1. (Italian) room · apartment · chamber

2. (English) In poetry, a grouped set of lines within a poem usually set off from other similar groupings by an indentation or separation

As stanzas build the foundations for a poem, Stanza Living aspires to provide world-class accommodation to build the foundations for the most important chapter in a student’s life - college

Come to Stanza Living to find your own room – a room with a unique story, a unique personality and a unique rhythm – and let’s create poetry together!

what is stanza

Stanza is a unique housing concept created for students moving to a new place to pursue their dreams. Relocating to a new city or neighbourhood is difficult and nerve-wracking. Everything seems alien - the people, the food, the places. All one wishes for is a sense of belonging, of fraternity and of comfort.

It is here that Stanza is like a breath of fresh air!

Stanza creates and operates world-class residences for students where every detail of the concept has been thoughtfully designed, be it the rooms and common areas on one hand or the service offerings on the other. Stanza’s aim is to create a joyful, exciting, secure and truly comfortable place for students to live in – a place where warmth exudes from every corner, where a genuine sense of community is nurtured and where the student will get the perfect platform to succeed and thrive.

Stanza is not just another hostel or paying guest accommodation.

Stanza is challenging the status quo on behalf of every student, current and future, who steps out to pursue her/his dreams – Why should a student settle (pun intended!) for anything less than perfection when it comes to housing options? It is time for students to shout out loud – “Sadda Haq Aithe Rakh!”

Every student is special – every student has a story to tell, a message to share, a future to create and a dream to turn into reality.

At Stanza, we believe in this adage and we work night and day to deliver a unique experience to all our residents – an experience intricately crafted by us through a best-in-class collection of facilities, communities and opportunities.

    • Tastefully designed rooms
      and common areas
    • High quality
      living infrastructure
    • Technology driven
      security systems
    • Tasty and healthy
      multi-cuisine food
    • Professionally trained
      and caring
    • Recreational spaces for
      relaxing and bonding
    • Year-round
      events and celebrations
    • Reading areas for
      studying and brainstorming sessions
    • Focus on feedback driven
      process improvement
    • Lifestyle options
      through targeted tie-ups
    • Carefully sourced experts pool
      to help sharpen life skills
    • Access to corporate networks
      for internship opportunities
    • Brown bag sessions to
      network with successful entrepreneurs
    • Access to the Stanza founders,
      employees and alumni network
    • Thoughtfully selected
      knowledge network
the stanza founders
  • The property geek, Anindya aka ‘Andy' spent the majority of his working life in London plying his skills in real estate, investment banking and private equity at Goldman Sachs and Oaktree Capital. During his time abroad, he spent a few late nights evaluating student living businesses and decided it was time that Indian students finally got what they deserved (yeh hui na baat!). An MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and an engineering graduate from IIT Kharagpur, Anindya is also a keen traveller (he claims to have walked all the streets of Europe!) and is a huge Chelsea Football Club fan.

    Anindya Dutta Co-Founder
  • The technology aficionado, Sandeep aka ‘Dalmia’ enjoyed his working life across India, Los Angeles, Philippines and Indonesia in management consulting with Boston Consulting Group. Always wanting to try his hand at entrepreneurship, Dalmia is super excited to moving from giving advice to top businesspersons in the country to shaping the student living experience in India. An MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and an engineering graduate from Delhi College of Engineering, Dalmia loves to road-bike, enjoys poker with friends and is always exploring new malts.

    Sandeep Dalmia Co-Founder