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January 06, 2022

Schools in Pune

You want your child to study in the best schools in Pune. Especially if you’re new to the city and want them to have a smooth transition too. And so do we. At Stanza Living, we’re all about giving youngsters the right environment for them to reach their full potential. In this case, the right environment is one of those offered by the top schools in Pune.

We’ve done the research for you so that you don’t have to go hunting far and wide for the right one. Like, literally. We’ve even listed the areas in which the most sought-after schools in Pune are located. So you can pick a school that’s close to your home. That way, your child gets to school on time, and you don’t get stuck in traffic trying to get them there.

Top Schools in Pune

The 7 best schools in Pune are given below:

  • Wagholi
  • Kothrud
  • Hinjewadi
  • Karve Nagar
  • Kondhwa
  • Viman Nagar
  • Vadgaon

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List of The Best Schools in Pune in 2021

Institute Name



The Bishop School

General Bhagat Marg, Pune


Symbiosis International School

Viman Nagar, Pune


The Lexicon International School Wagholi Pune

Wagholi, Pune


Delhi Public School Pune

Nyati County, Pune


Pawar Public School

Hinjewadi, Pune


Mahindra International School

Hinjewadi, Pune


MIT Pune Vishwashanti Gurukul

Loni Kalbhor, Pune


The Bishop School, General Bhagat Marg, Pune

The Bishop School was started in 1864 with a small batch of just 15 boys. While it has a much bigger class strength and all modern amenities to support it now, the school committee decided to keep some of the old, British architecture intact. The school has boarding facilities, with some of the halls looking just like the ones in Hogwarts. Many ex-students say that it cannot be compared to other schools since studying here is a whole experience in itself. We’re sure the wizards at Hogwarts feel the same way.

Symbiosis International School, Viman Nagar, Pune

It’s unlikely that you’ve heard of Pune’s educational institutes and not heard of Symbiosis College. But in case you didn’t know, they have a school under the same name too. Located in Viman Nagar, where you can see more planes than stars sometimes, this school is just a walk away from the airport. If you are a parent who keeps traveling frequently due to work, enrolling your kid in Symbiosis is probably the best decision you can make. They get to study in an international school, and you get to see them even in the short breaks between their trips. Yes, their fee is a bit higher than the average, but the education they provide is worth every dollar you earn from cracking those business deals.

The Lexicon International School, Wagholi, Pune

Lexicon is not just one of the top 10 schools in Pune, it has also been awarded the Best educational institute by BBC knowledge. And for good reason, too. While a lot of schools in the country are struggling to manage their classes in the pandemic, teachers at Lexicon go as far as using interesting props to make their online classes more interactive. Not just that, they also recently held a session between the students planning to take admission in the 11th standard and their seniors of 12th. So that the anxiety of choosing a stream and deciding on a career is slightly reduced. Plus, when relatives come nagging with questions like “what after your 10th boards?”, students have an answer prepared.

Delhi Public School, Nyati County, Pune

DPS, as a school chain, has a core value of being eco-friendly and promotes the conservation of natural resources. For instance, DPS Pune uses solar lights instead of electricity, to conserve the maximum energy possible. In fact, they care so much about nature that they have spread 183 “branches” in different cities of India and 19 abroad. Sorry, not sorry for the bad pun!

Pawar Public School, Hinjewadi, Pune

If your child has always wanted to study in a top engineering college in Pune for their uber-cool labs and guest lecturers from universities abroad, you should totally check this school out. Pawar Public School has student exchange programs where he or she can go to one of their partner schools abroad or have some brilliant kids from other countries as their classmates. Secondly, they invite faculty from other colleges and schools for lectures and workshops every year. And if all of this wasn’t enough to make them one of the top schools in Pune, they also have a Robotics program for their high school students. So your Math wizards can fulfill all their IIT dreams before they even give the dreaded IIT entrance exam. How cool is that!

Mahindra International School, Hinjewadi, Pune

This school is a favourite not only among Punekars or Indians but among students from various other countries too. So you end up studying with a very diverse bunch of students – be it race, class or economic backgrounds. It’s like a social sciences lesson implemented IRL. Fun fact: they used to call themselves the Mercedes-Benz International School. But though they may be under a new banner, they’re still leading the race in being woke.

MIT Pune Vishwashanti Gurukul, Loni Kalbhor, Pune

When talking about the best schools in Pune, we can’t miss out on the city’s no.1 boarding school. As their name suggests, they have both global and traditional teaching styles. While their classes are research-based and backed up with all the latest technologies, they also follow a ‘guru-shishya’ relationship where students and teachers are encouraged to socialise beyond the classroom. So that learning is not just limited to tests and assignments. And don’t worry, it’s not as strict as the Gurukul from Mohabbatein.

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FAQs on Schools in Pune

Which are the 5 Best CBSE Schools in Pune?

The 5 Best Schools in Pune under CBSE are, in no particular order – C P Goenka International School, DPS Pune, Vibgyor High, The Kalyani School, and Global Indian International School.

Which are the Best Government Schools in Pune?

Although not on our list, there are some government schools in Pune like Army Public School and Kendriya Vidyalaya, Army Area that have a lot of good testimonials from both students and their parents.

What are the Best High Schools in Pune?

You can refer to our table for the best-ranked schools in Pune, based on their academics, co-curricular and world-class infrastructure.

What is the Average Fee of CBSE and ICSE Schools in Pune?

Both CBSE and ICSE schools in Pune are kinda expensive, with fees ranging anywhere between Rs 40,000-1 Lakh. Think of it not as an expenditure, but a lifelong investment.

Which is the Biggest School in Pune?

Well, in the battle of the biggest school in Pune, it’s a tie between Mahindra International School and Symbiosis International School.

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