January 08, 2022

Top Schools in Greater Noida 2023-24

Looking to enrol your kid in the best school in Greater Noida? But what’s the definition of “best” for you? Are you looking for an ICSE or CBSE school in Greater Noida? Is the school located within 3-5 km from your house? Is it one that focuses strictly on academics? Or is it one that brings out the inner Virat Kohli or Arijit Singh in your child? And what is your child’s idea of the top school in Greater Noida? What is he or she looking for?

Once you have the answers to all these questions, finding a school from among the top 10 schools in Greater Noida becomes fairly easier. But even if you don’t have these answers yet or are still figuring it out, don’t worry. We, at Stanza Living, have come up with a list of the best schools in Greater Noida for your child. We understand how difficult it is to make a choice for your child, especially when you’re basically choosing a second home for them. We’re saying we understand because we truly do. Thousands of students (and counting) have chosen our residences aka they’ve put their trust in us. We are just asking you to do the same.

Best Schools in Greater Noida

The top 5 Schools in Greater Noida are:

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The Best Schools in Greater Noida in 2021


Institute Name



Apeejay International School

Surajpur Kasna Road


Delhi Public School

Gamma 2


Somerville School

Sector Alpha II


J. P. International School

Sector Omega I


Pragyan School

Gamma 1

Apeejay International School, Surajpur Kasna Road

Probably the most well-known amongst all the best CBSE schools in Greater Noida, Apeejay has everything a student needs to succeed. Smart classes, libraries, and reading rooms, convenient location, calm environment. The school campus is disabled-friendly and not only that, they put a lot of focus on other social issues too – cancer, child harassment, conservation of the environment. They also organise career fests (international colleges come to visit, btw) and take students on the best field trips. By far, everyone’s favourite was the trip to the Coca-Cola factory. Seeing how Coke is made AND drinking it? C’mon, you can’t beat that.

Delhi Public School, Gamma 2

DPS is more of a brand than a school. And a good one at that. Its branch in Greater Noida is no exception. The school offers around a hundred different ECA classes like rhyme recitation, Diya decoration, storytelling, calligraphy, spellathons, embroidery, book cover making. In addition to the regular ones that other schools in Greater Noida offer. And if your child is a hosteller, they can also stay back for an extra hour at the tennis court or swimming pool after school ends. Perks of being a wallflower hosteller.

Somerville School, Sector Alpha II

Somerville is a convent and is one of the most popular CBSE schools in Greater Noida. And why not? Their fees are affordable, teachers are dedicated and students are encouraged to participate in as many extracurricular activities as possible. And they offer so many. From the usual ones like sports and music to the less heard ones like flower arrangement, vegetable carving and rangoli making. Oh, and if you’re a fitness freak (and want your kid to be the same), we should probably tell you this – yoga is mandatory for every kid. Even if they play three different sports.

J P International School, Sector Omega I

JP International’s name is part of many “top 10 schools in Greater Noida” listicles. Well, one reason is obviously their academics, with students topping Olympiads and national-level entrance exams. But they also focus a lot on co-curricular – music, dance, martial arts, swimming, clay modeling. Even nature and weather classes for all the children who prefer outdoors over indoors, clay over the classroom.

Pragyan School, Gamma 1

Pragyan School stands out among all the other top schools in Greater Noida. And not just because of their quality education. They’re known for grooming their students to be environmentally conscious and sustainable. They’ve been declared the winners of the Green School Award by the Centre of Science & Environment for three straight years. Amazing, right? Well, they’re not just pro-Gyan, they’re pro-environment too.

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FAQs on Schools in Greater Noida

Which are the 5 Best CBSE Schools in Greater Noida?

In no particular order, these would be the top 5 names when it comes to the best CBSE schools in Greater Noida:

  • Apeejay International School
  • Delhi Public School
  • Somerville School
  • J. P. International School
  • Ryan International School

Which are the Best Government Schools in Greater Noida?

Vishwa Bharati Public School is the best government school in Greater Noida. In fact, it is no less than any of the private schools in the area.

What are the Best High Schools in Greater Noida?

The best high school in Greater Noida for your child are:

  • Apeejay International School, Surajpur Kasna Road
  • Delhi Public School, Gamma 2
  • Somerville School, Sector Alpha II

What is the Average Fee of CBSE and ICSE Schools in Greater Noida?

Well, high school education in Greater Noida is quite expensive and ranges from Rs 67,000 to Rs 1,15,000. And more if you opt for boarding facilities, obviously.

Which is the Biggest School in Greater Noida?

There’s no consensus when it comes to the biggest schools in Greater Noida, but here are a few close contenders:

  • Aster Public School
  • GD Goenka School
  • Braintree School
  • Apeejay School
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