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15 apartments waiting to be yours near Baner


3 BHK Flats for Rent in Baner

If you need a furnished 3 BHK flats for rent in Baner. Well, be ready to run around for it. Coz finding a decent 3 BHK apartment for rent in Baner is not the only thing you have to do, once you've found an apartment, you'll also go here and there for furniture and appliances, wifi, and so much more. Now, we know the thought of running around can itself be tiring. So chill, we have a reason for you to rest easy. Pack those bags of yours and head over to a fully-furnished Studio 21 serviced apartment. Everything you need is already in place. You just have to walk in.

Furnished 3 BHK Flat for Rent in Baner, Pune

Yup, there's no shortage of 3 BHK furnished flats for rent in Baner. Even 3BHKs or more. But hold on. A furnished apartment in Pune is good, but it's no fully-furnished apartment. A truly fully-furnished apartment ticks all your furniture requirements. You won't need one rack for both your shoes and books. A great example of this is Studio 21's fully-furnished, serviced apartments. Unlike the simple 3 BHK furnished apartments in Baner, we believe in meeting all your furniture-related needs. As well as the unrelated ones.

Best 3 BHK Apartments for Rent in Baner - Stanza Living

It's not hard to find a 3 BHK apartment in Baner for you. Any 3 BHK apartments in Baner will do. But you should opt for a place that frees you from the responsibilities of adulthood. Like getting groceries, getting gas when it runs out, paying all the bills, doing your laundry, and then realizing your favorite white t-shirt has turned red. And yes, bro. This ideal 3 BHK apartment, where you're not burdened by these daily chores, does exist. It's a place called Studio 21 by Stanza Living.

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FAQs on 3 BHK for Rent in Baner

Are Furnished 3 BHK Rental Flats Available in Baner?

If by 'Furnished 3 BHK Rental Flats' you mean flats with a bed, table and chair, then yes, those are wide. Not as easy to find, though, is a place like Studio 21, where all your furniture needs are met. So that your books and shoes don't compete for the same rack.

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What Amenities do 3 BHK Houses for Rent in Baner Offer?

It's well-known that a typical fully-furnished 3 BHK house for rent in Baner won't offer many amenities. But that's okay. Because Studio 21's serviced apartments, 3 BHK or more, come with all essential amenities. That's an offer you can't refuse.

How Safe are Rental Flats in Baner for Students?

If you're in a gated colony, you might feel safer, but there's no guarantee. But with Studio 21, you'll be protected by our standard tech-enabled security system. When it comes to safety, we have no compromises.

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How Much Will a 3 BHK Apartment in Near Me Cost?

A fully-furnished 3 BHK apartment in Baner will cost you somewhere between 15-20K per month at least. But it'll cost you the chance to live in a fully-furnished serviced Studio 21 apartment.

What Should I Check While Renting a 3 BHK Renting in Baner?

Check whether the rent for that 3 BHK home in Baner covers anything more than just the flat - like furniture, amenities, and more. Another option is to check if it's a Studio 21 serviced apartment. Over here, you can take all essential services for granted. Even easier, right?

How to Search for an Affordable 3 BHK Flat for Rent in Baner?

Simple. Just go through the many 3 BHK apartments for rent in Baner offered by Studio 21 and you'll find one you like. The affordable rents will get you interested. And the ease-of-living you get for it will seal the deal.

How is Stanza Living Combating Covid 19 to Keep Apartments Safe in Baner?

Now, we always have our doors open for you. But for COVID-19, there slammed shut. And we've backed up our words with being Combat-Ready for COVID-19 by regular disinfection to keeping hand sanitizers handy and by tracking the health and status of our residents and our staff.

How Much is the Security Deposit I have to Pay in Baner?

Traditionally you have to pay half or full month rent as a security deposit. But you are in luck there is a place for you where you don't have to pay any Security Deposit. Yes, we are talking about Studio 21 apartments.

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