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May 03, 2022

Cost of Co-Living in Pune

When you’re put up in a coliving space in Pune, you don’t have to think about a lot of things. We mean things your friends living in independent apartments have to deal with. Spending on groceries, renting furniture, and what-not. Though, you still have to factor in every other little expense if you don’t wanna go broke. And given the number of exciting live gigs and music festivals that keep happening in the city, you’ll surely have to keep a check on your wallet even while coliving in Pune.

And that’s where we come in. Because we, at Stanza Living, know all about what it’s like living life in a new city when you’re young and free. Mostly due to the fact that we’ve spent time with more than 80,000 of your peers living in our Stanza Living residences in 24+ cities. So we kinda get exactly what you want and what you don’t. Why else would our co-living spaces cover every one of your household chores? Like cooking yum, homely meals, taking care of your laundry, and cleaning your rooms every day of the week. So you can stress less and chill more, more, more. Now, please scroll down and take a look at the expenses. Or else, when your friends are head-banging on front row tickets, you’ll be banging your head thinking about all the hollow space in your wallet.

Factors Determining the Cost of Co-living in Pune

Top 4 aspects that decide the cost of living in Pune in 2022:

Looking for a place with yum meals and daily professional housekeeping? Check out our residences in Pune.

Rental Costs

Your co-living space’s rent is going to gobble up a large chunk of your budget every month. How big you want the chunk to be will decide where you live – in a shared occupancy room or a huge single room all by yourself. The average rentals for various kinds of accommodations are given below, but let’s just say that if you can spare ₹7,500 per month, you’ll find a place to stay in this city. And since it’ll most likely be a co-living pg in Pune, you get the added bonus of getting a friend as your roomie. Basically, you’d have some company to drop your daily hint of Wordle too.

Accommodation costs of co-living in Pune:


Price Range

Single room

Rs. 9,000/- to Rs. 14,400/-

Double sharing

Rs. 6,000/- to Rs. 12,500/-

Triple sharing

Rs. 6,700/- to Rs. 12,000/-

Managed apartments

Rs. 11,299/- to Rs. 21,099/-


When it comes to Public Transport, the city of Pune still has some distance to cover. Literally. As of now, most parts of the city are not covered by adequate public transport infrastructure. Unless you live close to your office or college, you’ll have to depend on the buses or a monthly train pass that can cost anywhere between ₹600 to ₹1800. But yes, this city does lag behind in transport. Though, if you choose the right neighborhood, you can spend those monies you save from Uber. And invest it in your 10 millionth lampshade in an attempt to make your room look like a Pinterest post.

Electricity and Wifi

Your co-living space will most likely cover at least a part of the electricity bill. But you’ll most likely also have to pay separate energy charges for your geyser and air conditioner. And that comes down to around Rs. 8.75 per unit. And as for the internet charges, it’s the same as any other city, around 700-1200 INR for an unlimited plan. Anyway, who cares how much the internet costs? You’re still gonna pay for it and lose sleep rewatching Blake Lively’s Met Gala entrance over and over again.

Leisure & Entertainment

A satisfying meal for two people at an average restaurant in Pune will cost you about ₹1,000/-. Of course, there are smaller joints where you can get a ₹250/- meal. And then there are five-star restaurants were just reading the prices might kill your appetite. Either way, it can be said that going out once in a while for a meal won’t be out of your budget in Pune. And you can always join a gym (for around ₹ 1800/- per month) to gain more motivation to eat less junk food. So there’s that too.

Leisure and entertainment costs in Pune:


Average Cost

Meal for two (budget eatery)

₹ 300/-

Meal for two (mid-level eatery)

₹ 600/-

Meal for two (upscale eatery)

₹ 1800/-

Gym/ Fitness Studio fee

₹ 1800/- INR per month

Movie tickets

₹ 400/-

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FAQs on the Cost of Co-Living in Pune

Is Pune an Expensive City to Live in for a Bachelor?

The cost of living in Pune for a bachelor can be really high if you are living alone. But if you can find shared accommodation or the best coliving spaces in Pune like Stanza Living, the burden of cost will be much less for the number of amenities you’ll get to make your lives easier.

Is There a Minimum Rent that I have to Pay?

In a city as vast as Pune, there will be living options for every pocket. While the costs above are average, you’ll find living spaces that are far cheaper and far more expensive. There is no real minimum cost, as long as you’re flexible.

What is the Cost of Living in Pune for Students?

The cost of living in Pune for students depends on your accommodation which is around ₹ 6,500/- – ₹ 15,000/-. And then there is the cost of transportation, internet, electricity, and entertainment costs too. All of which we’ve broken down above.

What are the Factors that Determine the Cost of Living in Pune for a Family?

If you are moving to Pune with your family, the cost of accommodation in Pune is somewhere near ₹20k a month.

If I Choose to Co-live in Pune, which Areas Should I Look in for a Space?

Well, these are the areas that you definitely need to scout when you decide to co-live:

  • Hinjewadi
  • Wakad
  • Kharadi
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