Tattoo Shops in Chennai

Tattoo Shops in Chennai

Getting inked in a random tattoo shop in Chennai isn’t the kind of adventure you should dig. Because it may have escaped your notice, but permanent tattoos are, well, they’re permanent. And no matter how much you cry yourself to sleep, your salty tears won’t be able to remove that mark on your skin. But don’t you worry. Before you (and your mum) go back on your decision to get your first tattoo, we’ll point you towards the best, and only the best tattoo studio in Chennai.

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Best Tattoo Shops in Chennai

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Inkpulse Tattoo Studio Kamaraj Nagar

Inkpulse Tattoo Studio is perhaps the best tattoo studio In Chennai. And not just because of the jaw-dropping designs they create, but also for their full-fledged apprentice program. So you might have headed to Inkpulse to get inked, but you may just end up quitting your corporate job to pursue the life of an artist. Okay, okay, sorry to put you on the ‘wishful thinking’ train. Let’s move on.

Talisman Tattoo Studio South Gopalapuram

Next up, we’ve got the Talisman Tattoo Studio which happens to be the oldest tattoo studio in Chennai. Amar, who is the artist behind this studio, has got a command over all styles of tattoos. And just like Inkpulse, even Talisman offers courses if you wanna learn the art. And this is one kinda course you won’t find on edtech platforms.

Yantra Tattoo Studio Shenoy Nagar

Yantra Tattoo Studio’s Sekar specialises in tattoo designs which are based on spirituality and symbolism. So yes, this is exactly the type of studio you should go visit if you’re keen on getting a meaningful tattoo done. Something that’ll help keep you grounded on those days when you’re having an existential crisis while staring at the ceiling (or ****posting on social media as a coping mechanism). Just saying.

Geo Tattoos Anna Nagar

Another popular tattoo shop in the city is Geo Tattoos. It was founded by George who has years of experience behind his back. But apart from the experience, one more thing to notice about George is that he’s incredibly particular about maintaining high hygiene standards in his studio. Basically, in a world where Monica was a tattoo artist, her tattoo parlour would be as spick and span as Geo tattoos. Not kidding.

Irezumi Tattoo Studio Chetpet

Getting your first tattoo might trigger a lot of anxiety for you, we get it. And that’s exactly why doing that in the Irezumi Tattoo Studio might make the process a tad easier. Because their team sure knows how to ease you into it and make you super duper comfy. Sure, they might sound like a bad boi tattoo parlour who only does tattoos for the Yakuza. But trust us, they smile a wide smile even if you ask for a tattoo as cute as a panda eating a bamboo shoot.

Black Magic Body Art Studio Sripuram Colony

Black Magic Body Art Studio offers black ink designs, and coloured tattoos, and also does cover-ups. For folks who are yet to get into a tattoo parlour, cover-ups are basically the art of using a tattoo to make a previous tattoo look different, either partially or completely. So remember those peeps back in school who spent more time using a whitener to keep their answer sheets tidy than writing actual correct answers? Well, this is where they ended up. Jk, Jk.

The Tattoo Shop Purasawalkam

The Tattoo Shop is definitely not one of those tattoo shops where they add extra costs after they’re done with the job. You know, using excuses like “it ended up to be more complicated than we thought”. In fact, they’re very transparent and precise about their pricing structure. So just like their name, these peeps are pretty straightforward with their practices too.

ID Tattoo Studio T Nagar

The best thing about the ID tattoo studio is that they don’t see their clients as just clients but as their partners. We mean, they believe in collaborating and brainstorming with you whenever you decide to get a tattoo done by them. And no, unlike shady Linkedin users who use the word ‘collaborate’ as bait to hire unpaid interns, the artists at ID tattoo studio are pretty darn legit.

Body Art Tattoo Studio Mylapore

The Body Art Tattoo Studio’s expertise lies in full-body tattoos. Sure, that sounds like a lot of commitment given it’s your body we’re talking about, but if it’s done neat and proper, there aren’t many things that can go wrong, can it? If you’re still not sure, just take Adam Levine or David Beckham for reference.

Sasi Wins Tattoos Old Washermenpet

Sasi Wins Tattoos is often the top choice for many first-time tattooers in Chennai. Mostly because they don’t act like desperate hyenas with tattoo machines when you enter the studio. Instead, they make sure to sit down with you first and have a one-on-one conversation with you regarding your first tattoo. Perfect for those of us who are as impulsive as Ranveer Singh when choosing his airport outfits.

FAQs on Tattoo Shops in Chennai

Q. Which are the Best Tattoo Shops in Chennai with Price?

  • There are whole lotta options when it comes to tattoo shops in Chennai, but these are the top 3 that we ship:
    • Inkpulse Tattoo Studio
    • Black Magic Body Art Studio
    • Yantra Tattoo Studio

    And as for the prices, it all depends on the type of tattoo you’ve decided to get done.

    Q. What is the Average Cost of a Tattoo in Chennai?

  • The cost of a tattoo varies depending on the size, the level of detail, and the number of hours that goes into it. But if we were to take a medium-sized tattoo for reference, then the average cost would be around 2500-3000 INR.
  • Q. Can I Donate Blood After Getting a Tattoo?

  • To bust the popular myth, you can donate blood after getting a tattoo. But it’s sometimes suggested to wait for at least 6 months to make sure getting the tattoo has not caused any side effects on your system.
  • Q. Does Getting a Tattoo Hurt?

  • Yup, sure it does. You can google for the body pain chart to find out which body parts hurt the most and which ones hurt the least when getting a tattoo. But the general rule is, that the more boney the area, the more pain you’ll have to endure.
  • Q. Is it Possible to Remove a Permanent Tattoo?

  • Definitely! Laser surgery is the safest and the most effective way to remove a permanent tattoo from your skin. But fair warning, the procedure is expensive and painful, so we suggest you to give a lot of thought every time you decide to get inked.
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