June 22, 2021

Night Clubs in Delhi to Party with Friends

If you’re looking for the best party places in Delhi, you’re on the right page. Everyone needs a breather sometimes. And what better than dancing your worries away at one of the best nightclubs in Delhi? In those moments, you can forget assignments. Or your horrible boss. Just focus on having a good time with your new friends. The same way you’d be having a good time if you lived in a place that felt less like a cage and more like a second home.

At Stanza Living, we care for your comfort and mental health before anything else, so we know how to keep things lively, safe and fun. It’s also what we looked for when we made our list of party places in Delhi. With it, you can be sure that even when you’re outside our residences, you’re in good hands. So if you’ve been not been able to find cheap party places in Delhi, “don’t you worry child”. Our list has “got a place for you”.

Best Night Clubs to Party in Delhi

15 best party places in Delhi are:

Are you a fresher coming to Delhi? Check out these top PGs in Delhi.

Kitty Su, Connaught Place

Kitty Su is one of the best nightclubs in Delhi. In fact, it is India’s only nightclub to be featured in DJ Mag’s list of “top 100 clubs in the world”. Both local and international DJs play here so get ready to groove to music ranging from EDM to pop to house music. And if you are always third-wheeling an annoying couple, it might be a good idea to take them to Kitty Su, and get free entry. Yes! This nightclub in Delhi is a blessing for all the lonely third wheels.

Privee, Connaught Place

Located in the heart of the city, Privee is one of the best party places in Delhi. It has Bollywood nights to EDM nights, VIP lounges and a huge dance floor lit up by LED lights. Oh, and if you have a girl gang, don’t forget to drop by on Thursdays for a ladies night at Privee.

Club BW, New Friends Colony

The best part about BW is that you can extend your weekend dinner to a night of endless dancing, all under the same roof. It has a dance floor, a lounge and a bar all at the same place. Although the decor is classic BnW, Club BW is one of the most vibrant party places in Delhi.

Toy Room, Aerocity

Toy Room has branches in eight countries, and its Indian branch is in Aerocity, Delhi. So you know if you want to take a break from dancing, you can go to one of the many pool parties in Delhi happening nearby. The club is dedicated to hip hop, R&B and rock ‘n’ roll. Its decor is mainly inspired by graffiti, pop culture and comics. And its mascot is, to no one’s surprise, a huge stuffed toy.

MNKY Houz, Nehru Place

This is a fairly new party place in South Delhi, but definitely one of the best. Its decor is nature-inspired, with monkey artworks, branch roofs and artificial leaves. If you tell them it’s your birthday, they’ll even dedicate a whole song to you. Just don’t get scared if a huge monkey (or as they call it, MNKY) comes to wish you with a cake in his hand. It’s just a friendly club employee beneath the costume.

Playboy Club, Chanakyapuri

This club has not one, but two stages on the dance floor, VIP lounges and fire rangers performing stunning tricks. It has a premium, celeb-like feel to all the enthu clubbers who come here. Bunnies, acrobats, champagne towers, high-ceiling walls – everything about this party place in Delhi is inspired by LA’s famous brand of the same name.

Summer House Cafe, Hauz Khas

If you’re looking for cheap party places in Delhi, look no more. Summer House is the perfect place to hang out with your friends, chill over a continental meal and dance the night away. Don’t be fooled by its name though; it might be called a cafe but is no less than any of the best nightclubs in Delhi. And who knows, if you’re lucky, you might randomly get to catch a world-class band live, just like Coldplay who once performed here in 2015.

Imperfecto Ruin Pub, Andrews Ganj

Another cheap party place in Delhi would be Imperfecto located in Delhi’s first mall, Ansal Plaza. We’re saying it’s affordable because unlike most nightclubs in Delhi, they do not take any cover charge from you. The whole ambience here is super trippy with trance music in the background, so this pub is definitely not for the weak-hearted. Or it may “ruin” your night.

The Electric Room, Lodhi Road

A popular party place in South Delhi would be this club located in The Lodhi Hotel. Their in-house DJs and bands play everything from hard rock, hip hop and pop-rock that’ll make you want to dance, jump and sing at the same time. Just get your names on the guestlist and headbang to the “electric” music and vibes of this place till the sun is out. Just remember, your neck is going to be in pain the next day. A lot.

RSVP, Connaught Place

The dance floor here is huge, well-lit and super comfortable. The club is open till 6 in the morning so feel free to come here after you’re done dining and dancing at other clubs. If you love Punjabi remixes (Lamborghini, we’re looking at you), then this club will be your jam. Make sure you and your friends put your names on the guest list and RSVP to their amazing theme parties.

ROAR Hotel Eros, Nehru Place

ROAR is one of the most luxurious party places in South Delhi. But that doesn’t stop people from coming here to enjoy on Saturday nights. It has a floor-to-ceiling LED display that shows video effects that look super cool along with the music. Keep your heels at home and wear your sneakers for a whole night of dancing.

Key, Chanakyapuri

Red velvet sofas, royal curtains, old-school chandeliers – if Victorian is your aesthetic, you’ll love the vibe of this club. Although a new entry, Key is already one of the best party places in Delhi, according to regulars. The neon lighting, spacious dance floors and pop music here are definitely the Key to having a good night.

House A, Bhikaji Cama Place

If you’re tired of the regular nightclubs in Delhi, give this one a try. House A is an elite, classy club that is open to only members. You either have to sign up on their website, or come here as a plus one of an existing member. And the place is so classy, you’ll feel like you’re Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City.

My Bar Headquarters, Connaught Place

My Bar is the best option for large groups of friends who are looking for cheap party places in Delhi. It started with one (quite shady) outlet in Paharganj, but now has branches all over the city. Our favourite is their Headquarters in CP. The decor is their signature dim lighting and comfy seats. They also have a very inexpensive bar menu, which is the primary attraction of this place tbh. But even if you’re the friend who always stays sober at parties, you can enjoy some live music and sing along with your not-so-sober friends.

LIT Bar & Ristorante, Greater Kailash

Another one on the list of party places in South Delhi, LIT Bar & Ristorante is known for its food more than its clubbing scenes. If you’re here, definitely try the Pork Belly Bao and Goat Cheese Balls. But don’t get so full that you’re not even able to move for some dancing.

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FAQs on Night Clubs in Delhi

What kind of Night Life does Delhi have?

Delhi has an amazing nightlife, with late-night hangout places, dance bars and pool parties in Delhi happening every other night.

What is an Average Entry Price of a Night Club in Delhi?

Well, it depends on how smart you are. If you’re a girl and go to clubs on their ladies nights, your clubbing experience is practically free. But if you’re a guy, then expect to spend at least Rs 1500-2000 for cover charge and drinks.

How many Night Clubs are there in Delhi?

There are around 40 well-known nightclubs in Delhi. All of them better than the other in some way.

Do you have to Pay to Enter a Nightclub?

For girls and couples, there’s no entry fee. But if you’re a single guy or a group of guys, you’ll be charged for Stag Entry, which differs from club to club. So socialise a little, and ask a girl at the gate if she’s okay with entering the club with you as a “couple”. But of course, don’t be a creep if she says no.

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