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January 29, 2022

Famous Street Food In Delhi To Enjoy With Your Friends

If you think that street food in Delhi is all about the chaats, you couldn’t be more wrong. Obviously, the city has some amazing places serving Delhi chaats. But that’s just the beginning. Being such a diverse city, there’s almost no type of food that you won’t find here. Don’t trust us, read on and let the best street food places in Delhi speak for themselves.

But hey, don’t get carried away with all the delicious dishes of Delhi. Eating street food on a regular basis might tickle your taste buds, but will also upset your stomach. We suggest eating homemade food on most days, just like the meals served in our residences. If you eat healthy for five or six days of the week, then you can go all out by tasting the best street food in Delhi on weekends. Deal?

Which Places Serve the Best Street Food in Delhi?

25 best street food places in Delhi are:

You’ve found the best places to eat. How about finding the best places to live next? Check out our residences in Delhi.

Aslam Chicken Corner, Jama Masjid

The most iconic and famous name that comes to mind when talking about street food in old Delhi is Aslam Chicken Corner. Their butter chicken, made with heaps of butter, cream and a secret spice mix, is popular all over the city as Aslam’s Butter Chicken. If they had a slogan, it would probably be: Butter Chicken lovers, unite!

Daulat Ki Chaat, Chandni Chowk

This is one of the most unique and tempting dishes of Delhi. Daulat ki Chaat is like a creamy souffle topped with some dry fruits. It’s a chilled, sweet dish that is only found in Chandni Chowk. We bet this is not what you imagined when you saw the word “chaat”, right?

Moolchand Paratha, Moolchand

Their Aloo Pyaz Paratha and Egg Paratha are a must-try, especially when paired with a glass of Sweet or Mango Lassi. Located in the Moolchand metro station, the parathas here are worth every minute and penny you spend before boarding that last train.

Arjun Bombay Pav Bhaji, Model Town

These guys serve two varieties of pav bhaji, a regular one and an extra buttery variant, that will make your cheat days totally worth it. This place is affordable and close to North Campus – two of the best reasons why you’ll see the eatery constantly cramped by young (and broke) students.

Roshan Di Kulfi, Karol Bagh

Thanks to their cult of kulfi lovers, Roshan Di Kulfi is known as one of the best street food places in Delhi. They serve some of the best chaats in town, but what they’re really known for is the iconic kulfi-falooda, Delhi’s answer to ice cream and gelato.

Ghalib Kabab Corner, Nizamuddin West

This eatery is open past midnight, but we suggest coming here early if you don’t want to miss out on their delish seekh kebabs, nihari and biryani. It’s located close to Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah. No wonder their food is so heavenly.

Prince Chaat Corner, M Block GK

An affordable street food eatery in the posh GK locality, who would have thought? No wonder this place, serving some of the most delicious and hygienic dishes like Palak Patta Chaat, Bhalla Papri, Golgappe and Raj Kachori, is everyone’s favourite. They might be named Prince, but to us, they’re the king of Delhi chaats.

Bombay Bhel Puri, South Extension I

South Extension has some really cool joints if you’re on the lookout for street food in Delhi. And this outlet is proof enough. If you need a pick-me-up in between shopping but also don’t want to feel too full, their Sevpuri will “sev” the day.

Dadu Cutlet Shop, Chittaranjan Park

Dadu Cutlet Shop in CR park is a small eatery that serves all kinds of chops and cutlets i.e. the perfect place to munch on some yum greasy food. Don’t forget to follow up with Mishti Doi and Roshogulla from the shop right next to it. You really thought we’d talk about famous street food in Delhi and not mention mini Kolkata?

Changezi Chicken, Pitampura

Their signature dish is the hot and spicy Changezi Chicken, which is made on a huge pan and is cooked on low flame for hours. The meat is tender, while the flaming hot gravy is a war on your taste buds. If your stomach is as weak as your taste buds, we suggest taking a Digene after. 

Kakori Kebab Rolls At Aap Ki Khaatir, SDA

SDA has some of the cutest cafes and the best street food places too. Kakori Kebab Rolls is one of them. It’s a takeaway joint serving the best kebabs, tikkas and kathi rolls. Definitely don’t miss out on munching on their signature kakori kababs while you drive back home. It’s not exactly a drive-in food joint, but it’s as close as it gets.

Laxman Dhaba, Qutub Institutional Area

Parathas are the best street food Delhi offers. And dhabas are the best places to experience it in an authentic way. Our top pick would be Laxman Dhaba, where hundreds of students crowd every day for helpings of paneer paratha and chicken paratha. Even Ranbir Kapoor has said that it’s his favourite dhaba. Who are we to say otherwise?

Vaishno Chaat Bhandar, Kamla Nagar

A list of street food places in Delhi would be incomplete without mentioning some amazing places that serve chaat. One such name is the favourite of every DU student, Vaishno Chaat Bhandar in North Campus. Try the Pav Bhaji and ten different types of chaat with your friends here, and come home to both your tummy and your wallet feeling quite heavy.

Rahul Egg Corner, Ashok Vihar

A whole shop dedicated to eggs? Really? You’ll see why when you visit this place and discover their menu serving more than 225 different types of omelettes. The owner here very kindly recommends some dishes if you feel like you’re spoilt for choice (which you’ll feel, no cap).

Jain Chawal Wale, Connaught Place

If you happen to be in CP and are wondering where to go for some famous street food in Delhi, this is one place you defo need to check out. Try their Rajma Chawal, Shahi Paneer Chawal, Kadhi Chawal and the range of different parathas at less than 100 bucks. The place serves pure veg, but you won’t even be thinking about that chicken leg after a full meal here.

Khandani Pakode, Wala Nauroji Nagar

Rainy weather, a plate of pakodas and your favourite sitcom on TV. There’s probably no better combo than that. And even better if the pakodas are from one of Delhi’s favourite food joints. Where you can choose between varieties of these fried fritters – Veg Chaap Pakoda, Bread Pakoda, Paneer Pakoda, of course, accompanied by a tangy dip. If someone says iconic dishes of Delhi, we definitely say pakodas!

Jung Bahadur Kachori, Wala Chandni Chowk

Your journey of discovering street food in old Delhi will be incomplete without a visit to this eatery in Chandni Chowk. This place is known for its mouthwatering gravy that is served on top of the crispy fried kachoris. Every bite feels like a warm hug, and the steaming kachoris will be your BFFs during the freezing Delhi winters.

Kumar Samose Wala, Moti Nagar

Who doesn’t love a samosa with their chai? And at this joining, you can get more than 15 different types of them. Try the good old version, or if you like to mix n match things up, get their Pasta Samosa. And maybe the Blueberry Samosa for dessert too.

Art of Spices, Karol Bagh

Art Of Spices is one of the best street food places in Delhi for roll lovers. Whichever kind of filling you prefer, they will make it. Be it Mutton Egg Roll, Double Egg Double Chicken Roll, or the veg varieties of Soya Chaap Roll and Veg Roll, their rolls will play a huge “role” in keeping your tummy full throughout the day.

Qureshi Kabab, Corner Jama Masjid

This place has been in the kabab business for around 72 years. Yet, they remain a favourite even today. They even have a whole street dedicated to the family name in Old Delhi – Gali Kababian – a place you must not miss if you love food. Visit this place and name one variety of kabab you don’t like. We dare you.

Al Jawahar, Jama Masjid

You might have heard of Karim’s in Old Delhi, but have you heard of its tough competitor, Al Jawahar in Chawri Bazaar? The food is so good here that even the old loyalists of Karim’s are now flocking here to try the Kaleji gurda, chicken biryani and chicken changez before they run out. Looks like it’s time to buckle up for Karim’s.

Kake Di Hatti, Chandni Chowk

You can’t call yourself a foodie if you haven’t tried some street food in old Delhi. And Kake Di Hatti is the place for it. They have been serving some of the signature Indian dishes for over 70 years. One of which is the biggest naan in the country. It is so big that the restaurant is now named “King of Naan”.

Laphing, Majnu ka Tilla

Laphing is a signature dish of the streets of Majnu Ka Tilla. They make it two ways – dry and soupy – and both taste heavenly. These look like rollups with crushed soybean and a spicy chutney in the middle. If you think you can handle some spice, ask them to put 3x the chutney. And spend the rest of the day trying not to cry.

Nankhatai, Paharganj

For all the times you want to munch on something sweet post-dinner, a bag of Nankhatais is the answer. Found in the streets of Paharganj and Old Delhi, these warm, fresh cookies can steal everyone’s heart with their melt-in-the-mouth goodness. Cookie lovers, here’s a local competitor that’ll put those overpriced chocolate chip cookies to shame.

Dolma Aunty Momos, Lajpat Nagar

Steaming hot dumplings, spicy chilli chutney and a shop always filled with crowds – nothing describes Dolma Aunty Momos in Central Market better than this. If you’re tired of the typical Tandoori and Afghani Momos in Delhi (no offence to either), a plate of momos here will bring back the authentic Northeastern taste.

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FAQ on Street Food in Delhi

Which Street Food Place is Famous in Delhi?

Delhi is all about street food, so wherever you go, you’re bound to find some amazing options. Our favourites are:

  • Chache Di Hatti, Kamla Nagar
  • Juneja’s, Amar Colony Market
  • Atul Chaat, Rajouri Garden
  • Roshan ki Kulfi, Karol Bagh

Where can I find the Best Street Food in Delhi?

Literally everywhere. But the most famous ones are:

  • Chawri Bazar
  • Lajpat Nagar
  • Yashwant Place
  • INA Market
  • Karol Bagh

What is the Most Famous Sweet in Delhi?

Delhi has both Indian and Western dessert options for all the sweet tooths. Our top picks would be:

  • Gajar ka Halwa
  • Gulab Jamun
  • Shahi Tukda
  • Rabri and jalebi

Where is the Best Place to Eat Momos in Delhi?

Momos and Delhi are an evergreen love story. For the best tandoori momos in town, visit QDs in Lajpat Nagar or Satya Niketan. But if you prefer the original Tibetan style, try some from Dilli Haat and Safdarjung.

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