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Your Second home inVizag is opening soon

Hostels in Vizag

So life's taking you to Vizag. But to move into a local Hostels in Vizag? Wrong move, buddy. A normal Hostel is a place for you to stay in. But the ideal Hostels also finds a place for itself in your heart. And we're here to provide you with that place - Stanza Living, your second home.

What to Look for in a Hostel in Vizag?

A list of things you should look for in a Hostel in Vizag is a long one. A room you’d look forward to, your daily needs are taken care of, a place that feels like home - are only a few of the things that make a memorable living experience. And though most Hostels in Vizag fall short in most of these criteria, it doesn't mean you're short of options. You also have the opportunity to live in a place where you get all the comforts, vibe, and warmth that you look for - Stanza Living.

Flat vs Hostels in Vizag - The Cost of Living

Paying a few thousand a month to live in your own flat, with the freedom to live by your own rules. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? But then comes the domestic help’s salary, the maintenance and electricity charges, the wifi bill and more monthly charges. Soon that flat with its freedom seems like a cage you’re stuck in. Before you know it, you begin to think that maybe Hostels, with their low rentals and included amenities, are probably worth your buck. But keep in mind that in many Hostels in Vizag you'll have to run around, arranging for your essentials because they don't consider them essential enough. So in truth, the low rent turns out to be a high price to pay. Thankfully, you can live in a Stanza Living residence and join the Stanza Living family. And since you’ll be family, all your needs, from furniture to daily essentials to an exciting living experience, are priority number one. And though all this can be considered a luxury in the world of Hostels accommodation, we provide it at super-affordable occupancy rates.

FAQs on Hostels in Vizag

Are There Any Good Hostels in Vizag with Single Occupancy?

Single, double or triple occupancy, there's a Hostel in Vizag around every corner. And some of them can be considered good. But you deserve the best. And that can only be a Hostel that is more than a Hostel. A place that can be a second home, like Stanza Living.

What is the Best Way to Search for an Affordable Furnished Hostel in Vizag?

Good news, you're almost there. Simply browse through our many residences in the area. After that, we bet you won't need to look for an affordable, furnished Hostels anywhere else.

Which Are The Best Hostels for Ladies in Vizag?

There's no shortage of Hostels for ladies in Vizag. But the best option for you? There's only one place deserving enough. And that - surprise! surprise! - is Stanza Living.

Are Stanza Living Residences Safe from COVID-19?

We understand that you're worried about the impact of COVID-19. Because so are we. Any safety measures to keep out the coronavirus is a necessary measure in our book. Be it thermal monitoring, social distancing in all common areas, regular residence sanitization, zero-contact distribution of meals, or any of the many other precautions that we're taking. Unlike the small-scale Hostels in Vizag, we have professional management and an extensive industry network. And we will use it to keep you safe from the coronavirus.

Why is Stanza Living an Ideal Choice When Looking for the Best Hostels in Vizag?

It's because a Stanza Living residence has everything a Hostel in Vizag has, plus much more. It's not just a place you stay in. It's a place you belong to. A place that will forever be at the heart of the best years of your life.

How is Stanza Living Different from Local Hostels in Vizag?

Well, the local Hostels in Vizag are just that - Hostels. But once you live in a Stanza Living residence, it will go from being a Hostel to being your second home. And that makes a world of difference.

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