Night Clubs in Pune to Party with your Flatmates

Night Clubs in Pune to Party with your Flatmates

There are hundreds of nightclubs in Pune, all catering to different crowds. This means that obviously, their vibes and aesthetics differ a lot too. Some are really premium, some are student-friendly and others have more of a sporty vibe. But how do you know which one’s which without actually visiting it? Easy. You listen to us.

Now, why should you do that? Let us give you two good reasons. One, our Stanza Living residences have something for everyone too – focus zones for the quiet ones, movie nights for the Bollywood buffs, workout zones for the gym bros, foosball, or pool tables for the chillers…we could go on. So you could say we know some things about what young people like. And if you don’t, here’s our second reason – over 50,000 young people like you have loved us. Numbers don’t lie, right? Or was it, Hips don’t lie? Well, whichever it was, the names of our list here are the best pubs in Pune with a dance floor. And that’s the truth. So, go ahead and put on your dancing shoes.

Best Night Clubs in Pune

The top 15 night clubs to party with friends in Pune are:

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to crash after a night of dancing? Our best PGs in Pune are perfect for that.

Mi-A-Mi Senapati, Bapat Road

Even though it is one of the best clubs in Pune, it might not look so at first glance. Blame the garage-themed interiors for it. But once you’re comfortable, the ladies night here will become your no.1 #saturdaynight plan. People love the vibe here so much that they don’t mind waiting in line for hours to enter the club, even though both couples and stags are charged a quite high entry fee. At least it’s not as expensive as a flight ticket to Miami, right?

Oak Lounge, Mundhwa

Most of the top clubs in Pune are located in Koregaon Park, and that’s not a surprise. The area is one of the most lively places in the entire city, and Oak Lounge is just proof of that fact. If you and your college gang are looking for an affordable nightclub, this is the place for you. Although it’s located in Marriott Suites, it is surprisingly really budget-friendly. It is one of the oldest nightclubs in the city and is known for hosting a lot of hot-shot parties in Pune, so you never know which celeb you might run into here.

Zeleb, Raga Lawn

Zeleb is one of the best after-party places in Pune. Especially on weekends when you’re feeling like club-hopping. Dance your heart out in different clubs and end your night in this nightclub near Raga Lawns. Coming to Zeleb and showing off your moves while everyone cheers for you, will make you feel like a celeb fo sho.

Area 51, Baner

Open only on Saturday nights aka the busiest night of the week, this club is really unique. It’s shaped like a UFO and wait for it…has a revolving dance floor. Damn, right. So if you’re light-headed, you know this place is not for you. So what if the actual Area 51 in Nevada is a top-secret place, this dance club in Pune pretty much makes up for it.

Unwind, Koregaon Park

Unwind is quite popular among corporates for after-office parties. Maybe because it is one of the best clubs in Pune known for its live gigs, especially on Wednesdays. So if you need a mid-week pick-me-up (which you’ll probably do if you’re working at an MNC), drop by for a night of true Unwind-ing.

Euriska, Koregaon Park

Looking for parties in Pune playing EDM or trance music? Head to Euriska without a second thought. It is inspired by Greek culture, right from the decor to the food. The whole place is decorated in just two colours, blue and white, which are the colours of the Greek flag. The food served here is also, no guesses, European. So if you’re looking to spend your night out the European way, look no further.

Apache High Street, Baner

They don’t discriminate here on basis of gender, so entry is free for everyone. The place has a vibrant and energetic vibe, and we’re sure it’ll match your vibe perfectly. Apache is also one of the best pubs in Pune with dance floor if you’re on a budget. In fact, the place is quite affordable and not High Street at all. Quite contrary to their name, huh.

MIX36, Koregaon Park

Definitely check out the Sunday sundowner party here, while enjoying views of the city as well as the Mula Mutha River from the rooftop. All while sipping on their cocktails with musical names – a Mama Mia or Pink Floyd maybe? Mix@36 is one of the top clubs in Pune (and it is literally on the top of a building too).

SWIG, Koregaon Park

SWIG is known for its vintage vibes. We’re talking bare brick walls and a telephone booth, among other things. If you want to hang out with your friends while watching El Classico, this is the best place to catch the match live. SWIG is one of the best party places in Pune for another reason – it is pet-friendly. So pet parents, you can chill for one night as the staff here play with your baby and serve them some yummy treats.

The House Of Medici, Koregaon Park Annexe

If you are in The Westin for a pool party in Pune but couldn’t enter because your name wasn’t on the guestlist, you might as well check the nightclub there. As you walk in, you’ll see carpeted wooden floors, leather seats, Italian sculptures and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling – like you’ve entered a castle, not a club. The House of Medici sounds super royal, and the vibe here totally complements it.

The Urban Foundry, Balewadi

If you love design, decor and dancing, there’s no way you wouldn’t love this place. One of the best pubs in Pune with dance floor, this place is always packed, especially on Friday nights. With minimal decor, unique metal and wooden furniture and old mechanical parts on display, this club has a vibe like no other. In fact, Urban Foundry has taken the Foundry (aka metal factory) in their name pretty seriously. And we’re here for it.

Coco – Sushi & Bar, Koregaon Park Annexe

The elite one among the best party places in Pune, Coco is not just a pub but an amazing Sushi place too. What makes the whole experience here so attractive to outsiders, is that this is a members-only club. Entry is free for girls but sadly, stags aren’t allowed. They like to keep the place exclusive and invite-only. Yes, Coco in Pune is as classy as Coco Chanel, if not more.

1 Lounge, Koregaon Park

No matter what kind of parties in Pune you’re looking for, you’ll find them here. Open-air, private, family function – the pub has different sections for all three. You’ll especially love this place if you love a variety of genres when it comes to music, as the DJs here play mixed sets and you can never predict what the next song will be. And not just variety in music, this dance club in Pune is also known for the variety in its menu, serving everything from Indian to Mughlai to European. So you can match your finger food with the kind of song they’re playing at the console.

Penthouze, Mundhwa

When talking about pubs with dance floors in Pune, we simply can’t miss Penthouze. It has an open-air, rooftop party area where you can dance while looking at Pune’s skyline. If you’re done with the “view”, you can come downstairs and chill in the lounge for a while too. The best part is, entry is free from Thursday to Sunday, so make sure to come to Penthouze and dance off that pent-up frustration.

The Fishbowl, Kalyani Nagar

One of the top clubs in Pune’s Kalyani Nagar, this one has a pretty unusual name for a pub. If it looks fishy to you, let us clear your doubts right away – the name comes from the fact that the signature cocktails here are served in glass fish bowls instead of fancy glasses. And no, none of them are fish-flavored. That would be…ew, gross.

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FAQs on Night Clubs in Pune

How many Pubs are there in Pune?

Pune has a bustling nightlife with around 146 fully functional pubs in the city.

What is a Full Cover Pub?

In a full cover pub, the cover charge that you pay can be redeemed over food and drinks at the bar. You’ll be given coupons worth that same amount, so basically you spend at least the minimum amount of money worth the cover charge at that club.

What is Stag Entry?

Stag entry is for a single man who is not accompanied by a female partner. Usually, all night clubs in Pune charge a heavy stag entry fee.

Which are some of the Best Pubs in Koregaon Park?

Koregaon Park is one of the best places to socialise, and some of its top clubs are:

  • MIX@36
  • SWIG
  • Unwind

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