Water Parks in Ahmedabad

Water Parks in Ahmedabad

Exploring water parks in Ahmedabad isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the ‘Manchester of India’. But when the summers are in, you’ll see why. Suddenly, visiting historical monuments and botanical gardens will leave your mouth dry (and your soul too). That’s why water parks are a good getaway. In fact, they’re more fun than some of the overrated places that people recommend.

Now, that might sound like an overstatement. But when it comes to fun places, we know a thing or two. Need proof? Check out any Stanza Living residences in Ahmedabad. They’re some of the most fun places around. With gaming tournaments, movie screenings, karaoke nights and more awesome events, your life at one of our residences is always happening. And with our list of the 10 best water parks in Ahmedabad, we make sure your life outside our residences will be pretty happening as well.

Which Are the Best Water Parks in Ahmedabad in 2021?

Check out these amazing water parks in Ahmedabad:

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Splash Fun World, Sarkhej Sanand Road

The Splash Fun World Ahmedabad will get your heart pumping. And if the speed and splashes don’t excite you as much, they have a ‘lazy river where you can lie all day long. Whatever floats your boat. Or tube.

Location: Sarkhej-Sanand Road, Village Telav-Kolat Road, Ahmedabad

Timings: 10 AM-7 PM

Entry Fee: 600 INR

Swapna Srushti Water Park, Amarnath Dham

This is another great water park near Ahmedabad. When the sun’s a little too harsh, this place will be your own version of packing-your-bags-and-flying-off-to-Switzerland. You know what we mean when you’re freezing in their ‘Snow Zone’

Location: Gandhinagar-Mahudi Highway, Near Amarnath Dham, Ahmedabad

Timings: 11 AM-5 PM

Entry Fee: 500 INR

Shankus Water Park, Ahmedabad-Mehsana Highway

Shanku’s Water Park is not just rides and slides. It also features a scenic landscape. You know, the kind of landscape where you’d want to sit for a little picnic. Or sulk while your friends leave you for another round at the roller coaster (which you’re too chicken to try).

Location: Ahmedabad-Mehsana Highway, Ahmedabad

Timings: 11 AM-5.30 PM

Entry Fee: 500 INR

Maniar Wonderland, Sarkhej Sanand Road

This is definitely a great amusement park in Ahmedabad. And guess what – you can book the entire water park for yourself. But it won’t be much fun if you’re screaming with no one but the ride conductor. So we suggest you bring your entire gang of flatmates with you.

Location: Sarkhej Sanand Highway, Ahmedabad

Timings: 10 AM-8.30 PM

Entry Fee: 180 INR for the park, 450 for Snow Park

Jaldhara Water World, Maninagar

This one’s fairly new in the city but it’s slowly gaining popularity. Moreover, they have a Gujarati hall that makes the best Gujarati food. So given the calories, you’ll burn on their rides, a dozen or more dhoklas would surely pass into the infinite abyss that you call your stomach.

Location: Near Kankaria Gate No.5, Balvatika, Kankaria, Maninagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380028

Timings: 9.30 AM-6.30 PM

Entry Fee: 300 INR

Bliss Aqua Water Park, Mehsana- Sidhpur Highway

If your roomie is always playing games on their phone, it’s time to make them see sunlight again. And given the park’s most popular ride is called Subway Surfer, we’re sure they’ll take the bait.

Location: Mehsana – Unjha, Highway Road, Motidau, Gujarat 384120

Timings: 10 AM-7 PM

Entry Fee: 650 INR

Tirupati Rushivan, Derol

Tirupati Rushivan is another topwater park near Ahmedabad. When you visit the park, you’ll witness recreations of the ‘seven wonders of the world’. And along with them, a 8th wonder as well – your roommate not being on their phone and actually looking up for once.

Location: Bank of Sabarmati River, Himatnagar – Vijapur Hwy, Derol, Gujarat 383220

Timings: 9 AM-7 PM

Entry Fee: 450 INR

Enjoy City Water Park, Valvod

So here’s a fun fact – this water park has got a temple. Yup, a temple. This makes sense coz their roller coaster drops you from the heavens and into the pool. So you may need to offer some prayers to the roller-coaster-gods before you go along with it.

Location: At Mahisagar River Front, Near Jain Tirth, Valvod, taluka, Borsad, Gujarat 388530

Timings: 10 AM-7 PM

Entry Fee: 250 INR

AATAPI Wonderland, Vadodara

The AATAPI Wonderland is really cool. And the coolest ride it offers is the ‘water zorb’. Basically, you’re put inside one big bubble and made to walk on water or land. So given we grew up inside plenty of bubbles (like our education system), we’d pass this one with flying colors, right?

Location: Ajwa Garden, Rayan Talavdi, Village, Vadodara, Gujarat 391510

Timings: 10 AM-6.30 PM

Entry Fee: 600 INR

Adventure Park, Vastrapur

Adventure Park is one of the ‘best water parks in Ahmedabad’. Probably because you get great fun for a dirt-cheap rate. And given it’s not far away from the city, you and your roommates can make this place your new headquarters. You know, the headquarters of cheap thrills!

Location: Vastrapur Rd, Mahavir Nagar society, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015

Timings: 10 AM-5.30 PM

Entry Fee: 26 INR only

FAQs on Best Water Parks in Ahmedabad

Which Are the Best Water Parks in Ahmedabad?

It’s always hard to pick between the best water parks in Ahmedabad. But here’s our top 3:

  • Splash Fun World
  • Bliss Aqua Water Park
  • Swapna Srushti Water Park

What is Ahmedabad Famous For?

Ahmedabad is known for its cotton textiles, its snacks, and diamond cutting among other things.

Which are The Famous Foods in Ahmedabad?

You’ll never run out of variety when it comes to snacks in Ahmedabad. Some of the popular snacks are:

  • Khakhra
  • Khaman
  • Kulfi

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