a North American style of education. Half a century later, this school is still one of the top 10 schools in Bangalore because of its modern teaching style. Especially known for their unique approach towards teaching maths, the teachers here use real-life examples instead of solving problems from big, fat books. If your child is afraid of the monster called Mathematics, all they need is a patient teacher from BIS and a few hours of playing in their maths lab.

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FAQs on Schools in Bangalore

Which are the 5 Best CBSE Schools in Bangalore?

The 5 Best CBSE Schools in Bangalore, in no particular order – DPS Bangalore East, National Public School, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Army Public School, and New Horizon Gurukul.

Which are the Best Government Schools in Bangalore?

When it comes to the best govt schools in Bangalore, Government Boys High School, Air Force School and Army Public School can easily be named as the Top 3.

What are the Best High Schools in Bangalore?

You can refer to the table above for the best high schools in Bangalore, that we have curated based on not just academics, but their overall performance in the last few years.

What is the Average Fee of CBSE and ICSE Schools in Bangalore?

High schools in Bangalore might sometimes cost you even more than a college education, with fees ranging from Rs 1,00,000-1,50,000 per year. But with the teaching and other facilities they offer, you’ll hardly find any reason to complain.

Which is the Biggest School in Bangalore?

Oxford English School in JP Nagar has one of the biggest campuses among schools in Bangalore.

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