Places To Enjoy Street Food In Bangalore With Your Hostel Buddies

Places To Enjoy Street Food In Bangalore With Your Hostel Buddies

Looking for some street food in Bangalore? That’s easy. Looking for the best street food in Bangalore? Now, that’s a challenge. Quite a challenge. A simple google search for “food streets in Bangalore” will throw up thousands of results. And when you and your hostel buddies have got the cravings, going through those results is the last thing you want.

So we did that for you. We dug deep into the interwebs, and out came our list of the best places to grab some street food in Bangalore. ‘Coz hey, at Stanza Living, we’re all about making life easy for you. Everything we offer at fully-furnished Stanza Living PG is there to remove all hassles from your way. So consider finding the best street food in Bangalore to be our job. Because your time should be spent stuffing your mouth, not scrolling through your phone.

Best Street Food in Bangalore

The top 20 places to eat food in Bangalore are:

Enough street food options here. Try the homely meals at our Bangalore residences.

Thindi Beedi, VV Puram

Thindi Beedi is one of the most popular food streets in Bangalore. It opens only in the evenings and serves some yum local snacks like Paddus, Curd Kodubale, Akki Roti and Avarekai (hyacinth beans). You won’t get this stuff anywhere else, except Thindi Beedi, which literally translates to ‘’eat street’’.

Puchka’s, Marathahalli

Your journey of finding the best street food in Bangalore is incomplete without a visit to this iconic pani puri stall. This place maintains extreme hygiene so you don’t have to worry about getting sick the next day. And their menu is not just limited to Puchkas, you can enjoy some hot dogs and burgers here too.

Loafers Lane, Vasanth Nagar

One of the top food streets in Bangalore and especially a favourite among students of Mount Carmel College. From Mexican Chaat to Bombay Sandwich to bite-sized cupcakes to trying new fillings at Puran Momos every day – this place has got everything a foodie wishes for. This place is heaven for both hard workers and lazy loafers.

Food Street, HSR Layout

Come on, it doesn’t get more obvious than this. This food street in Bangalore’s HSR Layout is the best spot for non-veg lovers. Prepare your tummy to hog on some grilled chicken, chicken fry and the special Donne biryani made with a secret masala. Even if that means not eating the previous day.

Eat Street, Koramangala

Koramangala is known for its amazing food joints and Eat Street is one of them. Come here for the chaats at Chaat Street, Malai Sandwich at DeliToons and for the best breakfast in Bangalore at The Breakfast Truck. This place also hosts live gigs and karaoke nights, something you won’t find at any other food street, we’re sure.

Sri Sairam’s Chats and Juice Centre, Malleshwaram

We simply can’t talk about street food in Bangalore and not include a good chaat place. It would be unfair not to talk about the unique varieties of chaat they serve here – chip chaat, disco chaat and of course the regular ones. And while you’re here, don’t forget to try out the special homemade chocolates that they source from Ooty.

Khan Saheb Grills and Rolls, Indiranagar

Khan Saheb Grills and Rolls have tons of options on their menu, for both vegetarians and meat lovers. The food here is so good, they now have ten different outlets around the city. The rolls are very filling so if you want to try out the entire menu, you’ll have to come here a few times a month.

Hari’s Super Sandwich, Basavanagudi

This place has five branches across Bangalore, so imagine how yum and popular their sandwiches are. They have both savoury and sweet options and some snacks like potato twisters. Try a couple of sandwiches from the menu and when you’re full, their chocolate sandwich will make sure you don’t miss out on dessert too.

Karnataka Bhel House Bhel Puri

This street food hub is located in Bazaar Street and has been serving customers since 1975. People crowd here to try out their dozens of chat varieties, and of course their signature dish, bhel. Karnataka’s version of bhel so good, you won’t even crave the Marathi version anymore.

Central Tiffin Room, Margosa Road

Central Tiffin Room is a popular name among the locals. They serve the most common South Indian snacks like Masala Dosa, Vadas and Kesari bath but no other place makes it as good as they do. Although they’ve now renamed Sri Sagar, they’re still better known by their earlier name. After all, it’s not just a name, it’s a brand.

Chatar Patar, Banashankari

Chatar Patar has some amazing bhel and chaat options on their menu. For the diet-conscious, they also have some healthy options like Sabudana Khichdi. If you’re feeling bold and adventurous, try their signature Gapagap, which is pani puri with a blackcurrant filling. Sounds weird, we know.

Fanoos, Fraser Town

This eatery aces Shawarmas and Seekh Kebabs, and how. Over the years, the crowds here have only gotten bigger and they have had to expand from a little stall to a large setting. Come here for a Fun-oos experience with your friends.

Spicy Corner, Jeevanbheema Nagar

Did you say Desi Chinese? Cuz we heard you. Spicy Corner is all about the desi, the Chinese and of course, the chilli. We recommend the cult-favourite Gobhi Chilli, which both you and your taste buds will remember for a long time.

Al Amanah Café, Kammanahalli

This place specialises in jumbo rolls that will fill you up for an entire day. You might not get a place to sit here but the rolls are worth the standing. We don’t know about you, but our evening snack-cum-dinner is sorted.

Dadar Vada Pav, Indiranagar

If you want to experience Mumbai’s favourite street food in Bangalore, look no further. They have the regular version and some experimental ones like paneer and Schezwan Vada Pav. Every item is super affordable and is served with a side of fries. Dadar’s Vada Pav, right here in Indiranagar.

Mosque Road, Fraser Town

Mosque Road is one of the topmost food streets in Bangalore and is known for its mouthwatering non-veg dishes. Do try the Mutton Keema, Seekh Kebab, Haleem and Biryani here. Don’t miss out on the different types of desserts too.

Chettys Corner, Kumara Park West

If you like mixing things up, this place will be your jam. This place was the first to introduce Twistato (twisted potato) to the foodies of Bangalore. Not just that, their popular beverage Masala Coke and other experimental dishes are the perfect examples of “East meets West”.

BBQ Ride, Whitefield

BBQ Ride was started by two brothers who love food so much, they decided to travel with it. They offer a live barbecue and grilling service on a bike parked in different locations of the city. And they’re no less than a proper restaurant – their seafood, barbecued pineapple wedges and hot dogs are proof enough.

Veena Stores, Malleshwaram

If you want to taste some regional food in Bangalore, head over to Veena Stores. Here, you can try some of the best Bisibele bath, idli vada, Khara bath and lots more. It looks like just another departmental store, but trust us when we say it’s much more than that.

Brahmins Coffee Bar, Basavangudi

This place doesn’t have an elaborate menu, but what they have is more than enough for the regulars. Simple but fresh Idlis and crispy Vadas are a hit here. Caffeine lovers, here’s your cue to try out their amazing filter coffee.

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FAQ on Street Foods in Bangalore

What is the Most Famous Food of Bangalore?

Bangalore is the hub of global cuisine. From Idli Sambhar, Bisi Bele Bhath, Bun Nippat to Momos, Steaks, Gourmet Pizzas and Cold Stone Ice Cream, you’ll get everything here.

What is a Special Sweet in Bangalore?

If you’re here, try Halbai. It is an exotic dessert made from rice, jaggery, ragi and coconut, and is only found in Bangalore and Mysore.

What is the Most Popular Street Food in India?

India is the best place when it comes to street food. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Aloo Tikki
  • Pani Puri
  • Vada Pao
  • Momos

Which is the most Cost-Effective Food in Bangalore?

Bangalore has some amazing yet affordable places to eat, our favourites among them:

  • Darshini – Veg breakfast, lunch, dinner at less than Rs.100.
  • Andhra Mess – unlimited South Indian thali
  • Paratha Plaza – Hum tum, forget me not, Sanj Savera. All of these are names of parathas btw.

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