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4 PGs waiting to be yours near Electronic City


PG in Electronics City

Searching for a PG in Electronics City? We have you covered, with a surprising PG in the city. So unique, that you won’t find anything like it elsewhere Truth be told, it feels more like home than a PG. You'll feel like a member of a big but close-knit family. Now, when you feel like family in a place, it starts feeling like home. And that's exactly what this place is. It's your second home in a strange, new city - Stanza Living.

Points to Focus on While Renting a PG in Electronics City

There are various points that one should check on while renting the PG in Electronics City. Spacious rooms, good facilities, and food. Most of us get stuck at those. But there still is a lot more to look for. And you have to check every paying guest accommodation in Electronics City you come across for these amenities and services. Now, many PGs in Bangalore will compromise on one criterion, or maybe more. Fortunately for you, we here at Stanza Living know exactly what you need. Maybe even more than you do. Since we're your second home. And it is at home, where all your needs are met.

Stanza Living - Best PG in Electronics City, Bangalore

There is none like Stanza Living. We say that earnestly. Your rooms will feel like you, in every corner. A lot could be said about the various amenities provided at our premises. Everything from essential to exquisite, is at your service. Life at Stanza Living with all its fun and vigor is what makes living here a great experience. Life at Stanza Living, with all its excitement, is the greatest attraction. Any of these reasons should be enough but all you need is one - it is where you feel at home.

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Want to explore more? Choose fully furnished residences from the other localities of Bangalore:

Places in and around Electronics City: Veer Sandra, Shanthi Pura, Patel Hanumareddy Colony, Narayana Reddy Layout, Gollahalli.

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FAQs on PG in Electronics City

Which are the Ladies Best PG in Electronics City?

There are some PGs in Electronics City for ladies. And then there are better PGs in Electronics City for ladies. But the spot for the best option for you is reserved for one name alone. And, no points for guessing, it's Stanza Living.

Why is Stanza Living an Ideal Choice when Looking for the Best PG in Electronics City?

Because our rooms are not just rooms. Our essential amenities include even non-essential ones. As for our residence culture...well, we actually have one. Also, you can't ignore the fact that Stanza Living is not just a PG in Electronics City. It is your second home.

Here is the list of our residences for ladies and gents that outrank even the best PG in Electronics City:

How Safe are PGs near Electronics City for Students and Working Professionals?

For us at Stanza Living, only our multi-tier tech-enabled security system will do when it comes to your safety. Some PGs in Electronics City might have similar security measures, others may not. But for us, anything less than that is not safe enough.

Do PGs in Electronics City Provide 24/7 Power Backup?

It's not uncommon to find PGs in Electronics City with a 24X7 power backup claims. But how many actually live up to them? Not that many. Stanza Living also claims to have 24X7 power backup. But if you choose to stay with us, you'll realise we back that claim up very well.

What are the Basic Amenities Provided by Hostels near Electronics City?

The basic amenities you'll find at most PGs near Electronics City include food, hot water and ACs. But, tbh, those are too basic, no? At Stanza Living, we have an exhaustive list of amenities that covers all your needs, big or small. That's why we're not your "basic" hostels.


PG in Electronic City Phase 1

How Good is the Food Services of PGs in Electronics City?

When it comes to room cleaning and laundry services, and food, we at Stanza Living insist on the highest professional standards. Finding a local PG in Electronics City that offers services of the same quality will be hard. In fact, the only thing harder will be finding faults in ours.

How Safe are PGs in Electronics City During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

It is not possible for most PGs to deal with the pandemic due to lack of resources. Here at Stanza Living, however, our COVID-19 Combat-Ready Framework allows us to deal with it effectively.

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