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Your Second home inNew Bel Road

PG in New Bel Road

So life's taking you to New Bel Road. But to book a room in a boring old PG in New Bel Road will be the wrong start to your time spent here. Settle for nothing less than a place that will become the heartbeat of this exciting part of your life. And there's nowhere else that you'll find such a place, then with Stanza Living.

Things to Remember while Renting a PG in New Bel Road

If you’re thinking of renting a paying guest in New Bel Road, remember - expect more than just a PG. Truth is, there’s very little about life in the average paying guest accommodation that you'll cherish for a lifetime. You deserve to live in a place that does justice to this exciting phase of your life, even if it's just a Paying Guest (PG) in Bangalore. And that happens when you stay in a PG that feels like home. In other words, when you stay in a Stanza Living residence.

How Safe will you be from COVID-19 in a Stanza Living Residence?

The doors to our residences are always open for you. But never for COVID-19. In these circumstances, every measure possible is our number one priority. From thermal monitoring at the entrances to social distancing in all common areas. From regular residence sanitization to access to hand-sanitizers in all areas. Nothing is unimportant. Unlike the small-scale PGs in New Bel Road, we have professional management and an extensive industry network. And we will use it to keep you safe from the coronavirus.

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5,500 - ₹30,000
Dortmund House
Cologne House
Rostock House
Compton House

FAQs on PG in New Bel Road

Do I Have to Pay Any Brokerage While Booking a PG in New Bel Road?

Yes and no. It depends on the route you take to book a PG in New Bel Road. But at Stanza Living, we're more professional about it. So we deal with you directly with a fair and transparent rental structure.

Which are the Best PG Accommodations for Gents in New Bel Road?

The best of all the PGs for gents in New Bel Road are the ones least like a PG. Take Stanza Living, for example. It's more than just a place to stay. It's a second home.

Are there Any Good PGs in New Bel Road with Single Occupancy?

PG here, PG there, PGs PGs everywhere. There are many 'good' paying guest accommodations in New Bel Road, including single occupancy. But to be the best option for you, a PG has to be more than a PG. Just like Stanza Living is.

Which are the Best Paying Guests (PGs) for Ladies in New Bel Road?

Go through the entire list of PGs for ladies in New Bel Road, and it'll be clear what is the best option for you. And that is none other than Stanza Living.

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How Much Will a Fully Furnished PG in New Bel Road Cost?

Usually, a furnished PG in New Bel Road will cost you a few thousand rupees in rent. But with Stanza Living you also get the feeling of home. And that is absolutely priceless.

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