Cost of Living in Ahmedabad

Cost of Living in Ahmedabad

Soon you’ll be there. The glittering jewel of the Gujrat model. The birthplace of landmarks in corporate India and the home of some of the most brilliant ideas that shaped the nation. Maybe you’re going to help shape the next one. Or perhaps you’re going to learn about the history that was created there. Whatever the case may be, Ahmedabad is calling.

But before you start your love affair with the city, you need to settle in. Find your space, the launchpad that will only take your places but also be your cocoon of peace. And all cocoons come at a price. So, this blog is here to show you ground reality, and account for every rupee you spend in the city of billionaires.

What is the Cost of Living In Ahmedabad?

Here is the list of various aspects the are involved in calculating the cost of living in Ahmedabad:

  1. Accommodation
  2. Transport
  3. Groceries
  4. Utilities
  5. Leisure & Entertainment
  6. Childcare

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There is a place you will call home. Where you will come back after a day full of challenges, or a night filled with laughter. Where you’ll put that lamp you found at that garage sale, or the dream catcher your second favorite cousin got for you from Darjeeling. And this is what your home will ask from your pocket.

Renting in the heart of Ahmedabad ranges from Rs. 13,800 for a 1BHK to Rs. 26,000 for a 3BHK. Away from the city center, the prices come down to Rs. 10,000 for a 1BHK to 18,300 for a 3BHK. If breaking the price barrier to high-end areas is your cup of tea, then coliving spaces are what you should be looking at. Areas like Navrangpura and Gota are well within reach with prices starting at Rs. 8800.

Apartment Rental in Ahmedabad

Price Range


Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 13,800/-


Rs. 15,000/- to Rs. 20,000/-


Rs. 18,300/- to Rs. 26,000/-

Paying Guest

Starting at Rs. 8800/-


Ahmedabad is not a huge city. It’s only about 464 square kilometers. But you still have to get around. Knowing the cost implications of this is only logical. If you’re using local transport, a one-way ticket runs to about Rs. 20, while a monthly pass will put you back by Rs. 500. Petrol is priced at about Rs. 81 a litre, while diesel sells at Rs. 79 per liter. The good news is that the relatively small size of the city means lesser traveling time and fuel usage, which makes it more affordable.


A vital consideration for those moving to a new city, groceries in Ahmedabad might be a bit steep for those who are single and living on their own. A good option for single people is coliving spaces that are growing in popularity within the city. That being said, a basic grocery list of one litre of milk and one litre of water, a loaf of bread, a dozen eggs, one kilo each of rice, apples, oranges, potatoes, onions, and cheese will cost you around Rs. 1,000. 


You might get a great deal on the house, but it still has to run. You need water to bathe in, electricity for just about everything, cooling because Ahmedabad gets really hot and heating because winter nights are cold, and somebody to haul out the garbage every morning (or maybe once a week). In Ahmedabad, the average cost of all these utilities will put you back about Rs. 3,500 every month. 

Leisure & Entertainment

Everybody needs some time off. Whether you’re looking to take the family out, or just hang out with friends, you should go in with your eyes wide open. A meal with drinks and a movie will cost you about Rs. 800 per person without taxes. A gym to workout will cost around Rs. 1,300 per month while hitting the tennis court on the weekend will be Rs. 700 per hour. And the cappuccino afterward? That’ll be Rs. 124.


While this is mostly for families with kids, you never know what might happen in a new place. So, it’s best to make sure you have this information. Preschool in Ahmedabad averages at Rs. 4,000 per month while primary school fees start at Rs. 8,000 per month. For working parents, a nanny can be hired from Rs. 5,000 per month, for a period of eight hours.

And that’s what you need for a happy life in Ahmedabad. Of course, there are always ways to make life economical. Coliving spaces that offer home-like comforts and take care of basics will help you circumvent a lot of these costs. And at the end of the day, if you’re happy where you live and happy where you work, you’re pretty much sorted!

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FAQs on Cost of Living in Ahmedabad

Which areas in Ahmedabad are expensive?

Places like Ambawadi and Naroda are considered to be high-end areas within Ahmedabad.

Where should I go to unwind in Ahmedabad?

Ahmedabad has a vast and eclectic mix of places that you’ll love at the end of a long day. From the uber-cool Java+ at Courtyard by Marriot to The Lotus Pool at Lal Darwaja, there’s something for everybody in this wonderful city.

Are PGs better than an apartment share in Ahmedabad?

It depends on what you’re looking at. If you want a comfortable living space that takes care of all your basic needs while helping you meet and interact with great new people who you might not meet otherwise, then coliving spaces are what you should be looking at. Here is the list of affordable PGs available in Ahmedabad:

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